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Facebook bug allowed some advertisers to access other Facebook Analytics app data

Facebook says it fixed a bug on August 24 that had allowed users with both an app and a Facebook Ads account to access the Facebook Analytics data of other apps.10 advertisers accessed the analytics data of 21 apps during the three weeks the bug was live.Though it affected a limited number of accounts, the news comes at a time of heightened awareness around data security and follows other mea culpas from the company.For three weeks in August, a small number of Facebook advertisers figured out they could access the aggregated Facebook Analytics data of other apps.Facebook says a bug was introduced as the result of a code change on August 2. The bug enabled users with both an app and Facebook advertising account to view SDK data in Facebook Analytics of other apps that also have Facebook Ads accounts. Facebook is able to identify the accounts involved and says 21 app owners had their Facebook analytics data accessed by 10 advertisers.“Due to a bug in our system, a handful of advertisers…

Target acquired: How to define and use your ideal target market

Ironically enough, when it comes to promoting themselves, many businesses jump straight into marketing and forget to really think about the most important part of marketing: their target market.This problem isn’t just limited to new entrepreneurs or start-ups, either. I’ve talked to plenty of well-established companies who can only describe their target market in broad generalities.This is a real problem because knowing exactly who you’re targeting with your marketing is the key to successfully reaching, connecting with and convincing them to buy what you’re selling. So, while it’s tempting to jump right into building your marketing campaigns and putting together creative, it always pays to stop and think about your target market first.In this article, we’re going to take a look at how to identify your target market and use what you know about that market to create target marketing campaigns that sell.Who am I targeting?Whether you’re a new business or a decades-old company putting to…

Is SEO table stakes? (Hint: No!)

Back in late 2006, the topic of the day was “Is SEO rocket science?” It wasn’t of course, unless you were referring to boosting your organic traffic to a rocket-like trajectory or trying to impress someone by spouting off the mathematical equation for PageRank.As a nascent industry, it did seem to some at the time that search engine optimization (SEO) was a dark art, or at the very least, something the layperson could not easily comprehend.Flash forward 12 years, and the prevailing feeling among many SEO’s has changed radically. Now, I’m hearing not only do they feel SEO is not rocket science, but it’s gone to the other extreme and has become table stakes, a basic practice everyone connected to digital marketing should know.In some companies, SEO has become so generalized, top management feel there’s no longer any need for special expertise and are eliminating dedicated SEO teams as they cut editorial and content staff.I have seen some of this dismissive attitude first hand.  In 2015 …

The ultimate guide to using Bing Webmaster Tools – Part 6

In the first five parts of the Bing Webmaster Tools series, I covered both the publicly facing tools as well as the tools that require login to and a Webmaster Tools account to access. With all of these tools available at your fingertips have you ever wondered how often you should be logging in to manage your website or to access data?When I took over managing search engine optimization (SEO) for the Windows team, I know that I did. I would log in almost every day to see what was happening and almost drove myself crazy!  But now?  I don’t log in to webmaster tools every day, instead I login in several times a month.  It’s not that I care less, I actually care more but I have configured my Webmaster Tools in a way I can zero in on what I need quickly.I could write a novel about how I use Bing Webmaster Tools since the program has so many great features but here is a snapshot on how I’ve been using Webmaster Tools on a regular basis to manage my sites.SEO is like chess, it’s a long game…

Why PPC and SEO need to work together

Search spend now accounts for almost a third of advertising spend in the UK, and has grown consistently since 2001. Balancing the marketing mix is a huge challenge facing any CMO or marketer, and it’s no different in the world of search. It can be difficult for brands to find the right blend of PPC and SEO, ensuring that marketers are getting the most out of both. It’s one of the more nuanced choices marketers have to make.Too much of one or too little of the other and marketers could be in the position of unnecessarily wasting valuable budget or, on the flip side, marketers could be in the position where they are not delivering the results search could be yielding for their brand.Forward3D’s application and understanding of data has helped to advise clients on their best strategy for success. By having using an integrated approach to strategy, appropriate recommendations can be made to allow marketers to balance activity. For one major airline client, aggregated performance data enab…

Radius launches customer data platform for B2B

Radius’ depiction of multiple data sources for its new customer data platform, Unify. Radius, which has been a provider of predictive lead scoring, said on Thursday it is entering the growing space of customer data platforms (CDPs) with the launch of its Unify platform.The San Francisco-based firm said this is the first CDP intended for enterprises that is entirely focused on B2B.One question is how the new Unify profiles and data management differ from the ones Radius has previously maintained to provide recommended leads.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]The post Radius launches customer data platform for B2B appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Branch buys TUNE’s attribution platform

Branch has been best known for its deep-linking solutions, and TUNE for its mobile attribution of app installs, as well as for mobile performance marketing.This week, Branch announced it is acquiring TUNE’s Attribution Analytics platform and team. With Branch getting its attribution platform, TUNE will focus on HasOffers, its performance marketing solution.Branch released a mobile attribution offering in February called Universal Ads, which now will be boosted by TUNE’s. While TUNE had been focused on attributing credit to ads that led to app installs, Branch will also include attribution for other kinds of effects from ads in mobile web and apps.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]The post Branch buys TUNE’s attribution platform appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Marketing Day: iOS 12 release, Unacast unveils new industry pledge, MarTech Conference in Boston & more!

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Discover the ‘new’ new rules of marketing
Sep 13, 2018 by Scott Brinker
The pace of marketing innovation is accelerating. Some organizations keep up. Others… well, they’re a work in progress. Attend MarTech® October 1-3 in Boston for uncommon wisdom that ensures you overcome the contradictions of modern marketing.Exclusive: Survey shows social media poised to capture holiday ad spend
Sep 13, 2018 by Brian Handly
Wondering if you should advertise on Facebook and Instagram this holiday season? Survey says – yes! Here’s a sneak peek at how 260 business owners plan to attract shoppers this holiday season.How keyword match types work after the new close match variants change
Sep 13, 2018 by Frederick Vallaeys
Here’s a free Google Ads script that delivers a detailed report on the impact of Google’s inclusion of “same meaning” queries in exact match c…

Snapchat gives more than 20 Discover partners ability to crowdsource Our Stories content

During the coming weeks, more than 20 of Snapchat’s Discover partners will be able to build their own Our Stories content from publicly submitted video and photo Snaps and use them on their Discover channels as well as embed them on their own websites and social channels.Discover partners will be able to include added editorial to their Our Stories — such as text or graphics to give more context to an image or video.Snapchat is also monetizing the newly created Our Stories content, placing ads within the collection of Snaps and sharing revenue generated from the ads with the respective Discover partners. Ads placed in the Our Stories are bought via the platform’s Ads Manager, with advertisers able to select run-of-app placement or premium content — but not by Discover channel. Any Our Stories content embedded outside of Snapchat will not include ads.Here’s the full list of selected Discover partners that will be able to crowdsource Our Stories content:BrutCNNCosmopolitanDaily MailDaqu…

Discover the ‘new’ new rules of marketing

The pace of marketing innovation is accelerating. Some organizations keep up. Others… well, they’re a work in progress.Attend MarTech® October 1-3 in Boston for uncommon wisdom that ensures you overcome the contradictions of modern marketing. Here’s one of the themes we’ll explore in detail…The ‘new’ new rules of marketingIn a recent chiefmartec post, I pondered aspects of marketing that are seemingly in opposition. Centralization and decentralization work both for and against the imperatives to automate marketing while humanizing it. The rules that emerged are complementary and oppositional:Centralize everything you can.Automate everything you can.Decentralize everything you can.Humanize everything you can.Embrace continuous change.Come to MarTech for sessions that speak directly to these ‘new’ new rules of marketing…We’ll discuss centralization versus decentralization in these sessions:How IT and Marketing Can Use Microservices to Peacefully Coexist and Serve the Needs of CustomersU…

Exclusive: Survey shows social media poised to capture holiday ad spend

With consumer confidence at an all-time high, we should all expect increased ad spend with new and emerging technologies, like location data tools and social media analytical platforms, to directly reach the 2018 holiday shopper.So how will marketers develop their approach? To understand how and when they plan to reach holiday shoppers, we surveyed over 260 owners and managers of small-to-medium businesses in the United States in September.  While the survey is not yet published, we are exclusively sharing some of our findings here before publishing it on our website.Our biggest takeaway: social media will be the clear winner in terms of capturing the bulk of holiday ad spend. The majority of respondents indicated most of their holiday advertising will go towards social media, namely Facebook and Instagram, with more than double the responses of “email marketing” and “TV.”Facebook and Instagram win!This wasn’t a surprise to us due to the increasing simplicity of building campaigns and…