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Augmented reality games: Will this summer’s releases be booms or busts?

This summer could be either a boom or bust for augmented reality (AR) games and brick-and-mortar businesses.Four major AR games are coming that could create more location-based marketing opportunities the way Pokémon GO did in 2016: Ghostbusters World; Harry Potter: Wizards Unite; Jurassic World Alive and The Walking Dead: Our World.All those games are getting major marketing support, including visibility from Google, whose ARCore toolkit was used to develop three out of four of the games. But is the market getting flooded with too many games at once?[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]The post Augmented reality games: Will this summer’s releases be booms or busts? appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Google betting its Assistant can close the wearables gap with Apple

Right now, Apple is winning the battle of the smartwatch vs. Google. Google is betting that the Assistant can close the gap.Android-based smartwatches historically have offered a weaker user experience than Apple Watch, though their third-party ecosystem of designs offers a wider variety of styles and prices. In 2015, Google made then Android Wear, now Wear OS, (mostly) compatible with iPhones.Last year, the Google Assistant came to Android smartwatches, which gives them a fighting chance against the Apple Watch. Now, ahead of Google I/O next week, the company announced it’s adding some new features to the Assistant for Wear OS:Smart suggestions offering contextual expansion of queries. The example Google provides is: Ask about the weather and get a suggestion about the extended forecast.Hear answers read back via the watch speaker or Bluetooth headphones.Availability of Actions on all Wear OS watches. This is consistent with the Google Assistant’s increasingly transactional focus.The…

The 5 big disruptions to marketing in 2018

The marketing world is in the middle of five major disruptions that are reshaping the industry as we know it:Digital transformation.Microservices and APIs.Vertical competition.Digital everything.Artificial intelligence.These trends are dramatically altering the digital landscape in which business operate and changing how brands function internally, as well as how they engage with customers. In this e-book, Scott Brinker outlines what lies ahead for marketers in the next three to five years and dives into the following areas:Marketing’s cross-organizational role in governing customer experience.Distributing innovation with citizen developers, analysts and integrators.Marketing operations and technology management in a post-platform world.Conversational interfaces as the most promising new digital touch points.Dealing with real threats with emerging AI technologies and how to mitigate them.Download “The 5 Big Disruptions to Marketing in 2018.”The post The 5 big disruptions to marketing …

The ultimate guide to bot herding and spider wrangling — Part Two

In Part One of our three-part series, we learned what bots are and why crawl budgets are important. Let’s take a look at how to let the search engines know what’s important and some common coding issues.How to let search engines know what’s importantWhen a bot crawls your site, there are a number of cues that direct it through your files.Like humans, bots follow links to get a sense of the information on your site. But they’re also looking through your code and directories for specific files, tags and elements. Let’s take a look at a number of these elements.Robots.txtThe first thing a bot will look for on your site is your robots.txt file.For complex sites, a robots.txt file is essential. For smaller sites with just a handful of pages, a robots.txt file may not be necessary — without it, search engine bots will simply crawl everything on your site.There are two main ways you can guide bots using your robots.txt file.1. First, you can use the “disallow” directive. This will instruct b…

Where to find ideas for content your audience will love, look at and link to

Creating useful and engaging content is an essential part of search engine optimization (SEO) and link building today.While it often feels fun and exciting in the beginning, it can quickly become a monotonous task that you dread. I mean, no matter how interesting a topic might be, can you really find a way to write something engaging that hasn’t already been written a thousand times?You can, if you approach it with the proper perspective.The problem is that your perspective is likely flawed because you, unlike many in your audience, are immersed in the topic on a daily basis.The key is to get out and look at it from a fresh perspective. Forget what you know, and see it the way an outsider would.Fortunately, that doesn’t require a concussion or mind-altering drugs. It just requires you to invest some time learning how outsiders think and talk about your industry, and, while there are a lot of tools designed specifically for compiling actionable keyword data, we’re going to look at a di…

How to reduce your site’s bounce rate

Bounce rate is a metric that gets a lot of press and for good reason. It often serves as a strong indicator that your website is not engaging the user, ultimately meaning that they leave a page without interacting with it (i.e. they ‘bounce’ off the page). However, like anything in SEO or digital marketing, improving your bounce rate is not a silver bullet. Yes, it should deliver results and deliver better results for other metric, but always keep in mind that the sum of all parts is far more important for an ROI-driven campaign.For those of you who may be new to digital marketing, a “bounce” and “bounce rate” are defined by Google as:Bounce: “a single-page session on your site”Bounce Rate: “single-page sessions divided by all sessions”.Google’s full explanation is actually pretty good. It goes into some detail with regard to when a high bounce rate is indicative of issues, and when it might not actually be that bad. For example, if someone is looking for a quick answer they may not b…

Here Is The Fastest Method To Import Content From Docx To WordPress

Docx is a popular editor that most content writers use to write and share content. If you have been at my place where you have received a piece of content in docx format and wanted to publish it on WordPress, well, you have come to the right place.You will be learning the easiest way to import content from a Docx file to your WordPress blog.Before you learn this trick, you must know about WordPress for Google docs. This is very convenient when you are receiving content in Google docs and it’s faster than the docx method. If so far you have been receiving content in docx format, you can always ask the content writers to start sending you content using Google Docs. One major advantage is the ability to import images, something very handy for any blogger.Back to our topic of uploading docx to WordPress. For this, we will use a free WordPress plugin called Mammoth docx converter. This plugin works for both your posts and pages.The fastest way to import docx file to WordPress:The very firs…

6 ways ABM turns classical lead scoring on its head

One of the most amazing things about the Account-Based Marketing (ABM) revolution is that it’s really, finally, bringing sales and marketing teams together. That’s because ABM focuses both teams on exactly the same objective: improved sales results from a defined set of accounts.And while ABM can benefit from many of the tools in your total martech stack, to get the most out of what you have at your disposal, it’s important to reflect on what’s necessarily different about an account-based mindset and optimum account coverage behavior.For me, nothing stands out in this regard more than classical lead-scoring concepts. Though they’re often put in place to help deliver overall efficiency and more predictive sales motions, they can actually reduce effectiveness in the ABM environment.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]The post 6 ways ABM turns classical lead scoring on its head appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Facebook Pages will be getting new video metrics & chart tracking engagement throughout video

Facebook is giving Page admins more data into how their videos are performing. The company announced three new metrics today that will be rolling out in the coming weeks.“As more publishers and creators are sharing longer videos on our platform, it’s becoming increasingly important to better understand audience retention,” writes Facebook on its Media Blog.The new metrics will include a Follower versus Non-Follower viewer count that breaks down video audience views by the people who follow the page versus those who are not following the page. There will also be a new audience demographic breakdown by gender and a Zoom Chart which will highlight audience engagement throughout the video.Facebook says the Zoom Chart will let admins “… get a closer look at the data, so you can better visualize the engagement throughout the video to see how key moments affected viewership.”Facebook’s latest video metrics for PagesFacebook also apologized for a bug it says it has fixed that was causing its …

Marketing Day: F8 announcements, Google AdSense impression metrics & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:The F8 Developer Conference is over: Here’s everything Facebook announced
May 3, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues
Facebook rolled out several features for its platform, Instagram and Messenger during the conference and gave a deep dive into all the ways it is using AI.Considering a social media management platform? Compare 18 leading vendors
May 3, 2018 by Digital Marketing Depot
With hundreds or even thousands of social media accounts to manage and millions of social conversations to monitor, social media marketing has become increasingly complicated and time-consuming. Automating social media marketing with an ESMMS platform can improve efficiency, compliance and productivity. Finding the right social media management software is a complicated process.Facebook Messenger rolls out AR and other enhancements at its F8 developer conference
May 3, 2018 by Ro…

The F8 Developer Conference is over: Here’s everything Facebook announced

Facebook hosted its annual F8 Conference for developers this week, with Mark Zuckerberg taking the stage on the first day. The CEO readdressed how important privacy issues are to the company, before making a joke about having to appear before Congress and announcing a number of new releases for Facebook’s multiple platforms.The second day kicked off with Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer going in-depth on all the ways Facebook is using AI. He also announced the latest launch of Facebook’s Pytorch 1.0 framework and updates to ONNX, an open AI platform that is a collaboration between Facebook and a number of other companies including Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, IBM and Intel.Here’s the full list of announcements made by Facebook during the two-day conference:Clear historyFacebook will be rolling out a clear history tool that will allow users to clear their browsing history on the platform. Zuckerberg called it the kind of control his company believes users should have, but only after not…