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Facebook bans an app once used by 4M people, suspends 200 more

Facebook has banned another app on its platform since announcing in March it had banned Cambridge Analytica for misusing user data via the ThisIsYourDigitalLife app.The myPersonality app banned by Facebook was active prior to 2012, according to the company, and was used by approximately 4 million people. This is the first app Facebook has banned since it started its app investigation following the Cambridge Analytica crisis.Facebook says it will be notifying users who gave their information to the myPersonality app — but that it will not be notifying Facebook friends of any of the users impacted because there is no evidence the app accessed users’ friends lists (unlike the app used by Cambridge Analytica). Facebook noted if that changes — and they do discover the app was able to access data beyond the people who used it — they will notify users’ Facebook friends.Facebook’s ongoing app investigationIn addition to banning the myPersonality app from the platform, Facebook has suspended m…

Get started with marketing automation–learn the terms you need to know

For businesses involved in digital marketing, marketing automation has quickly become a game-changer. Customizable and scalable platforms are available to businesses of just about any size.Whether you work for an agency or are an in-house marketing professional, it’s time to get familiar with some basic automated marketing and sales concepts. As with many industries, this niche may seem buried under its own confusing jargon. The good news is that the basic ideas really aren’t that complicated.Breeze through this guide from Sharpspring to learn the terms you need to know. Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation Terminology.”The post Get started with marketing automation–learn the terms you need to know appeared first on Marketing Land.

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[24]7 launches ‘emotional intelligence’ for its virtual agent

What’s the next step for virtual agents?Customer engagement platform [24]7 thinks it’s recognizing when the customer is angry, so it can offer a few words of consolation — and then pass the conversation on to a human agent.The company is announcing this week that its AIVA virtual agent, released in the spring of 2017, now has “emotional intelligence.” While the San Jose, California-based firm says this is the first virtual agent to have such a sensibility, there are other agents that understand intent, such as ones built on the PullString platform.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]The post [24]7 launches ‘emotional intelligence’ for its virtual agent appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Viant adds purchase-based targeting for CPG ads

Viant, the Meredith Corporation-owned ad tech company, is out with additional ways that CPG (consumer packaged goods) advertisers can target consumers through learning their purchase patterns.The company’s solutions are powered by its newly expanded partnership with CPG-focused market research company IRI, combined with Viant’s own 250 million registered users. Viant also said it is the first ad tech firm to partner with specialty beverage retailer BevMo! for its data on aggregate purchase cycles.Viant’s Sales Tactic Optimization is not new, but it is now available for the first time for CPG, on a weekly basis rather than monthly or less frequently. Employed previously by Viant for other verticals like autos, it provides advertisers with weekly aggregate data on actual store visits and in-store sales so campaigns can be modified as they run, with data about the top-selling products.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]The post Viant adds purchase-based targeting for CPG ads appear…

Survey: Teens cutting back on mobile screen, social media time

According to a new survey from Pew Research Center, teens are cutting back on mobile phone and social media usage. Parents, not so much. The study finds that those between 13 and 17 are consciously trying to reduce their screen time.The survey captured attitudes of both teens and parents in March and April of this year. The survey population was 743 American teens and just over 1,000 adults. Some of the parent responses were interesting, but I’ll mostly focus on the teen responses. (There was also a second parent survey.)The data show that a majority (54 percent) of teens believe they spend too much time in front of their mobile phones. A substantial minority (41 percent) also agree they spend too much time on social media. However, a majority (57 percent) of teens say they’re cutting back on social media time. Teens are also reducing time with mobile screens, which is an overlapping proposition.The survey found that girls are more likely to have emotional reactions (anxiety, loneline…

Facebook launches Ad Archive API for political ads with limited release

Facebook is launching an Ad Archive API for US researchers and publishers that will allow them to analyze political and issue-based ads that run on the platform.Announced in May when Facebook’s new rules around political and issue-based ads went into effect, the API is now being rolled out to a limited group of US publishers, academics and researchers before Facebook opens it up to a broader audience, according to Facebook’s announcement.“The API offers ad creative, start and end date, and performance data, including total spend and impressions for ads. It also shows demographics of people reached, including age, gender and location,” writes Facebook Director of Product Management Rob Leathern.Facebook says the feedback it receives from this initial rollout will help inform the buildout of the Archive report scheduled for release in September.The Ads Archive API is an offshoot of Facebook’s searchable archive of political and issue ads that was released in May. At the time, Facebook s…

Five easy tips to improve the creative assets for your next campaign

Most designers and other creative professionals are well aware that people don’t always know the best way to work with them. “Clients from Hell” is a popular site lampooning this fact, featuring actual conversations between designers and their clients.While things aren’t that bad for most designers, there are still improvements to be made. A survey we recently conducted at Wrike gives us some new insights into the challenges that creative professionals face when trying to get work done. It turns out that some of the biggest challenges are caused by lack of visibility and lack of process between creative pros and their stakeholders in business roles. Great creative isn’t the result of magic. Ideas can be stoked, molded, and coached to greatness. But teams needs to be on the same page about how to best work together, and have respect for the stresses each other face.Remember that creatives are partners – and experts One of the top three challenges creatives identified in our survey was …

Facebook clarifies Custom Audience list management terms for agency-advertiser relationships

Alexey Boldin / Since releasing new rules around Custom Audiences in June, Facebook is clarifying terms around a specific update to its Custom Audience list management policies.Previously, Facebook stated advertisers may not sell or transfer their Custom Audiences or authorize any third party to sell or transfer custom audiences. The company is now updating that specific term to clarify that an advertiser with an independent relationship with an agency off of the platform can allow those agencies to manage their Custom Audience lists.Here is the newly updated term in full:You may not sell or transfer your custom audiences, or authorize any third party to sell or transfer Custom Audiences. If you have entered into an independent agreement with a partner for licensing marketing information, you may use the Custom Audiences tools and sharing functionality to create and provide custom audiences for advertising based on that information, subject to the requirements of these…

Facebook rolls out mobile-first video creation tools for advertisers

Facebook has rolled out a set of tools to help advertisers create video ads that are optimized for mobile environments. Marketers can use the tools to add motion to existing images and videos or create video ads from assets such as logos or photographs, the company announced in a blog post on Wednesday.Facebook first mentioned plans for the tools in July; its Creative Shop team unveiled a framework called Create to Convert to add lightweight motion to still images earlier this month.In its blog post, Facebook said it has “found that mobile-first creative has a 27 percent higher likelihood of driving brand lift and 23 percent higher likelihood of driving message association compared to video ads that are not optimized for mobile.”The tools include:Video Creation Kit, which turns existing images and text into mobile-optimized videos framed in 1:1 for feeds or 9:16 for stories on Facebook and Instagram. Four templates can be found under Publishing Tools on a brand’s Facebook page. The te…

Marketing Day: Facebook removes 5K filters, MarTech conference, chrome browser update & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Chrome browser to update to material design ‘across all operating systems’
Aug 22, 2018 by Greg Sterling
Reportedly, the changes will be most pronounced on iOS.The next level of marketing maturity on stage at MarTech this October
Aug 22, 2018 by Scott Brinker
I’m going to declare that, as of August 2018, martech has crossed a threshold into maturity. And by martech, I mean the grand view of martech, the convergence of marketing, technology and management practices across industries — and the hybrid marketing leaders who are driving the strategy and operations of that convergence.Facebook to WaPo: No, we are not rating the trustworthiness of users
Aug 22, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues
Facebook says it does have a process to protect against people indiscriminately flagging news as false, but it contends The Washington Post got the details wrong.Adobe add…

Chrome browser to update to material design ‘across all operating systems’

Based on Google Chrome enterprise release notes, The Verge reported that Google’s browser will get a “new design across all operating systems.” That will bring material design aesthetics to all platforms.The design changes reportedly will be most pronounced on iOS, where navigation controls will be moved to the bottom of the screen. September 4 is the scheduled date for the start of the rollout.Material design was first introduced by Google in 2014. It’s a kind of successor or alternative to flat design and emphasizes bold color, white space and three-dimensional perspective. The overarching principle is visual appeal but in the service of functional objectives — not just design for design’s sake.Google released Chrome in 2012, and it became the world’s leading browser, surpassing Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Chrome currently has a roughly 60 percent market share globally (Netmarketshare, StatCounter). Those margins are slightly less on mobile devices.The post Chrome browser to upda…

The next level of marketing maturity on stage at MarTech this October

I’m going to declare that, as of August 2018, martech has crossed a threshold into maturity.And by martech, I mean the grand view of martech, the convergence of marketing, technology and management practices across industries — and the hybrid marketing leaders who are driving the strategy and operations of that convergence.Sure, the marketing technology landscape has advanced tremendously over the past year. I think we’re finally getting our heads around the paradox of simultaneous martech consolidation and expansion.But, as martech critics are fond of saying, technology is just an enabler (So is oxygen). And that’s true. What’s remarkable is the way the discipline of marketing, writ large, has evolved so dramatically over the past five years to leverage this technology. What used to be the digital tech fringe is now the marketing operations center. It’s hard to fully appreciate big changes when you’re focused on getting stuff done. But there are moments when you lift your head above …