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Multi-User Access & 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Comes To Kinsta Hosting

I like to talk about the products I use.ShoutMeLoud is currently hosted on Kinsta hosting which is one of the high-end WordPress managed hosting. I have, in the past, shared my experience and review of Kinsta hosting.As of now, I pay $400/month which is by any means a lot of money for hosting a WordPress blog. However, for any blog which makes a decent income, expense on web hosting infrastructure is more of an investment.  Before I started hosting ShoutMeLoud on Kinsta, I used to change hosting every 18 months, on an average. This is something common with every growing blog. Even when I moved to Kinsta, I didn’t have such high expectations but eventually, it turned out to be an excellent choice.Today, I’m sharing two new feature addition to Kinsta hosting. One of them is for existing Kinsta users like me, while the other is for those sitting on the sideline and deciding on trying out Kinsta hosting for their WordPress website.Multi-user accessAs the level of blogging has changed in r…

Twitter: A bug may have sent some direct messages to business account developers

On Friday, Twitter began alerting some users that their direct messages or protected tweets may have been sent to Twitter developers who were not authorized to receive them due to a bug identified nearly two weeks ago. The company says it identified the bug on Monday, September 10.What happened? In a developer notice posted Friday, Twitter said it found a bug in its Account Activity API, which allows registered developers to build tools to support business communications with customers. The company says the bug only affected user communications with business accounts.In a message to users, the company said one or more of their direct messages or protected tweets to Twitter developers due to the bug, which had persisted since May 2017.Mashable reporter Karissa Bell tweeted the notice she received from Twitter Friday afternoon. Twitter sid fixed the issue immediately and continues to investigate the issue, but does not believe the information was mishandled“Our investigation into this i…

Here’s why The New York Times broke down its martech and engineering silos

Viewing the agenda for our upcoming MarTech®Conference in Boston this October, a theme emerges: collaboration and integration. As martech’s expansion reaches critical mass, we’re seeing an age of acquisitions and mergers, consolidations and partnerships. Integration between previously siloed groups of marketers and tech fits right into this theme.The New York Times’ Pamela Della Motta, director of product for marketing technology, and Kristian Kristensen, vice president for engineering, explained that they saw terrific gains from merging their teams. The two will lead a conference session on how they did it.Both agree it had to be done. Della Motta said, “the main pain in not be integrated is nothing gets done.”“If a launch is not done in a holistic way, it fails,” Della Motta said. “And so that’s why we had to take a step back and, and recognize that we need to work together.”“I think we all had to do a huge paradigm shift. We all first needed to recognize that no one team can work b…

Amazon launches a dozen new devices to put ‘Alexa everywhere’

At a hardware event yesterday, Amazon introduced a number of updated or new Echo devices and a range of appliances with Alexa integrated. There are three categories of devices now: Echo devices, Echo companion devices and new Alexa-powered smart appliances. The latter include wall clocks, smart plugs, security cameras, an in-car audio device and more. It’s all part of Amazon’s bid to own the smart home.The battle for share between Google and Amazon. Pick your metaphor: arms race, shelf space, cage match. Right now, it’s a battle between Google and Amazon to become the smart home controller and to sell a family of associated smart home appliances and products. And this holiday season will see aggressive competition between the two companies as almost everyone else (i.e., Samsung, Microsoft, Apple) remains on the sidelines.Among the devices introduced yesterday were the following:New Echo Dot: $49.99.New Echo Show: $229.99. It has a 10-inch display and is intended to respond to Google’s…

With Marketo mega-deal, Adobe’s reach just got a whole lot wider

Adobe’s image for its Sensei AI layer. With the announcement Thursday that Adobe is buying Marketo, the world of major marketing platforms looks different.“This deal,” wrote IDC research director Gerry Murray and program vice president Melissa Webster in a blog post today, “solidifies Adobe’s position as the market leader in marketing campaign management.”“The conversation is over,” they said.While there might appear to be “functional overlaps” between Marketo and Adobe Campaign, they pointed out, Marketo is focused on B2B and Adobe on B2C, providing the kind of dual-engines that Oracle has with its B2B Eloqua and its B2C Responsys or Salesforce with B2B Pardot and B2C ExactTarget/Marketing Cloud.“This acquisition,” Marketo CEO Steve Lucas said in an email to customers, “brings together the richness of Adobe Experience Cloud analytics, content, personalization, advertising, and commerce capabilities with Marketo’s lead management and account-based marketing technology.” He added that t…

Marketing Day: Instagram tests new features, Facebook app reviews & sales tax laws

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Instagram rumored to be testing a hashtag selector tool, geo-fenced posts
Sep 21, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues
The company would not comment on possible features being tested but did confirm it was not building a native sharing feature.Facebook to begin proactively reviewing apps that have not been submitted for inspection
Sep 21, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues
Developers will be notified via an alert within the app dashboard when their app is queued for review.How marketers cope in an increasingly-skippable advertising environment
Sep 21, 2018 by Mark Williams
Are skippable ads the inevitable future or the beginning of the end? Here’s how advertisers fight to remain relevant in a world where audiences have all the control.Marketers prepare for changes in states’ sales tax nexus laws
Sep 21, 2018 by Robin Kurzer
States can now pass legislation that requires on…

Instagram rumored to be testing a hashtag selector tool, geo-fenced posts

Instagram is rumored to be testing a number of new features including a hashtag selector tool, the ability to geo-fence posts and a video-tagging feature, according to a TechCrunch report.Why marketers should careInstagram is continuing to build out its platform to attract more advertisers and marketers. Now with more than one billion monthly active users, the Facebook-owned app is rumored to be testing features that could help businesses in a number of ways.Hashtag Selector Tool. Found in the Instagram Android apps’s code by a mobile researcher, TechCrunch says the hashtag selector tool would allow users to add hashtags to a post that would not be listed in the caption. The benefit is a shortened list of visible hashtags, limiting the amount of distractions within a post’s caption. It would also make it possible for Instagram to surface more content via hashtags.The hashtag selector tool could give marketers a broader reach with organic posts, offering brands the opportunity to selec…