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7 personalization strategies to convert more callers to customers

Digital advertising has gone mobile. And when consumers engage with a company’s digital ads and website on their smartphones, they often convert in the most convenient and immediate way: by calling.Thanks to smartphones, the volume of call conversions from digital advertising has exploded. Research predicts that calls to US businesses from mobile search, social and display ads will reach 162 billion in 2019, a 110 percent increase from 2014.Digital marketers are now personalizing not just the online experience, but also the offline experience when consumers call. They are using strategies that help their businesses convert more callers to customers.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Personalizing Caller Experiences” from DialogTech to learn if those strategies could improve your digital ROI.The post 7 personalization strategies to convert more callers to customers appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Security breaches, no longer aberrations, need their own customer journeys

If you thought a theft of customer data was a marketing nightmare before the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it’s time to wake up.Under GDPR regulations for companies handling the personal data of EU citizens, companies must identify the breach, find out which individuals have been impacted and notify them — all within a 72-hour period.But those three days probably seem like a luxurious vacation to banks in India, according to Ted Bardusch, chief information security officer of customer engagement hub Usermind.Two years ago, The Reserve Bank of India decreed that any banks suffering a security breach must report it in no more than six hours.Whatever the actual number of hours in your jurisdiction, the trend is clear. The length of time that companies have to publicly respond to a security breach is getting shorter and shorter.Aside from better security measures, Bardusch suggests that brands should now extend customer journeys past their end zone of a loyalty or brand a…

IAB Study: Podcast ad revenues are shooting through the roof — $314M in 2017

Podcasts are hot. Red hot.A new study released Monday by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) reveals that podcast revenues in the US have broken records, bringing in $314 million in 2017 — a full 86 percent more than in 2016, a year that also saw steady gains in the industry.IAB and PwC’s second annual Full Year 2017 Podcast Ad Revenue Study: An Analysis of the US Podcast Industry also found that self-reported year-on-year revenue was $257.4 million in 2017, a 117 percent increase from $118.8 million in 2016.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]The post IAB Study: Podcast ad revenues are shooting through the roof — $314M in 2017 appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Report: Google and Facebook top advertisers’ list of fears that could impact their businesses in 2018

Advertisers fear the impact of Google and Facebook on their businesses more than any other industry trends in 2018, according to a Marin Software report on digital advertising released Tuesday.The State of Digital Advertising 2018 notes that the so-called duopoly prevents advertisers from optimizing their customers’ experience by keeping measurements and performance within its “walled gardens.”The report is based on a global survey of more than 500 B2B and B2C advertising professionals across the retail, automotive, travel and finance sectors.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]The post Report: Google and Facebook top advertisers’ list of fears that could impact their businesses in 2018 appeared first on Marketing Land.

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SEW Interview: Clark Boyd on visual search

We recently caught up with Clark Boyd, a visual search expert and regular contributor to Search Engine Watch. We discussed camera-based visual search – that futuristic technology that allows you to search the physical world with your smartphone – what it means for the way search is changing, and whether we’re going to see it become truly commonplace any time soon.In case any of our readers aren’t up to speed on what ‘camera-based visual search’ actually is, we’re talking about technology like Google Lens and Pinterest Lens; you can point your smartphone camera at an object, the app will recognize it, and then perform a search for you based on what it identifies.So you can point it at, for example, a pair of red shoes, the technology will recognize that these are red shoes, and it’ll pull up search results – such as shopping listings – for similar-looking pairs of shoes.In other words, if you’ve ever been out and about and seen someone with a really cool piece of clothing that you wish…

How I Opened A Bank Account In The USA From India: Stripe Atlas Experience

Do you want to have a bank account in the U.S.A?Do you know if you are earning money in US dollars, having a U.S. bank account may help you save huge money.Furthermore, if you incorporate a company in the U.S. (anybody in the world can do this without physically being in the U.S.), you will remove the biggest headaches of restrictions imposed by many online services that exist in developing countries.You might not know any of this, so let me first give you a little background of what I’m talking about. After that, what you are about to learn might change the way you do business online.Having a registered company helps you do more global business. If you are someone who lives in a developing country, you are probably aware of certain restrictions and limited opportunities when doing business online.If your company is registered in a developed country (like the U.S., Singapore, or Japan), you will be able to engage in business activities with anyone around the world, and a lot of the re…

Four ways you can use AI to optimize your AdWords campaigns

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms are mainstreaming in a way that was never before possible, and these changes are having a significant influence on the way in which marketers need to approach search advertising.In addition to AdWords itself incorporating AI into its framework, new opportunities are arising that can give marketers an edge over their competitors, or automate lower-level tasks, freeing up more time for strategy.Here are four ways you can start taking advantage of AI to make the most of your AdWords campaigns.Automated biddingAutomated machine learning as a solution to the decision of what price to bid on paid advertising is becoming an increasingly popular option as the necessary technologies become available to more firms.Bidding too low means missing out on opportunities to reach leads, while bidding too high means sacrificing ROI.Google’s internal automated bidding, on top of being identical to what everybody else is using, doesn’t have acc…