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Marketing Day: Google warns of app risk, social media report, TrustArc survey & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Improving the customer experience means getting search right
Jul 13, 2018 by Jim Yu
As consumers search from more places than ever before, it’s vital that marketers deliver experiences that perform. Contributor Jim Yu shares tips on how to deliver a great experience at every search touch point.Do Google reviews impact local ranking?
Jul 13, 2018 by Joy Hawkins
Based on her research, contributor Joy Hawkins thinks reviews may play some part in how a local page ranks. Here is a case study that shows her findings.Winning the social media marketing game
Jul 13, 2018 by Peter Minnium
Contributor Peter Minium explains how connections are formed on social media, the purpose of these connections and how they can be leveraged to win the social media marketing game.How to implement an Account-Based Marketing strategy
Jul 13, 2018 by Digital Marketing Dep…

Improving the customer experience means getting search right

The role of search is expanding and diversifying at an accelerating pace. In the age of assistance, search is everywhere and embedded within a range of home devices and smartphones. You can search from more places than ever before, through voice, image or text.A report by Brightedge (my company) reveals that 57 percent of all website traffic is mobile and 20 percent of mobile queries are voice-activated. These trends look set to become even further embedded over time. Simultaneously, search is moving beyond the traditional web and will soon incorporate augmented reality, alongside existing elements like podcasts and videos.This has made search more complex for marketers, but its significance is growing, too, as is evidenced by reports being published.More than 90 percent of consumers report they use search at every stage of their customer lifecycle, a statistic that highlights just how wide-ranging a modern search strategy should be.A different Brightedge report shows that 51 percent …

Do Google reviews impact local ranking?

In May of this year, many small businesses lost a number of Google reviews. A month later, Google provided my colleague Mike Blumenthal a statement that confirmed the reviews were not coming back:We do not allow anonymous reviews today and we’ve removed legacy anonymous reviews.The reviews removed were old reviews from anonymous profiles that didn’t have a profile attached to them. Since they didn’t have profiles attached, it would also take you to a blank page when you tried to click the username, which is not the greatest user experience.How many reviews were removed?BrightLocal looked at nearly 2 million Google reviews for over 40,000 businesses and found that 3 percent (just over 50,000 in their sample) were removed as a result of this.I wondered if this would be a good opportunity to figure out if the number of reviews on a listing impacts ranking. I looked through dozens of examples comparing the search results before this update to what they were after. I wanted to find cases w…