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Showing posts from July 7, 2018

If content is king, then context is queen

I’m a big fan of Twitter because it provides me with instantaneous information and commentary. It lets me see what’s trending while gaining quick insight. It’s everything I want in a social platform except for one troubling issue: Twitter lacks context.It’s not just Twitter. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms all provide us with short, easily digestible pieces of information. We don’t have to take the time to read the content because the headline satisfies our need for information.For as great as these social platforms are, they train us to favor brevity instead of allowing us to dig into the context of the information we consume. That can be a problem.Claims lacking context lead to absolute positions where facts don’t matter. We see it in politics all the time, where one side clings to an argument, even if the argument is flawed and can be disproved. Since we only want the main points, the important details often go unmentioned. If I told you that your favorite restaur…

Marketing Day: Facebook blocking the wrong ads, massive data breaches continue & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Despite marketers’ optimism about new privacy laws, massive data breaches continue to rock consumers’ trust
Jul 6, 2018 by Robin Kurzer
Will GDPR and the recently passed California privacy law herald a new age where companies avoid breaches by taking proper precautions?Acxiom sells Marketing Solutions division to Interpublic, readies LiveRamp
Jul 5, 2018 by Barry Levine
As personal data for ad targeting becomes increasingly burdened with consent and other conditions, time will tell if Interpublic has made a good deal.Facebook’s automated systems to monitor political advertisers are blocking the wrong ads
Jul 5, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues
Ads with words like ‘Bush’ and ‘Clinton’ are being taken down because they have been tagged as political ads from non-verified advertisers.Recent Headlines From MarTech Today, Our Sister Site Dedicated To Marketing …