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Fake social accounts: Another problem for marketers to monitor

If any marketers feel their list of things to worry about is getting too short, here’s another one to add:Fake social media accounts.Not just fake social followers, or fake influencers. Those are separate items on your list. These are social media accounts that purport to be from your brand or your CEO.Except they’re not.To get a better sense of how common and problematic these are, I chatted recently with Guy Nizan, co-founder and CEO of threats intelligence firm IntSights.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]The post Fake social accounts: Another problem for marketers to monitor appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Key takeaways from Google’s latest algorithm update

On August 1 2018, Google rolled out a new algorithm search update, targeting broad searches across the globe.This was the third algorithm update of the year, although many professionals in the SEO community have called this the biggest update since Penguin in 2012.This week we released a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year. Our guidance about such updates remains the same as in March, as we covered here:— Google SearchLiaison (@searchliaison) August 1, 2018The algorithm update was picked up by all search monitoring tools as we saw a spike around the beginning of August and continued fluctuations for around one week.SERP metricsAdvanced web rankingsWhich sectors were impacted the most?Research by Sistrix highlighted that the industries affected the most were ‘Your Money or Your Life,’ known as YMYL for short, which relates to the health and finance sectors, followed by eCommerce sites. Companies that saw notable drops included Pandora (-…

Quora advertisers can now optimize campaigns for conversions

Quora this week introduced conversion-optimized campaigns, a feature that focuses the ad delivery algorithm on optimizing for conversions rather than clicks.With “optimize for conversions” selected, the system will aim to show ads to users it deems most likely to take the designated conversion action. “For example, if you want to get app installs and you choose to optimize for conversions, we will show ads to people who are most likely to install your app,” says Quora Director of Product Management Ryan Browne in the blog post announcement.To use this setting, website advertisers will need to have the Quora pixel placed on their sites, and app marketers will need to be working with a supported app measurement partner to track conversions generated from ads on the platform.It also requires advertisers to set a target cost per action (CPA) to inform how the system bids. With this bidding method, advertisers are charged on a CPM basis.Quora’s ad platform just crossed the one-year mark in…

The evolution of search: succeeding in today’s digital ecosystem – part 1

The world has fundamentally and irreversibly changed; since the launch of the smartphone, technology has enabled on-demand access to information and opened a Pandora’s box full of anything our hearts desire. This is challenging for marketers to find new ways to connect with audiences. For search engines, this was a turning point in the services that they offer.Where before, “web search” brands – the likes of Google, Yahoo, Bing and Baidu – were consumers’ first port of call; they are now rapidly losing share to new competition (particularly Amazon, WeChat and Facebook) and formats (primarily from voice and apps).Personalization has become a key battleground too, as customers don’t just want quick results, but tailored suggestions that are directly relevant to their lives. Search engines are having to adapt to stay relevant, bringing a much-needed change in dynamic between SEOs and the major players in the space.Adapting search engines to the mobile-first user
Before discussing how to r…

15 questions to ask yourself before publishing a new landing page

Landing pages are an important part of most online marketing campaigns. They are a great way to tailor the page that people see after clicking on your ad to your target audience and actual ad content.Unfortunately, while there are a lot of great articles out there about how to test, tweak and refine your landing pages, not every tip or trick works for every page. To make things even more complicated, it can be hard to know where to start with a new landing page:Do you just guess?Do you put together a page and hope for the best?Do you give it your best shot and then tweak once you have some data?Do you create multiple pages and start testing from day one?While all of these are certainly viable options, an inadequate landing page can cost you a lot of potential conversions and sales while you figure things out, so it’s worth it to do your best to create a decent landing page the first time around.To help with that, I’ve put together a list of 15 questions every marketer should ask thems…

Microsoft and Amazon marry their assistants, but will the honeymoon be short-lived?

Roughly a year ago, Amazon and Microsoft announced that they each would be integrating their respective digital assistants into the other’s platform and devices. Alexa becomes available on Windows computers (and Cortana-powered smart speakers), and Cortana will be available through Alexa devices.I’ve seen some commentary arguing this is a progressive step toward assistant “interoperability.” But in terms of a realpolitik perspective, the deal is mostly about distribution. Each wants access to the other’s audience.Last fall, at the time of the original announcement, Microsoft said in a blog post:By bringing Cortana to Alexa and Alexa to Cortana, I’m excited that we’re adding more value and choice for consumers and developers alike. Cortana users will be able to have Alexa shop on and manage their Amazon orders and access many of Alexa’s third-party skills by asking Cortana to open Alexa, just as Alexa users will have access to Cortana’s world knowledge and helpful productivi…

Don’t miss proven & actionable tactics from Google and Bing

Struggling to keep up with search algorithm updates, SERP features and evolving ad formats and platforms? It can be overwhelming.We have the solution. Get first-hand advice from Google and Bing at SMX® East, October 24-25 in NYC. Sofia, Jon, Frederic, Christi and David are ready to share actionable tactics and insights on how to build winning content and campaigns.And the keynotes are just part of what’s happening at SMX East. Check out all of the sessions, presentations, clinics, networking and workshops. See the complete agenda.Register now & save!Register by September 15 and enjoy $300 in savings on an All Access pass. In addition to the keynotes, you’ll unlock these premium benefits:The Expo Hall, featuring 20+ market-defining vendors including Amazon, Bing, Bruce Clay, Invoca and more.Structured and unstructured networking events, like our Expo Hall Reception, Birds of a Feather lunch tables, refreshment breaks and exclusive In-House SEO + SEM and Agency meetups.Top-shelf ame…

Marketing Day: Google gains smart speaker share, Pinterest attracts 50M shoppers & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Report: Google continues to gain global smart speaker share
Aug 15, 2018 by Greg Sterling
Amazon is still the global leader, but its market share has been eroded by new competition. In the US, it still has a 70 percent share.Digitas report: Brand loyalty is at risk with voice-based purchases
Aug 15, 2018 by Barry Levine
The problem, says the marketing agency, is that most users will buy the first option presented by a voice agent.Forget me not: 3 steps to make your PPC ads more memorable
Aug 15, 2018 by Purna Virji
What makes text ads memorable? Contributor Purna Virji looks at ways to keep text ads fresh and top of mind by optimizing ad targeting and implementing ad extensions.How to increase your PageSpeed in WordPress
Aug 15, 2018 by Dave Davies
With over 59% of websites using WordPress as a CMS, optimizing them to load quickly is a good ide…