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Nielsen Catalina now targets ads using purchase data on Connected TV and OTT

From the NCS web site A joint effort between audience measurement firm Nielsen and loyalty card/coupon data firm Catalina, Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS), is now providing purchase-based ad targeting for connected TV and Over-the-Top (OTT) TV.Previously, NCS’ Advanced TV Suite used purchase data to develop targeted audience segments of anonymized households for linear TV and addressable TV, but only conducted measurement on connected TV and OTT, SVP Tom Eaton said in an interview. He added that, to his knowledge, this is the first use of purchase data for ad targeting on CTV or OTT.How this is employed. A possible use case, for instance, is a brand that wants to advertise to households that regularly eat peanut butter.If the loyalty cards are employed for purchases including peanut butter, those purchases can be linked via the Nielsen Marketing Cloud with device graphs for those households, connected by street addresses or other identifiers that apply to both devices and loyalty card…

GDPR complaints stack up across the EU as regulators prepare to issue fines

It’s almost five months since Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect. Although the initial buzz around the sweeping legislation has died down, we’ve seen momentum in the United States toward stricter state data privacy laws such as California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) as well as possible federal legislation.More laws, mean more tools. OneTrust released OneTrust 4.0, an updated version of its main compliance platform. The new release includes upgraded modules and introduces Vendor Risk and Incident & Breach modules. The platform now provides intelligent visuals for data mapping, consent analytics, targeted data discovery and automated data subject requests, as well as a new customer portal. The updates include a Targeted Data Discovery tool, which provides a framework through which companies can integrate metadata into the platform and Global Readiness and Accountability functionality that integrates GDPR, CCPA and many other new privacy laws into a…

Will Facebook’s news aggregation feature increase engagement for local publishers?

Facebook announced Wednesday that it was testing a way to drive local engagement with relevant news and information in more than 100 U.S. cities.“Today In” aggregates articles from local publishers, as well as what it calls “less-formal” sources of information such as local page posts, events, current discussions, school announcements and interest groups. Users can opt into a digest that appears in their news feeds, or access the section through the app’s main menu.Facebook’s research showed that though plenty of local content existed on the site, users weren’t easily connecting with it. They were seeing local news more in their News Feeds due to ranking changes, but the company says “by building both a dedicated space in the app as well as presenting the option to get a collection of local updates in News Feed itself, the team helped solve the twin problems of discoverability and predictability — that is, how to help people find local news, as well as get it on a regular basis.” Today…

Some large search budgets are moving to Amazon, say agency executives

A CNBC survey of several advertising execs found some advertisers are shifting large percentages of their Google search budgets to Amazon.Two executives said some advertisers that sell on Amazon are moving 50 percent or more of their search budgets to Amazon.Why you should careOver the past few years, Amazon has been steadily building up a sizeable ad business. Last quarter Amazon reported roughly $2 billion in advertising sales, an increase of 129 percent year over year. That’s still dwarfed compared to Google’s nearly $23 billion in ad revenues last quarter. But looking across the digital advertising landscape, Amazon is about the ripest opportunity out there — particularly for consumer goods companies selling on the platform.Key to Amazon’s success as an ad vehicle is its direct correlation to sales. Google struck gold by connecting advertisers to search intent. Amazon can go a step further and connect advertisers directly to purchase intent and purchasing all right on its platform…

Google data breach + Berners-Lee’s Solid — is the power shifting?

I don’t usually go for drastic headlines, but it does seem like some tides have been turning of late.We’ve all followed the stories of data breaches, new regulations, fake news, hacks, ever-rising privacy concerns. Not to mention this week’s discovery that webmaster Google had a breach exposing private data from as many as 500,000 people. As a result of which, they’ll be shutting down Google+ for consumers.Facebook and Google faced scandals of no small sort within months of each other. GDPR passed, and subsequent regulations are hedging their way into the US market.But perhaps most interesting of all, on September 29 Tim Berners-Lee surfaced to announce the next “one small step” for the web. I may not speak for the masses, but when Berners-Lee pipes up about something I tend to lend my ear. Besides being best known as the person who invented the World Wide Web (how about adding that to your LinkedIn), he’s been quite on-point in following its evolution.Curious footnote: the WWW starte…

YouTube cracks down on duplicate content videos

YouTube quietly announced in its help forums that it has begun cracking down on YouTube channels that take already-produced videos and reuploading them to their channels. YouTube said it has seen a serious issue with some channels producing “duplicative content” and is thus removed these types of channels, allowing them to reapply in 30 days if they want to rejoin the video platform.YouTube said posting duplicate content on the platform is against the YouTube Partner Program polices.If you have seen your channel removed because of this, YouTube said it means that it is not just about copyright issues. YouTube explained:The spirit of this YPP policy is to make sure we’re only allowing channels into the program when the content adds value, and is original and relevant. If you upload content from multiple sources or repurpose existing content, you may still be eligible for YPP so long as you’re contributing to the value of that content in some way. For example, if you add significant ori…

An AR Halloween pre-show invades movie theaters

Now in movie theaters in the US and Canada: an augmented reality (AR) Halloween-inspired experience before the feature film.Called the Noovie ARcade Halloween Experience, it will be available through Halloween night by National Cinemedia, which describes itself as the largest cinema advertising network in North America.Invading 20,800 screens. The rollout covers 20,800 screens in the US and Canada — some running horror films, others non-Halloween PG-13 or R-rated fare — in over 1650 theaters managed by AMC, Cinemark, Regal Entertainment Group and dozens of local exhibitors.To participate in the Halloween experience, a moviegoer downloads and opens National Cinemedia’s free iOS or Android Noovie ARcade app and points her smartphone at the screen when prompted. A visual trigger on the screen shows a 35-second playthrough AR experience seen though the phone and superimposed over the theater screen: While this is National Cinemedia’s first Halloween-related AR experience, it’s not its firs…

Marketing Day: Facebook ad effectiveness tool, Yahoo Small Business comeback, Google Home Hub

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Yahoo Small Business is back with new investments from Verizon
Oct 10, 2018 by Greg Sterling
The wireless carrier is investing and its sales and stores infrastructure could boost YSB sales. Facebook unveils new ad effectiveness tool for Marketing Partners
Oct 10, 2018 by Robin Kurzer
Along with Creative Compass, Facebook announced partner program expansions for consultants, smaller agencies. Why Google’s Home Hub could outsell Echo Show, other smart displays
Oct 10, 2018 by Greg Sterling
The new device is priced right and offers more capabilities out of the box. Google appeals record $5 billion EU antitrust Android fine
Oct 9, 2018 by Greg Sterling
Google said when the fine was imposed in July that it would appeal, will argue its practices benefit consumers. Recent Headlines From MarTech Today, Our Sister Site Dedicated To Marketing Technology:

Yahoo Small Business is back with Verizon investments

nevodka / Remember Yahoo Small Business? Before Facebook, before GoDaddy, before Google My Business, it was the top webhosting, e-commerce and marketing platform for small businesses. For years it was also neglected as a kind of cash cow without much new investment; it was also going to be spun out as Aabaco Small Business.New YSB investments being made. However, Verizon agreed to acquire most of Yahoo in 2016 and the deal closed last year. Yahoo Small Business was not actually sold off and is now part of Verizon. This gives new life to the division and potential new distribution and competitive advantages, not yet implemented or realized.Currently Yahoo Small Business offers:WebhostingDomainsE-commerceListings management (via Yext)EmailVerizon-Yahoo’s Dan Breeden said in an interview that the parent company is investing again in Yahoo Small Business. Among other things, he said they’re doubling the size of the team.I also asked him about the health of the brand. He sa…

Google and Salesforce integration: Bringing customers and brands closer together

The new Salesforce and Google Analytics 360 integration is enabling next-level understanding of the customer experience – from the earliest touchpoints right through to purchase – by combining Salesforce customer data with Google Analytics 360 online data.Knowing what happens before a prospect becomes a buyer, and after they have engaged with your brand, informs personalized interactions for a better end-to-end customer experience.In this webinar, you’ll hear from Salesforce and Cardinal Path, whose combined expertise is helping brands get ramped up to take full advantage of this game-changing integration. Register today for “Google & Salesforce Integration: Bringing customers and brands closer together” produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by Cardinal Path.The post Google and Salesforce integration: Bringing customers and brands closer together appeared first on Marketing Land.

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