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YouTube removed more than 8M videos for violent & extremist content during Q4 2017

Bloomua / In its first-ever community guidelines enforcement report, YouTube says it removed 8,284,039 videos for violent or extremist content between October and December of 2017. Of the more than 8 million videos taken down, 6.7 million were initially flagged by a machine versus a human — and, according to YouTube, 76 percent of the 6.7 million videos removed were removed before they received a single view.“Machines are allowing us to flag content for review at scale, helping us remove millions of violative videos before they are ever viewed,” writes the YouTube Team on the site’s official blog.” And our investment in machine learning to help speed up removals is paying off across high-risk, low-volume areas (like violent extremism) and in high-volume areas (like spam).”YouTube also reported more than 9 million videos were flagged by human reviewers for a variety of content violation rules, from spam or misleading content to videos that involved hateful or abusive co…

Sharpen your digital marketing skills with an SMX Advanced workshop

Growing your marketing skills helps you design and deploy winning campaigns and keeps you at the top of your game. The best way to stay fresh is to train hard. An SMX Advanced workshop can help get you there.Join us in Seattle on Monday, June 11, for a deep dive into one of six crucial disciplines: advanced SEO, AdWords, social advertising, mobile marketing, technical SEO or A/B testing.SMX workshops offer a unique opportunity to train in an intimate, hands-on environment with the experts you trust. You’ll walk away with countless actionable insights and a true sense of solidarity with your fellow attendees. There’s no better way to kick-start your experience at SMX Advanced!Choose one of six immersive workshops led by renowned digital experts:Advanced SEO Training with Bruce Clay.Certified Knowledge Advanced AdWords Training with Brad Geddes.Mastering Social Media Advertising with Ginny Marvin.Maximizing Mobile Potential with Cindy Krum.Hardcore Technical SEO Tactics & Techniques

Facebook opens Authorization tab in Page settings for advertisers running political ads

Facebook announced earlier this month that as part of its efforts to make political ads more transparent, it has now added an Authorization tab in Page settings for advertisers wanting to run political ads.In light of the recent charges that foreign powers misused Facebook’s advertising platform to influence elections, Facebook’s new authorization process aims to verify all advertisers running political ads, election-related ads and issue ads on the site.Advertisers wanting to run political ads must take the following three actions to complete the authorization process:Page admins and ad account admins will submit a government-issued ID and provide a residential mailing address for verification.Facebook will confirm each address by mailing a letter with a unique access code that only the Page admin’s Facebook account can use.Advertisers must disclose who is paying for the ads.According to the announcement, the Authorization tab is currently visible in Page settings for all advertisers…

How to select the best caching solution for WordPress

There is no denying that the existence of an appropriate website is justified primarily by its loading speed: the faster, the better. Forty-seven percent of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less, which is quite a task to accomplish as a new website owner.Interestingly, even a single second of delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions, and Google’s algorithms favour fast-loading websites in the form of search engine rankings. With so much at stake with regard to your website’s loading time, the pain is real. So, how does one make sure that WordPress websites are fast to load?Caching is an efficient solution
Caching serves the purpose of creating and keeping a static version of your website and serving it to a requesting visitor when they access your website for the second time or more. It enhances your site’s user experience by swiftly presenting the static version without any delay.This delay, otherwise, is simply caused when a visitor is try…

Marketing Day: Facebook video news, online data transparency & Waze teams up with Carto

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Facebook gives creators new ways to monetize videos, while pushing more users to Watch
Apr 23, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues
The moves signal the site’s growing ambition to compete more directly with video platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video.Creating Landing Pages That Convert
Apr 23, 2018 by Digital Marketing Depot
If you’re looking to gather leads for your business, you need to have a landing-page strategy. Like every other marketing tactic, this can be done well or it can be done poorly. To see the greatest return on their investment, businesses need to build effective landing pages, then test and optimize them to maximize conversion.WFA to brands: Go beyond GDPR for online data transparency
Apr 23, 2018 by Robin Kurzer
The organization issued a manifesto asking brands to adopt a mindset of ‘people first’ over ‘data first.’Waze an…

NYIAX ‘completes the loop’ with cryptographic ad verification from Rebel AI

NYIAX is a kind of back-to-the-future use of blockchain tech for advertising.Instead of attempting to mirror the lightning-fast processing speeds of current programmatic digital advertising — blockchain protocols like Ethereum are very slow in terms of real-time transactional processing — NYIAX is employing blockchain as a shared, permanent ledger to record smart contracts for ad placement.These contracts are similar in concept to those veterans of TV and radio advertising known as insertion orders, and they set up the terms for a future placement of digital ads in a digital property like a website. The ads themselves will then be served by any ad server.Last week, NYIAX — which is ramping up operations toward a full launch as early as next month for buying, selling and re-trading ad contracts — announced a “preferred partnership” that completes the picture.The partnership is with Rebel AI, a Louisville, Colorado-based startup that also employs blockchain, but on the other end: delive…