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Choosing an enterprise call analytics platform

The smartphone continues to drive inbound call volume to businesses, as mobile becomes a key touchpoint along the omnichannel customer journey. BIA/Kelsey predicts the number of mobile calls to businesses will reach 125 billion in 2018, and jump to 170 billion by 2020.Call analytics play a vital role in establishing the relationship between online and offline marketing channels, leading to more efficient marketing resource allocation and improved sales staff effectiveness.MarTech Today’s “Enterprise Call Analytics Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide” examines the market for call analytics platforms and the considerations involved in implementation. The 40-page report reviews the growing market for call analytics platforms, plus the latest trends, opportunities and challenges.In this report you will learn:What trends are driving the adoption of call analytics platforms.Who the leading players are in enterprise call analytics platforms.What you should look for in a call analytics solution.Als…

How to Save Money Buying or Renewing Domain Names [With Video]

Money saved is money earned.This is one quote that I believe to the core. If you are able to save even one dollar on anything, you have not only saved money, but you have also earned an extra dollar today.I previously published a guide on how to save money on hosting renewals, and today I will be sharing a similar guide for domain purchases or domain renewals.The domain business is growing, and buying a domain is no longer a very costly enterprise. One can buy domain names from as low as $3 to $15, for popular extensions like .com, .org, .in, and so on.Usually when you buy a domain name from a popular domain registrar, you can get a coupon code to buy it for an even lower price, but the price goes higher when you get to the point when you must renew your domains.Some domain registrars like GoDaddy offer some small discount on domain renewals, but they offer only minor savings.In this guide, I will be giving you a few tips that will help you to buy domains for a low price, and tips f…

Dragonfly: What we know about Google’s possible plans to re-enter China’s search market

Last month I wrote about China’s search market, how it is dominated by Baidu, and how that dominance is threatened by mobile-only disruptors such as Shenma.While Shenma continues to build on its growth since being launched back in 2014, there have been news reports in the past few months suggesting Google may also be set to re-enter the market after having its search property (and others) blocked by the Chinese state back in 2010.I want to use this post today to try and separate out the facts from the speculation in regards to these recent reports. What can be corroborated? What is rumor? And what can we reasonably expect from Google in China over the short and long term?‘Project Dragonfly’ officially existsThe most recent official statement from Google on this came on 26th September at a Senate hearing attended by the search engine’s chief privacy officer Keith Enright and detailed at South China Morning Post.“There is a Project Dragonfly,” Enright said, but added that he was “not cl…