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How To Tackle And Counter Google Search’s DMCA Removal Notice

What do you do when someone copies your original content, be it an image, audio or video?You file a DMCA complaint. Google takes these complaints very seriously and follows it up with strict actions. I have talked about the DMCA earlier, the details of which you can read in these articles:How to remove copied content from Google searchDMCA contact page of popular services to submit a takedown requestWhat to do when people copy your blog contentGoogle has a DMCA transparency page where you can see the number of DMCA requests Google has processed. You can also enter your domain name to see how many DMCA takedown requests have been made against your domain and everything else related to it.Even though Google tries its best to not make mistakes, there can be errors as the DMCA requests are processed by humans. In the video below, let us learn how Google processes the DMCA requests: This is what happened to me this morning when I received an email from Google search saying:“Notice of DMCA r…

Email Studio adds Mail Merge and Email Scheduler Directly in Gmail

Introducing Email Studio, our new open-source Gmail add-on that brings powerful capabilities like mail merge, email scheduler, copier and more to your Gmail mailbox. Unlike other solutions, Email Studio works directly in Gmail and you can even use it inside the Gmail App on your Android phone (with support for iPhone coming soon).Whether you need to send personalized emails to your Google Contacts, schedule emails in Gmail for sending at a later date, auto-forward emails to another address, you can do it all and more with Email Studio. Watch the video tutorial series on YouTube to get started.Email Studio for Gmail – FeaturesHere’s a complete list of modules that are bundled with Email Studio.Mail Merge – Create a Gmail draft, choose one or more Google Contacts and personalized emails will go out to each recipient with having to use CC or BCC.Send Later – Compose an email now and the add-on will automatically send it later at preferred date and time later. You can also set up recurrin…