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Compare the top marketing automation tools and platforms

The latest edition of MarTech Today’s “B2B Marketing Automation Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide” examines the market for B2B marketing automation software platforms and the considerations involved in implementing this software in your business.It addresses the following questions:What factors are driving B2B marketing automation platform use?What capabilities do B2B marketing automation platforms provide?Does my company need a marketing automation platform?Who are the leading players in B2B marketing automation?How do I evaluate which platform is best for my business?Also included in the report are profiles of 15 leading B2B marketing automation platforms vendors, pricing information, capabilities comparisons and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing.If you are a marketer looking to adopt a marketing automation software platform, this report will help you through the decision-making process. Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download your copy.The post Compare the top marketing…

YouTube app adds new time well spent options, including a break reminder

The YouTube app is getting a time well spent feature that was first launched on its Kids app, as well as two new options designed to limit distracting notifications. The latest updates aim to build on Google’s support of digital well being. Questions remain whether these increasingly popular options to give users more insight and control into their daily habits on mobile devices and the apps will impact marketers.Users can now set a timer within the main YouTube app to send an alert reminding them to take a break. YouTube has also released two other user options aimed at cutting back the number of distracting notifications they receive from the app.“We’ve also added an option for users to get a single digest notification once per day from YouTube rather than at-the-moment notifications, and we’ve enabled users to configure their notifications so that they happen within specific timeframes,” writes YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki on the YouTube creator blog.The time well spent movement has …

Apple Maps takes a step in the right direction

Over the years, Apple Maps has been widely regarded as a follower to Google Maps. It has never shaken its reputation as being an underwhelming tool beginning with a 2012 rollout that was so riddled with mistakes Tim Cook was forced to issue an apology for launching such a low-quality product:At Apple, we strive to make world-class products that deliver the best experience possible to our customers. With the launch of our new Maps last week, we fell short on this commitment. We are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused our customers and we are doing everything we can to make Maps better.But times are changing. On June 29, Apple disclosed to TechCrunch they will rebuild Apple Maps from the ground up. This entails, among other things, Apple taking control of the data that powers Apple Maps instead of relying on third parties.The widely reported and commendable makeover is good for consumers and businesses — and also underscores how far Apple has to go in order to offer a st…

Snapchat to shutter Snapcash August 30

Snapchat is shuttering Snapcash, the feature that makes it possible for payments to be sent between users via the app. While it was focused on user-to-user payments, many in the industry speculated that it would be the jump-off point for Snapchat to build out a broader e-commerce platform for brands.A Snapchat spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch that the feature was ending next month: “Yes, we’re discontinuing the Snapcash feature as of August 30, 2018. Snapcash was our first product created in partnership with another company — Square. We’re thankful for all the Snapchatters who used Snapcash for the last four years and for Square’s partnership.”Launched in 2014, Snapcash allowed users to save their debit card information to the app, making it easy to send money to other users — but also opening up Snapchat to more commerce options as it gave users a way to connect payment information to their account, a feature available on a number of other popular social platforms. Unlike Faceboo…

Hurry, lowest rates for MarTech won’t be around for long!

The MarTech® Conference is coming to Boston October 1-3. If you’re planning to attend, do yourself a favor: Register by Saturday and save a cool $450 on your All Access pass. This incredible discount expires this week, so don’t miss your chance. See what’s in store for you:
Psst… Need budget approval? We’ve made it easy for you with our handy Get Your Boss On Board guide.The post Hurry, lowest rates for MarTech won’t be around for long! appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Here’s why you should start thinking of content marketing as an SEO strategy

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a busy and dynamic market. As search engines regularly change their algorithms to take new factors into account when calculating a website’s rank, positioning sites is becoming more challenging.Today, SEO is no longer about low-quality content spiked with keywords to please search engine crawlers.In reality, the smartest approach to SEO comes in the form of content marketing. For SEO to work, we need a human touch, but also financial and creative resources.Fortunately, SEO experts can take advantage of tools that were designed to match these new requirements. One of them is a content marketing platform called marketin9 which helps marketers streamline the process of publishing sponsored articles on websites.Read on to find out how SEO and content marketing can work together to make a website successful.Is content marketing about to replace SEO?Some say that content marketing is on its way to overtaking SEO completely. That claim is clearly exaggerat…

How to minimize CPU usage in WordPress

CPU usage problems are widespread in WordPress websites. They become more prevalent when you use shared resources or a hosting plan that doesn’t have that many resources. However, the CPU usage can also happen in a good hosting plan. When that happens, it slows down your website considerably as there are no resources to serve content to your site.CPU usage problems can lead you to not only poor user experience but can quickly impact your website ranking.In this article, we will learn how to minimize CPU usage in WordPress. All the tricks that we will share are simple and easy to follow. However, if you can always use a developer that can do it for you. So, without any delay, let’s get started.1.    Get rid of the unnecessary pluginsPlugins offer excellent value when it comes to adding features to the website. Any website would require a set of plugins to work correctly. However, it is clear that we as users install plugins that we don’t need. Sometimes, we install plugins to test and …

Marketing Day: Ask an SMXpert, Google releases AMP stories, smartphone duopoly & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Content manager checklist: 10 things to do before you hit publish
Jul 23, 2018 by Megan Krause
Contributor Megan Krause lists 10 content and SEO-related points a content manager should check before publishing a piece of contentAsk the SMXpert – Optimizing for voice search & virtual assistants
Jul 23, 2018 by Debra Mastaler
SMXpert Upasna Gautam continues the Q&A from SMX Advanced and discusses a number of topics including creating the right content, using homonyms, stressed words and quality metrics when optimizing for voice search.How to project SEO traffic levels and avoid saying, ‘It depends’
Jul 23, 2018 by Simon Heseltine
Establishing a baseline and understanding historical trends helps forecast traffic trends and alerts you when traffic changes. Contributor Simon Heseltine lists steps you can take to predict incoming traffic and c…

Ask the SMXpert – Optimizing for voice search & virtual assistants

43he Ask an SMXpert series continues the questions and answer (Q&A) segment held during sessions at SMX Advanced 2018 in Seattle.Today’s Q&A is from the Optimizing for Voice Search & Virtual Assistants session with Upasna Gautam from Ziff Davis.Question: How much of an impact will homonyms, accents, and stressed words have in voice search?[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]The post Ask the SMXpert – Optimizing for voice search & virtual assistants appeared first on Marketing Land.

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How to project SEO traffic levels and avoid saying, ‘It depends’

Have you ever had this conversation with someone from upper management?Boss: “If we implement your recommendations, how will this impact traffic?”You:  “It depends.”Boss: “If we create a new content project, will it generate a lot of traffic?You: “It depends.”“It depends” is the typical response by a search engine optimization specialist (SEO) to questions about traffic projections and is a top response that infuriates management.As any SEO knows, you can’t predict with any accuracy what a change will do to your traffic, since there are numerous external factors you have no control over.But — you can give your boss an idea of incoming traffic while addressing and taking those external factors into account.Let’s look at what we can and cannot control, the impact certain issues may have on traffic and how to predict incoming traffic to your site.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]The post How to project SEO traffic levels and avoid saying, ‘It depends’ appeared first on Mark…