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How to expand marketing reach in the slow season, part 3: Yahoo Gemini

When most marketers think of Yahoo, they think of low volume and little impact to overall scale. However, Yahoo Gemini is not only search, but it taps into native advertising also.Yahoo is one of the top sites for premium content and generates over 1 billion monthly visitors. Gemini primarily lies in-feed alongside Yahoo’s owned content; it also gives your ads access to Yahoo’s top syndication partners such as Hearst and Vox. Overall, it provides great access to extensive audiences.Yahoo Gemini ad typesYahoo Mail AdsThese ads reside in Yahoo Mail and come in a variety of different formatsPencil ads: Native ads that appear within a user’s mailbox:Sponsored Mail ads: Native ads that appear in your mailbox with a ‘learn more’ button that opens up to a more detailed ad:Video Mail ads: Video ads located on the side of the mailbox:Dynamic Product ads: Dynamic retargeting ads that are personalized to each user’s shopping experience and show up in the feed (note: if you are an ecommerce compa…