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Has Amazon ended its Google Shopping campaigns?

It looks like after a year and a half of running Google Shopping campaigns, Amazon has stopped bidding on product listing ads.According to data pulled by the digital marketing firm Merkle, Amazon’s shopping campaigns had begun to slow down near the end of Q1, and then they completely disappeared from Auction Insights reports on April 28, with no Amazon PLAs (product listing ads) reappearing since then.“While it’s not uncommon for competitors, including Amazon, to disappear from an advertisers’ Auction Insights reports for a day or two at a time as a result of the natural day-to-day fluctuations in the auctions driving traffic, the widespread vanishing act observed over the last week point[s] to Amazon itself pausing its Shopping campaigns,” writes Merkle’s associate director of research, Andy Taylor, on the Merkle blog.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]The post Has Amazon ended its Google Shopping campaigns? appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Ask the SMXpert: Google manual penalties explained

The Ask the SMXpert series continues with the question and answer (Q&A) segment of sessions held at Search Marketing Expo (SMX) West 2018.Today’s Q&A is from the All Google Manual Penalties Explained session with speaker Kaspar Szymanski, with an introduction by moderator Chris Sherman.Moderator Chris Sherman: For those of you who don’t know Kaspar, he is a veteran of the Google Search Quality team, where he was the driving force behind global web spam tackling initiatives and the public face spearheading Google webmaster outreach and communication efforts.He speaks not only as an insider but also someone who has spent years helping clients get out of trouble and back into Google’s good graces. His advice is solid and well worth heeding!Question: What happens when you get an unnatural outbound links penalty but never sold links? The website used proper FTC disclosure and all outbound links in articles were no-follow. However, the site did have a lot of affiliate links that wer…

Google rolls out new ID requirements for US political ads

Google has issued new ID requirements for US political advertisers, according to a company blog post on Thursday. The post was attributed to Kent Walker, a Google senior vice president.Google said it will now require political advertisers to provide a government-issued ID and other information to confirm they are US citizens or lawful permanent residents. The new rules also include a requirement to clearly disclose who is paying for the ad.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]The post Google rolls out new ID requirements for US political ads appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Will ASOS’ visual search tool revolutionize the retail industry?

In 2017, ASOS introduced visual search on iOS, as a way of making product discovery easier and more interesting for their users. A year on, the Style Match tool, which trawls through an 85,000+ product inventory before matching products to the look in the image, has been rolled out worldwide across both iOS and Android.ASOS has placed a big bet on visual search, and for good reason. Pinterest has reported a 100% year-on-year increase in Pinterest Lens users, with 600 million visual searches made every month.The visual search ecosystem is also growing rapidly, with innovations from Google, Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and Wayfair in just the last year.With this proliferation of visual search adoption, could this cause a snowball effect in the retail industry as others look to jump on the trend? More interestingly, for us as search engine marketers, how will Google’s own visual search engine evolve to compete with retailers like ASOS, who could quickly become the default visual search engin…

How To Live Stream Recorded Videos To Facebook Page For Free

Videos have taken the digital marketing world by storm!Being an entrepreneur, your job is to ensure your social media subscribers receive a decent number of engaging content on a regular basis. And the most engaging kind of content is video content.Creating new video content is not usually as simple as text content because video content takes more time and resources to create.Want me to share a trick that you can use to easily churn out more video content?Well, in this article, you will be learning exactly how you can live stream your existing videos onto a Facebook page. Since live videos get more visibility than normal uploaded videos, you will be making your existing content reach more people.Just follow the outlined steps to live stream any of your existing videos from your desktop to your Facebook page.How To Stream Live On Facebook Page From Desktop Using Pre-Recorded Videos:The first thing you need is the “Stream Key” from your Facebook page. This is a unique key that every pag…