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Webinar: Close the Online/Offline Data Gap with AI-driven Call Intelligence

With mobile search and voice interactions on the rise, it’s more important than ever to make phone calls a critical part of your data-driven marketing strategy. And thanks to recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI), you can now derive valuable, real-time insights from inbound phone conversations.Join our panel of experts this Thursday and learn how to:Understand the keywords, Facebook ads and web pages that are driving calls.Identify the drivers, behaviors and outcomes of phone calls to your brand.Use smarter metrics to measure the conversions that don’t happen in one click.Use machine learning and predictive models to understand call attributes.Register today for “Close the Online/Offline Data Gap with AI-driven Call Intelligence,” produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by Invoca.The post Webinar: Close the Online/Offline Data Gap with AI-driven Call Intelligence appeared first on Marketing Land.

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New features in the Facebook Ads Manager app make building ads on mobile easier

Rokas Tenys / Facebook just gave advertisers more creative tools for building ads right from their phones via the Ads Manager app.When creating an ad on a mobile device, brands can now include text overlays, stickers, logos or color filters. There is also an image cropper and a text policy checker that will alert the advertiser if the amount of copy in the ad exceeds Facebook’s advertising guidelines.“These new creative tools allow you to create and edit ad images directly from the Ads Manager app, saving time and effort,” says Facebook on the Facebook Business blog.Launched in 2015, Facebook’s Ad Manager app was combined with its ad-creation tool (formerly called Power Editor) in September of last year. The company has continued to build out the Ads Manager app, most recently adding creative reporting metrics and A/B ad testing capabilities earlier this year.The post New features in the Facebook Ads Manager app make building ads on mobile easier appeared first on Mark…

How to reach consumers while protecting their privacy

The debate surrounding probabilistic versus deterministic cross-device tracking is nothing new. But with the rapidly evolving online landscape and technological capabilities, and with customers increasingly engaging across multiple devices, brands and agencies should be having a different conversation: They need to look beyond which targeting method to use and determine how they can best identify customers for more personal and relevant engagement while continuing to maintain consumers’ privacy. This is especially true as the issues of trust and scale have recently been raised concerning first-party data companies, such as Facebook.Utilizing deterministic methods, based on some form of specific identifying data on a consumer (commonly logins, registration data, physical addresses and sometimes offline customer data or IDs, for example), a company can determine who a specific user is. But this method has caused major issues for first-party data companies. Facebook faces this dilemma, s…

Audience expansion and discovery: how to get ahead

One of the reasons we love paid search is because it performs, but its intent-driven nature means it’s not the channel to build scale. The way to do that is get in front of relevant audiences and generate demand for your product/service. This is where channels such as paid social come into play, and one of the best channels to really hone in on targeting various audiences is Facebook.The most obvious ways to get in front of relevant audiences on Facebook are:Lookalikes – leveraging CRM lists to create audiences that look similar to your customers. Get more advanced by segmenting your customer list into groups of identifiable characteristics (e.g. high lifetime value, high average order value) and target lookalikes of those groupsUse demographic data and interests of your prime customer base, and target people based on what you already know.If you’re a semi-sophisticated marketer, you’ve already targeted the most obvious audiences. So what’s next? How do you continue to scale and find …

Artificial intelligence for marketers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has blown up in the past few years and is quickly starting to take over the world of business marketing. From digital assistants like Alexa and Google Home to Siri and search algorithms, AI allows consumers to access the information they want quickly and efficiently.It’s predicted that the world of AI is only going to continue to grow until it’s incorporated into most aspects of our business and personal lives. Biz Journals anticipates that “62% of enterprises will use AI technologies by 2018”, which has increased from the 38% of businesses that were using it in 2017.Freeing up marketers’ timeSome are afraid that AI is going to take jobs away from marketers by performing tasks usually carried out by humans, but this isn’t the case.Rather, AI is able to quickly carry out a lot of the time-consuming, tedious tasks previously required by small business owners so that their time can be freed up to focus on more in-depth tasks that require a human’s level of pe…

How To Grow Your Facebook Group To Market Your Business And Get New Clients

Thinking about creating a Facebook Group to promote your business? You are in the right place! Read on to find out how we did it!We decided to share a case study about how we grew our group and why you should do it too!Join us for a 10 minutes read where we share the little-known details and the challenges we faced while growing our Facebook group.After using the methods, our Facebook group had a 400% increase in the number of members, but most importantly, our engagement increased with 350%.Still, when it comes to communities, it’s not all about the numbers. It’s about people and feelings. When people with the same values come together and help each other, that’s when miracles actually happen. And that’s when we are reminded why we love our work, and get the motivation we need.With our Facebook group, we wanted to get to know our clients better, offer them special advantages and share the good vibes! We also wanted to create a community where we could share our work and receive feedb…