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How To Stream Android Games To YouTube & Also Earn Money (Seriously!)

Did you know people make money by playing games?Yes, playing games. Who knew that would be a reality!It sounded unbelievable to me as well, but it’s the truth.When I used to see people streaming their gameplay on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch or other places, I used to think of it as fun.What surprised me was, apart from this fun activity, many YouTubers also earn money.And this could be done by anyone, including you.However, this tutorial is about how you can stream mobile games on YouTube (currently working only for Android devices). However, if you are not aware of how other users are making money from YouTube, you should check out the following guides:YouTube: The Easiest Way To Make Money From HomeEarn Extra Money From Your Blog & YouTube Channel With BraveOnce you are aware of the basics of how YouTube lets us monetize our video content, the next goal is to start posting content.If you are a gamer, you are going to love this tutorial. You must share it with your gaming buddies t…