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8 ways to leverage GDPR for your agency

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, can be a pretty daunting concept for small and medium-sized businesses, including marketing agencies. But while GDPR may feel a little like red tape, the new laws are designed to help build trust with customers and provide a better user experience. And for marketers, that’s the end goal anyway, right?How can we find new ways of interacting with consumers and clients in order to create long-term business?Digital marketing agencies have the power to swoop in and help clients manage their data, ultimately helping them on the road to GDPR compliance. In this issue of Agency Perspectives from SharpSpring, learn how reframing GDPR can win over more clients and grow existing relationships.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “8 Ways to Leverage GDPR for Your Agency.”The post 8 ways to leverage GDPR for your agency appeared first on Marketing Land.

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3 attribution considerations for B2B lead generation

Customer life cycles and marketing campaigns alike are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to measure. Marketing attribution is the fundamental, yet complex, concept of reporting multiple user touch points, and it ties the entire customer journey together at the conversion action.Attribution modeling allows marketers to measure the value of their campaigns across the top, middle and bottom funnel stages plus channels, campaigns and more.Business-to-business (B2B) lead generation initiatives bring their own set of challenges and considerations to attribution, such as the potential for a long sales cycle, an emphasis on content and other top-of-funnel assets.It’s essential to understand what is bringing real value. This article will break down three attribution modeling concepts that can help marketers better understand their campaigns in a complex digital environment.Concept 1: Paid creditDistilling complex data down to a single metric is highly useful for day-to-day decision-m…

3 free tools to comprehensively test page speed

Having a fast site is important, since faster sites are rewarded with improved search engine optimization (SEO) and the ability to drive more visits and conversions. More people visiting your site can lead to more sales, signups or traffic in general. That’s a true win-win.Of course, where there’s a positive, there is always a negative. The flip side to fast sites is slow sites, and slow sites tend to suffer from lack of sales, sign-ups and traffic in general. That is definitely not a win-win.Once you get above 3 seconds, many visitors leave before the page loads, many more will bounce, and your conversion rate will plummet. Not good.Fortunately, auditing page speed is relatively painless and, in most cases, can be accomplished with free, easy-to-use tools. However, no single tool really gives us a complete end-to-end analysis.To remedy this, I have put together a guide of my favorite free page-speed tools and how to use them. When you use the three tools together, they will give you …

The ultimate guide to using Bing Webmaster Tools — Part 1

If you are a website owner, you’ve invested a lot of time and resources to create your site. Once it’s become active, you want everyone to see and find your site when they search on Bing.There is no cost to be added to our search results. Bing explores the internet with a crawler to find web pages and includes them in our search index. While Bing crawls billions of pages each day, the internet is constantly growing, so our crawlers are always hard at work looking for new content to add to our index.To help webmasters get and keep their sites on Bing, we offer our Bing Webmaster Tools (BWT), a free toolset you can use to submit your site to Bing and Cortana and also monitor the health of your site. Bing Webmaster Tools helps webmasters identify and understand any problems a site may have so that errors can be fixed and web pages can be optimized.Starting today, we are kicking off a series of articles that will do a deep dive into Bing webmaster tools. If you are new to Bing’s webmaster…

Rebranding your local business? Don’t start without reading these tips

There’s a whole host of reasons why you’d want to rebrand your local business:Your product and service offering might be outgrowing your name and website.You might have found a new location close to the center of town.You feel a facelift might revitalize a flagging business.Whatever your reasons, they must be good given the work it takes to rebrand. It may be the biggest and highest-risk challenge you’ve ever faced. Tone of voice, website design, color scheme, logos, directory listings, and sales process may all need to change at once. It’s not an easy or quick switch.Interest in a local businesses rebranding isn’t the same as big brands, so you can kiss that viral piece on the evolution of your brand goodbye.  Unlike Pepsi or other big brands, there is a high likelihood few will notice a logo change from a small business.Small businesses don’t have access to a multi-million dollar branding and communications strategy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still make a true impact on the bo…

Reddit’s redesign is driving higher engagement rates, but will it deliver more advertisers?

Last year, Reddit announced it was undertaking its first major redesign in more than a decade. According to the company’s CEO and co-founder, Steve Huffman, there were a variety of goals attached to the project, but chief among them was to decrease the bounce rate of first-time visitors and lift the amount of time everyone spent on the website.“Reddit grows primarily through word of mouth. Many of us evangelize Reddit and tell people how awesome it is, what an impact it’s made in their life, how much it makes them laugh, etc., and then when those new people decide to check out Reddit for the first time they’re greeted with dystopian Craigslist. We’d like to fix that,” wrote Hoffman in a November 2017 AMA thread.After more than a year and a half of research, testing and user input, Reddit began rolling out its new site in April of this year, and so far, the results look promising. During an interview conducted over email, the company’s VP of brand partnerships, Zubair Jandali, said Red…

How to invest in your SEO for the highest ROI

Every business owner’s dream is to have consistent business growth. Unfortunately,  this is easier said than done. In fact, 20% of small businesses fail in their first year and only 30% of businesses, make it past the 10-year mark.Therefore, SEO is a key component of inbound sales strategy, where new customers can come to you. The aim is to have a steady and consistent flow of new business each month. If you can maximize return on investment (ROI) from your SEO, then you can continue to invest to generate more earnings and growth.Monthly recurring trafficMonthly recurring traffic is stable and consistent. Every day, week, month, and year, you have reliable traffic and new sales that you can count on. These can comprise both qualified and targeted prospects. This type of traffic is predictable and easier to scale, which is one of the benefits of SEO.
An example of monthly recurring traffic from a website ( that has had SEO input.Monthly recurring traffic is the pri…