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Moltin launches first web-based self-checkout at apparel retailer Stance

Self-checkout at brick-and-mortar stores has been a thing for quite a while. But it has required that customers download an app or use the store’s kiosks.Boston-based e-commerce provider Moltin has now launched with clothing retailer Stance what the companies said is the first instance of a retailer offering a self-checkout solution that is entirely web-based.In this case, CEO Jamus Driscoll told me, a progressive web app on the Stance site utilizes Moltin’s commerce platform, which communicates with Stance’s inventory management, existing payment processing and other backend platforms.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]The post Moltin launches first web-based self-checkout at apparel retailer Stance appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Survey: 87% of mobile marketers see success with location targeting

A new survey of 700 in-house and agency marketers using mobile marketing finds that 87 percent are using location targeting. A large majority of respondents reported positive results.The report was written by Lawless Research and commissioned by Factual. Survey respondents were from a wide range of industries including automotive, CPG, financial services, travel and others. The breakdown of respondents included over 530 from brands/in-house marketers and the remainder from agencies. They were screened on the basis of whether they did mobile marketing and were then asked about their use of location and location data.How are you or your company using location data?As one would expect, ad targeting was the main use of location, but personalization and improved customer experience were close behind, as was “audience engagement.” The reported benefits seen by respondents largely mirrored those objectives: customer growth and engagement. Audience insights also ranked highly.Benefits from us…

Google bows to publisher pressure to uncap vendor limit for its CMP, Funding Choices

Responding to publisher outcry, Google is reversing its decision to cap the consent gathered through its consent management platform (CMP) Funding Choices to 12 ad tech vendors.The tool allows publishers to create and display a message that lists the ad tech providers their sites use and asks visitors to consent to the use of cookies to show personalized ads. After this about-face, Funding Choices can now gather consent for an unlimited number of vendors.Funding Choicesstarted out as an anti-ad-blocking monetizing tool. Google announced last month that it would expand its capabilities to include use as a CMP to help publishers stay compliant with the consent-gathering requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into full force at the end of May. The tool is still in beta.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]The post Google bows to publisher pressure to uncap vendor limit for its CMP, Funding Choices appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Using the new Google AdWords dashboard

Back in 2012, Lisa Raehsler wrote an article on 6 Super Time-Saving Tips to AdWords PPC Management, in which she presented some of the new time-saving features of AdWords. In the last 6 years, there have been many changes to the AdWords dashboard and a revolution in the other tools and software you can use to save time when managing your account(s).You can now use a combination of the following techniques/features:Functionality within the main AdWords dashboardFeatures in the shared library within your AdWords accountCreating and using a My Client Center account (MCC) for managing multiple accountsOther Google tools such as Google Editor (3), AdWords App and Google Data StudioUse of third party scripts, tools and software (free and paid).This article will just focus on how to save time by using the features and functionality of the AdWords dashboard, though some of these features may also be available at the MCC level.Time-saving functionality within the AdWords dashboardThe updated A…