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Here’s why you should crowdsource your programmatic creatives

It’s not often that marketers get to kick back and relax while customers do their job for them, but when you adopt user-generated content (UGC) as your creative, that’s how it works. Coca Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign is a famous example where sales rose by more than 2% in the US after people began posting images of personalized Coke bottles on social media. That’s even more impressive when you consider that the boost reversed, at least temporarily, a decade-long decline in sales. And that was just organic user posts — why not take the concept further to paid advertising?The most common way that marketers use UGC is to collect and curate organically-posted social media or blog content that contains positive brand mentions or images. Brands can manually reach out to social media users and ask to use their content, but there are also a number of platforms for obtaining and deploying UGC, such as Olapic, Candid, and Taggbox. Platforms like these typically have a subscription-based model…

The ultimate guide to using Bing Webmaster Tools – Part 5

In the first four parts of this series, I reviewed the free tools Bing makes available to all webmasters once you have created, logged in and verified your Bing Webmaster Tools account.Every subsequent time you log in, you get access to meaty data and an analysis of your websites’ performance, indexing, and crawling history on Bing. However, you can also use some free publicly-available tools that don’t require you to create a Bing webmaster tools account or to verify site ownership.With these free tools, you can submit information to Bing (but not track the submission or status) and access some diagnostic tools quickly and easily.  Let’s take a look at each.Submit your siteThis tool allows you to submit a page to Bing to be discovered by our crawler.If you haven’t had a chance to create a Bing webmaster tools account yet, but you want to submit a new site or page to Bing,  this is where you can go to let Bing know your site exists.With the Submit your Site tool you can specify a sub…

How to capitalize on the competitive advantage of real-time data analysis

The Real-Time report in Google Analytics allows you to monitor website activity as it actually occurs on your website or app. The report is continuously updated, and website activity is reported just a few seconds after it happens. This immediacy of real-time data provides digital marketers with unique and valuable insights.There are many ways you can use real-time reporting such as gauging the effectiveness of your mobile app through event tracking and monitoring one-day promotions on your site.  Today I want to focus on and recommend marketers use Google’s Real-Time report for three specific things:To quickly monitor results for short-term campaigns or promotional efforts.To track immediate interaction with newly published content.To test and verify Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager implementation.Real-Time OverviewThe Real-Time report contains an Overview plus five specific reports:Location report.Traffic Sources report.Content report.Events report.Conversion report.Each repo…

Marketing Day: Twitter tests, FTC asked to open new investigation on Google & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Twitter suggested accounts to unfollow, says it was part of an ‘incredibly’ limited test
Aug 31, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues
The test aimed to surface accounts that people were not engaging with.The newest Forrester Wave on social listening platforms expresses disappointment in the category
Aug 31, 2018 by Barry Levine
The report says there are too few differentiators and not enough integrated use of the data across the entire enterprise.US senator calls on FTC to open new antitrust investigation against Google
Aug 30, 2018 by Greg Sterling
Anger at Google on the right and within the administration may tip the balance of opinion toward a new inquiry.Recent Headlines From MarTech Today, Our Sister Site Dedicated To Marketing Technology:SurveyMonkey files to go public
Aug 31, 2018 by Barry Levine
Though still unprofitable, the online survey platform ha…