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Skyrocket Your Amazon Affiliates Site With Product Comparison Tables

If you’re monetizing your Amazon affiliates site, you’ll be looking for every potential opportunity to increase conversions. As we recently showed, using WooCommerce as the foundation for your affiliate referrals is an excellent start. However, you’ll also want to put some thought into how you display your affiliate products.Creating individual product reviews is important, especially if your site is an affiliate blog. However, you can also benefit from providing an easy way for readers to compare multiple items within a single blog post. Fortunately, doing this on your WordPress blog is simple. All you’ll need is the right plugin – such as WooCommerce Product Table.This post will help you make more money from your Amazon affiliates site. We’ll explain why it’s a good idea to create product comparison tables, then show you how to get started. Then, it’s over to you. Let’s go!Why your Amazon affiliates site needs product comparison tablesRunning an affiliate blog takes a lot of work. Y…

Here’s how to use custom intent audiences in your GDN campaigns

Since its introduction to the Google Display Network last November, custom intent has been a game changer for display advertising.Custom intent allows you to expand outside of predefined audience categories, identifying new prospects that are likely to be in the market for your product or service.With your choice of keywords and URLs, Google builds audiences based on consumers’ behavior on the internet, allowing you to target audiences who have demonstrated an interest in similar products. Thanks to this close connection to intent to purchase, custom intent targeting is a great conversion-driver.How to get startedTo find custom intent audiences, go to the audiences interface of a display campaign, select “Targeting,” and then choose “Intent.”Next, you’ll have to choose whether you give Google keywords and URLs to build an audience around, or whether you want Google to use machine learning to determine the traits of your ideal audience. This is based on insights from current campaigns…

Marketing Day: Google Marketing Platform, YouTube pre-roll, MediaMath & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Is YouTube serving up more pre-roll & mid-roll video ads?
Jun 29, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues
SEO consultant and podcast host Dan Shure spotted six total ads displayed during a 17-minute video.Twitter undergoes reorg, makes former Periscope co-founder head of products
Jun 29, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues
Kayvon Beykpour, the co-founder of Twitter’s Periscope video app, will head up the company’s product team.Is third-party data targeting more effective than contextual targeting?
Jun 29, 2018 by Barry Levine
A new report from performance marketing agency Roast and ad platform Teads tested whether the costs of user data targeting and of complying with GDPR are worth it.Getting it done: how to overcome common link building blockers
Jun 29, 2018 by Paddy Moogan
Link building is tough to begin with and made harder when company policies slow down the workflow…

The Rise of Voice — What the increase in voice assistants and AI means for business

AI-enabled voice recognition is becoming a normal part of how we interact with technology. What humans say is becoming valuable data that businesses can use to sell products and create personalized consumer experiences.It’s critical to think broadly about how voice will impact the entire customer experience, from discovery through to purchase. In this report from Invoca, you’ll find:Real examples from innovative businesses meshing digital interactions with an increasingly voice-first world.Insights from a survey of over 1,000 US consumers using voice assistants.New data from an analysis of over 50 million customer phone calls passed through Invoca’s platform in the past year.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “The Rise of Voice.”The post The Rise of Voice — What the increase in voice assistants and AI means for business appeared first on Marketing Land.

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