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Study: Telecoms have been throttling YouTube and Netflix since demise of net neutrality

The throttling has begun in earnest. According to a report from Bloomberg based on a study from Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts, telecom companies have taken advantage of the end of net neutrality to begin slowing delivery of video and data.If the practice continues and expands it could cause consumers to watch or finish less video. In that case, completions and ad exposures might be affected. That’s the immediate implication for marketers and why they should be concerned.The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) passed net neutrality in 2015 during the Obama administration. The Republican-controlled FCC formally abolished it in June.Netflix and YouTube so far have been the primary targets of the telecoms:Among U.S. wireless carriers, YouTube is the No. 1 target of throttling, where data speeds are slowed, according to the data. Netflix Inc.’s video streaming service, Inc.’s Prime Video and the NBC Sports app have been degraded in similar ways,…

Protect Your Brand: The best defense is a good offense

Your brand is constantly under attack by competitors that bid on your branded keywords, interrupting the customer journey and diverting search traffic and ultimately revenue. These ‘hijack’ attempts muddy your reputation and adversely impact the experience your consumers have with your brand online.So how do you spot it and stop it? How do you protect your brand and help your customers find you instead of a competitor?Join our brand and search experts to learn how playing ‘brand offense’ can help you regain control of your brand and increase conversions. We’ll show you how to retain that first position on the SERPs, and make your brand experience safe across all channels.Register today for “Protect Your Brand: The best defense is a good offense” produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by Adthena.The post Protect Your Brand: The best defense is a good offense appeared first on Marketing Land.

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7 Off-Page SEO Techniques to Build Your Website’s Reputation and Visibility

So, you’ve optimized your site content and followed all those under-the-hood best practices to maximize your appeal to search engines…what’s next? Executing a truly complete SEO strategy means going beyond the confines of your own site to also engage in off-page SEO.A search engine ranking isn’t solely based on your own site’s merits; it’s also a bit of a popularity contest. Off-page SEO includes bolstering your digital reputation and authority by earning both backlinks and reputation-validating placements across the web. Search engines strive to connect information-seekers with content they’ll find valuable, and these off-page factors demonstrate there’s a world out there that believes your site and your content is useful and trusted enough to recommend. Said another way: search engines want their users coming back, and quickly pointing them to the relevant information they need is the golden ticket – your goal is making that job as easy as possible for them.To that end, here are sev…