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12 pieces of conversion optimization advice you should ignore

There is a lot of content being published on conversion rate optimization (CRO) every day.  Most of it is spot-on but some articles make me cringe a little.A lot of the advice being shared gives people false hope on how to conduct CRO and see the millions roll in. It’s not that easy. The process is vigorous and requires a lot of time and effort, much more than the advice being shared will lead you to believe.Whenever you hear a marketing practice referred to as “easy”, it’s usually not.  Let’s look at some common CRO misconceptions and their uncommon realities.Misconception 1 – Anyone can do itNot hardly! To do well in CRO you need good people on your team.  A conversion rate optimization team is usually comprised of the following:Two or three conversion optimization specialists.A UX designer.A front-end developer.A customer research specialist (can be part-time).An analytics specialist (can be part-time).A data Analyst (can be part-time).A product or program manager, depending on you…

The ultimate guide to using Bing Webmaster Tools – Part 4

In this section, I’m going to cover the following and an overview of the options and tools in each:Widgets.Copyright removal notices.Webmaster Tools API.Support.Specialty services.WidgetsAll the widgets featured in this section are lightweight JavaScript modules you can implement on your website. The Translator Widget assists with real-time language translation, and the Knowledge Widget works with the Bing knowledge graph.Knowledge Widget. The Knowledge Widget allows you to detect entities on your site and link them to the entity graph which is part of the Bing Knowledge repository to provide rich details and information about the entity. You can customize how Bing visualizes the entities and how people can interact with them.Example of the Knowledge Widget on the Forrest Gump page of Wikipedia:[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]The post The ultimate guide to using Bing Webmaster Tools – Part 4 appeared first on Marketing Land.

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A checklist: Important SEO points to cover in a content campaign

After you’ve chosen the right execution for your link-building campaign and you’re getting ready to launch it, you can’t forget about search engine optimization (SEO). It’s easy to get caught up in the campaign itself, but putting aside 15 or 20 minutes to make sure your SEO points are covered can pay off by leading to more traffic, engagement and value to the business.Here’s a checklist of key items and how to SEO them so your content campaign runs smoothly and supports your ranking efforts. While ranking may not be the primary goal of your content campaign, you should at least take care of basic on-page SEO elements. It takes little time and could pay back very well over time. Let’s start with on-page SEO.Page titlesYes, I know, this is a basic one, but you’d be surprised how many people forget about optimizing their page titles. If you’re doing a full page makeover with custom HTML  or cascading style sheets, a page title needs to be manually defined since you’re not using a templa…

New report from MarTech Today: Enterprise Customer Data Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide

The customer data platform (CDP) market is expected to generate $1 billion in revenue by 2019, according to the CDP Institute, as both employment and the number of CDP vendors doubled in 2017. Driving growth is a perfect storm of increasing complexity in the customer journey, the martech stack and data governance.MarTech Today’s first publication of the “Enterprise Customer Data Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide” examines the market for customer data platforms and the considerations involved in implementation. The 48-page report reviews the growing market for customer data platform solutions, plus the latest trends, opportunities and challenges.In this report you will learn:Who the leading players are in customer data platforms.What you should look for in a customer data platform.What trends are driving the adoption of customer data platforms.Also included in the report are profiles of 19 CDP vendors, pricing information, capabilities comparisons and recommended steps for evaluating and p…

Facebook recruits former HP marketing lead as its new CMO

Facebook Chief Product Officer Chris Cox with the company’s new CMO, Antonio Lucio Since Facebook CMO Gary Briggs announced his plans to retire all the way back in January, the company has finally found a new marketing veteran to replace him. Antonio Lucio — the former CMO for Hewlett-Packard — will take over the role starting September 4, according to a Facebook post from the company’s chief product officer, Chris Cox.“He has an extraordinary reputation in the industry as a leader, a marketer, an operator and a wise, gracious and deeply principled human being,” wrote Cox about Lucio. “From all of our interactions with him, he is a force of nature, and we are lucky to have him.”Prior to joining Facebook, Lucio was at Hewlett-Packard for the last three years. He has also led the marketing organizations for Visa and PepsiCo and was part of the brand and marketing teams for Kraft Foods Group and Procter & Gamble.Lucio is signing on to Facebook at what could arguably be the most diffic…

AdTheorent launches Relationship Targeting

AdTheorent’s visualization of its Relationship Targeting Many data providers have gone way beyond collecting info about a individuals’ behaviors and background, now mapping the social graphs of that person’s housemates, friends and relatives.Ad tech firm AdTheorent is putting that social graph to advertising use with this week’s launch of its Relationship Targeting.The mapped social configurations, SVP of Product Management and Business Intelligence Matthew Groner told me, include household, relatives and friends.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]The post AdTheorent launches Relationship Targeting appeared first on Marketing Land.

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3 Strategies to Increase Social Media Sharing of Your Content

What does review of 100 million articles could reveal?Arecent report published by Buzzsumo found that the average sharing of content on social networks has declined. One of the reasons for this is competition. There is just too much content being published daily.On the platform alone, around80 million postsare published every month. And that excludes the majority of WordPress websites, which are self-hosted.Another factor for this decline is that social networks like Facebookare restrictingthe reach of pages.Facebook’s new algorithm gives precedence to posts from people over pages in the newsfeed as their research found that users prefer this. It has resulted in fewer people seeing the posts shared by company pages.This is why if you are serious about getting more traffic from social media, you need to proactively implement strategies that will get people to share your articles as much as possible.Just adding share buttons and sharing it via your pages won’t help you com…

How to create an optimized career page for your website

With recruitment as competitive a market as it has ever been, it’s essential to ensure every careers page or job vacancy on your website is fully optimized in order to place it in front of the perfect candidate online.They are some of the largest and most powerful websites around, but typically online job boardslack page authority, so while you cannot compete with them on a domain level, you can still outrank these huge companies with good SEO.The next step is selling your vacancy to the candidate, which can sometimes be a tough process, but one that your job pages can definitely help you out with.How should you go about doing this?Conduct thorough keyword researchYour first port of call to ensure your careers pages are fully optimized is to conduct some thorough keyword research in order to identify relevant keywords to target on your job pages.Location-specific job searches invariably have a favorable ratio between search volume and keyword difficulty (competitiveness), so it’s cruc…

Facebook, Twitter & Google take down malicious content originating from Iran

Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s security teams are staying busy.All three companies reported this week that they had removed malicious items from their platforms that had originated in Iran — Facebook took down 652 Pages, groups and accounts, Twitter removed 284 accounts and Google disabled a total 42 YouTube channels, 16 Google+ accounts, six Blogger accounts and three Gmail accounts.Twitter disclosed minimal information about the accounts it removed, only sharing the following tweets from the @TwitterSafety handle:As with prior investigations, we are committed to engaging with other companies and relevant law enforcement entities. Our goal is to assist investigations into these activities and where possible, we will provide the public with transparency and context on our efforts.— Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) August 22, 2018Facebook and Google gave more information around the malicious activity they discovered on their platforms, with Facebook offering up examples of posts that h…

Marketing Day: Facebook bans app, rolls out new tool, teen survey & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:The worlds of brand and trade marketing need to unite
Aug 23, 2018 by Andrew Waber
Collaboration between brand and trade marketing teams is critical for long-term success, says contributor Andrew Waber. Here’s how to make this tactical and strategic alignment a reality.Flying close to the sun: SEO tactics that may get you burned
Aug 23, 2018 by Stephan Spencer
The temptation to take the “quick and easy” route is everywhere, and SEO is no different. Contributor Stephan Spencer shows how going black- or gray-hat might sound good initially, but in the end, like Icarus, you may get burned.Ask An SMXpert – Significant changes to local search
Aug 23, 2018 by Debra Mastaler
Looking for a way to maximize local ads or geotargeting? SMXperts Dana DiTomaso, David Mihm and Andy Taylor share valuable tips and tactics to help you succeed in local search.Face…