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You’ll love what the SMX East agenda has to offer

I don’t have to tell you that 2018 has been a busy year, with new technologies like voice search and a mobile-centric focus gaining a stronger foothold in the SEO world, not to mention the dramatic adaptations advertisers will need to embrace to succeed with what Google calls the “new AdWords experience.” Modern-day marketers must be well-versed in these areas if they want to accomplish their goals.Attend Search Engine Land’s SMX® East October 24-25 in New York City to learn actionable SEO and SEM tactics from the experts who know them best. The agenda will be live soon and ready for you to explore.Our freshly redesigned conference format packs an incredible amount of insights and expert knowledge into two intense and rewarding days. That means you’ll spend less time out of the office yet return loaded with fresh ideas and proven tactics to help move the needle.Take a look at some of the sessions in store…SEOOptimizing Content For Voice Search & Virtual AssistantsA Google Insider’…

Squadhelp adds AI to help invent successful brand names

Naming a product or a company can make or break the effort. Traditionally, it has involved branding agencies engaging a variety of experts and test groups.Chicago-based Squadhelp employs a crowd-sourced platform to find exactly the right moniker, after which it employs various verification and testing tools. It describes itself as the largest such naming platform, and it now says it is the first to employ AI.Since it was founded in 2011, founder Darpan Munjal told me, the platform’s naming process has involved a brand launching a naming contest after supplying info on the company and, if appropriate, on the product. About 75,000 users are registered on the platform, and the number of proposed names they can each submit is dependent on how many of their previous submissions have been accepted into higher contest rounds.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]The post Squadhelp adds AI to help invent successful brand names appeared first on Marketing Land.

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AT&T buys ad exchange AppNexus

Apparently, the recent Time-Warner acquisition left AT&T hungry for more. On Monday, the telecommunications giant announced it was buying programmatic ad marketplace AppNexus.“Ad tech unites real-time analytics and technology with our premium TV and video content,” AT&T Advertising and Analytics CEO Brian Lesser said in a statement. “So, we went out and found the strongest player in the space.”The deal will add programmatic capabilities for matching ads with inventory and a broader global footprint to AT&T’s 170 million customer relationships. Deal terms were not made public, although there have been reports the price tag was about $1.6 billion. A little more than a week ago, AT&T closed it $86 billion acquisition of Time Warner, which brought aboard the libraries of Warner Bros., HBO and Turner.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]The post AT&T buys ad exchange AppNexus appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Blockchain powered Killi wants users to ‘own their identity,’ make money from brands

It’s an idea that has been around for years: Consumers should control and explicitly sell their data for compensation. It’s implied in many data-collection systems today (e.g., “give us your email for 10 percent off”); however Killi is the first to set up a blockchain-based infrastructure to do this as an explicit solution for the market as a whole.Others will soon follow. For example, another company called Occi is working on a similar blockchain-based loyalty solution for retailers.Killi is the brainchild of Neil Sweeney, who founded a company called Freckle IoT. Originally a beacon company, Freckle evolved into an online-to-offline attribution provider that works with major brands. Killi is a consumer app available for iOS and Android.One way to see Killi is as a next-generation data broker that puts consumers at the center of data collection. After they download the app, users are asked to enable persistent location. The setup process itself is a kind of consumer education about d…

Facebook enables marketers to set up app event tracking without having to add code

App developers and marketers now have access to a Codeless App Events Setup feature within the Facebook SDK Marketing Kit that lets them set up app event tracking on things like app registrations and purchases without having to create code.“It simplifies the setup process by enabling marketers to add, modify and remove events with a simple point and click tool. Marketers no longer need to ask their developers to write code, release a new version of their app and wait for people to update, a process which could take weeks if not months,” says Facebook on the Facebook Business blog.For access to the new feature, marketers will have to build their apps using the Facebook SDK platform. (The Codeless Event Setup tool can be accessed within the SDK’s Marketing Kit.) Facebook shared the following screen shots on its developer blog to show how the new point-and-click tool works:The new feature was launched during Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference in May, when the company announced the latest…

How To Motivate Yourself For Blogging When You Are Feeling Demotivated

A few days ago, I was talking to a budding blogger on the phone, and he was telling me that he was worried about his motivation for blogging. Here are the first few lines of the conversation I had with him (I will refer to him as “Mister X”):Me: What happened? Why are you so demotivated?Mister X: Harsh, I have worked on my blog for many months, and this is my 4th blog and probably the last one. I’m still getting only 100 or so odd views and people are commenting just because of backlinks. Things like “nice post” and “useful posts”, and I even get negative comments from time to time and that discourages me a lot.Me:Why did you start blogging?Mister X: I started blogging because I like it and it’s my passion. I’ve been blogging for the last 4 years and I like when people like my posts and follow me. The secondary reason is money; it’s not the main one right now but it will become a major one later in my career.Me: What kind of people do you follow on social networking sites?Mister X: Mo…

The ultimate guide to meta tags: why they matter and how to optimize them for impact

Whether you work in an agency or in-house, SEO success has a lot to do with influencing other functions, for example, web development, site merchandising, content marketing, PR, etc. As SEO professionals, we do have our own secret sauce to cook with: meta tags.Although meta tags are only used for search engines, they are still an essential part of Google’s core algorithm and must not be ignored. We will go through the most common meta tags and highlight their usefulness so you can easily check if you’re spending enough time where it counts.Meta tags definedMeta tags, or HTML elements, are codes of text that help search engines and website visitors better understand the content found on a website page. Meta tags are not the actual content that is featured on the page.The purpose of meta tags is instead to describe the content. Therefore, these HTML elements are found in the <head> section of the HTML page, not within the <body> section. Since meta tags need to be written in…