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Special rates to SMX East end soon!

Google’s new Search Console. Site speed as a ranking factor. Voice search. Mobile-first index. Search advertising testing. For more than a decade, hot topics like these have attracted marketers obsessed with SEO and SEM to New York City for SMX® East.Now, it’s your turn: Join your search marketing community October 24-25 for intense training and powerful networking that will shape your career and drive your organization’s success and profitability.Become a better marketer by learning from expertsThe SMX East agenda is hand-crafted by the editorial and programming team at Search Engine Land. That means you’ll get 100 percent unbiased content assembled by some of the brightest minds in the field.During our two-day program, you’ll gain access to actionable, potentially game-changing tactics from sessions that explore the latest technologies and trends.Here are a few of the SEO sessions we’re really looking forward to…A Google Insider’s Guide To The New Search Console, All About Penalties…

Twitter shares how it ranks search results after being accused of shadow banning accounts

After being accused last week of “shadow banning” accounts — a deliberate move to hide an account’s content from everyone except the person who posted it — Twitter said it has since fixed a bug in its search system and shared insights into the ranking factors it uses for accounts in search results.Twitter says Tweets from an account the searcher is interested in rank “highly” in search results, along with popular tweets connected to the search topic, while tweets from “bad-faith actors” (accounts that have been associated with malicious behavior) should rank lower. Marketing Land has reached out to Twitter to clarify what  determines whether a searcher is interested in an account and how long these have been ranking factors in search results. We will update here story when get a response.In response to accusations the company was suppressing accounts in search, Twitter’s head of product, Kayvon Beykpour, confirmed there had been a problem with the app’s auto-suggestion feature for se…

Facebook updates video ad metrics & adds Moat as measurement partner

Facebook is making adjustments to the way it measures video ads, offering a new metric, removing others and bringing in a new third-party measurement solution for video advertisers.Unrepeated watch time reportedBased on feedback from advertisers, Facebook says it is changing the way its 3-second and 10-second video view counts are calculated. Before today, these metrics included time accumulated if a viewer rewound or rewatched a video. Now, the 3-second and 10-second video view metrics will only include unrepeated seconds of watch time.“Businesses have told us they’d prefer that these two metrics only count unrepeated seconds watched to more accurately measure consumption, so we’ll be updating how we calculate these two metrics across all video reporting in Ads Manager and Page Insights to no longer incorporate watch seconds from rewinding,” Facebook writes in the announcement on its business blog.New Video Plays metric & Moat verificationFacebook is also launching a new Video Pl…

Using behavioral design to reduce bounce rate

It comes as no surprise that humans have terribly short attention spans. In fact, a study by Microsoft put a number on it: 8 seconds – less than the attention span of a goldfish. The implications for online marketing are huge. In a noisy and highly competitive online space, you either grab a visitor’s attention the moment they land on your website or lose them – possibly forever.Bounce rate is an important metric for measuring how users engage with a website. It indicates the percentage of visitors who navigate away from your site after viewing only one page.Think of the times when, as a web user, you visited a website and immediately headed for the back button. While the decision to exit the page may have been made unconsciously, the reality is that certain ‘unappealing’ elements on the website influenced that decision. This is the basis of behavioral design. The rationale is that if certain elements of a web page can drive users away, then there must be other characteristics that ca…

Marketing Day: IAB Tech Lab launches hub, how to hack a higher ROI & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:IAB Tech Lab launches primer and resource hub on ad-oriented blockchain tech
Jul 30, 2018 by Barry Levine
The new offerings are part of the Tech Lab’s efforts to bring the ad community up to speed, define key terms and metrics and separate value from hype.Why AI for PR may be different than AI for marketing
Jul 30, 2018 by Barry Levine
A PR exec sees an essential difference that will keep humans in the game.5 ways to hack a higher marketing ROI
Jul 30, 2018 by Rex Briggs
Contributor Rex Briggs shares a historical and insightful take on how marketers should look at marketing ROI and ways to increase it.7 easy ways to multiply your conversions
Jul 30, 2018 by Digital Marketing Depot
Ask marketers what their goals are, and one of the first things they will say is to deliver a more personalized experience to their customers. This isn’t a goal aimed…

IAB Tech Lab launches primer and resource hub on ad-oriented blockchain tech

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab has been moving quickly to catch up with blockchain.A week ago, its Blockchain Working Group announced a pilot program that would analyze the results of blockchain-based projects by its 150+ member organizations. This effort will include a white paper that pinpoints the most promising ad-related aspects of the participating projects, sets up some standardization targets and possibly notes which claims are farther off.Now, the Working Group is releasing some explainer documents. There’s a freeBlockchain Technology Primer and a Resources Wiki,both assembled by Working Group participants.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]The post IAB Tech Lab launches primer and resource hub on ad-oriented blockchain tech appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Why AI for PR may be different than AI for marketing

Digital marketing and ad platforms are already adding artificial intelligence at a furious pace, providing insights and campaign management once goals are set.If this trajectory keeps up, it’s possible that these campaigns will become the equivalent of the self-driving car: Tell it where you want to go, and then sit back and attend to other business.But public relations — the “free media” part of marketing — has a fundamental difference, according to Karla Jo Helms, founder and CEO of the Tampa, Florida-based JoTo PR agency.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]The post Why AI for PR may be different than AI for marketing appeared first on Marketing Land.

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