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Pinterest updates Ads Manager, rolls out Product Pins features ahead of holiday shopping

Pinterest announced Wednesday the first big refresh for its self-serve Ads Manager tool since its launch in 2016. The company also added dynamic pricing and stock information to Product Pins and launched two new shopping recommendation sections.An updated Ads Manager. Pinterest advertisers will now see a step-by-step campaign set-up wizard within Ads Manager that lets them choose a business goal, select an audience, or select the Pins they want to promote in search results or the home feed. Ad placement options are also now available, allowing advertisers to select browse or search placements at the ad group level.Advertisers will also be to schedule ads and have access to a new “pause campaign” tool to review Pins before they go live, as well as create new pins without having to exit campaign setup. Pinterest has integrated its Audience Insights tool into the Ads Manager to help advertisers better determine target audiences.Pinterest has revamped its reporting dashboard as well, allo…

How will Google’s new Android app licensing rules in Europe impact Chrome and search?

On Tuesday, Google took action to comply with the European Commission’s (EC’s) antitrust decision requiring it to de-couple Google Play access for smartphone makers from the pre-installation of Google apps such as Chrome and search. Google is appealing the EC’s roughly $5 billion Android antitrust fine, imposed in July.Despite the appeal, Google was compelled to comply with the EC decision within 90 days or face additional fines, which could have amounted to $15 million per day under a penalty formula.The changes Google is making to the EU Android ecosystem. In a blog post yesterday Google explained the new framework it will implement for device makers in the roughly 30 country European Economic Area:Android partners wishing to distribute Google apps may also build non-compatible, or forked, smartphones and tablets . . .[D]evice manufacturers will be able to license the Google mobile application suite separately from the Google Search App or the Chrome browser . . . we will introduce …

Autopilot debuts real-time collaborative customer journey map

A screenshot of Autopilot’s new Annotate and Collaborate feature. Since customers’ choices are the key dynamic in modern marketing, the customer journey map has become the central strategic and management document.It depicts the marketing exposures and decisions for a given kind of customer and is used to plot alternatives, responses and followup pitches.To help teams work together on this essential flowchart, Sydney, Australia-based Autopilot on Tuesday updated its marketing automation platform for small-and-medium-sized businesses with what it calls a real-time collaboration feature for customer journey maps.‘Google Docs on steroids.’ The capability is called Annotate and Collaborate, and CEO Michael Sharkey characterized it as “Google Docs on steroids.”Instead of marketing team members laying out the customer journey on a whiteboard and someone then capturing the results into a single journey, team members can work remotely on the same journey map until it is locked.In real-time, mu…

Twilio to acquire SendGrid for $2 billion, expanding its developer-focused communication platform

Publicly-traded cloud communications platform Twilio said it will acquire Denver-based interactive email provider SendGrid in an all stock deal valued at roughly $2 billion.The acquisition adds email to the other communications channels that Twilio’s API already supports, such as voice, SMS, chat and messaging apps.SendGrid has “taken the same developer-first approach as we have — building a great API, reducing friction to getting started, focusing on trust and quality and showing developers what’s possible with the power of code,” Twilio CEO Jeff Larson said. SendGrid went public in November 2017.Twilio is making a huge investment in SendGrid, paying more than its market value as of Monday of $1.43 billion. Since the announcement, Twilio’s stock has dropped 2.68 points; SendGrid was down 1.73 at press time.Why you should careCustomers are increasingly demanding a single point of access, or a unified platform, for their marketing tools. Larson says that this move will provide Twilio c…

Marketing Day: Facebook TV, YouTube ad metrics, native ad tests

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:The Open Marketing Cloud: A no-BS demo of Mautic’s marketing automation platform
Oct 16, 2018 by Digital Marketing Depot
Are you unhappy with your experience or results using one of the legacy marketing automation products? Does your marketing tool or process limit your ability to take action on all of your valuable customer data?Facebook: Coming to a TV near you?
Oct 16, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues
The company is rumored to be working on a device under the name Project Ripley to launch next spring.Video Advertising Bureau: Brands should avoid influencer, UGC channels on YouTube
Oct 16, 2018 by Greg Sterling
Trade group argues advertising against professionally produced content is the only way to avoid brand safety risks.Sales and marketing: Decision makers say you’re sending mixed messages
Oct 16, 2018 by Robin Kurzer
A LinkedIn study says that the …

The Open Marketing Cloud: A no-BS demo of Mautic’s marketing automation platform

Are you unhappy with your experience or results using one of the legacy marketing automation products? Does your marketing tool or process limit your ability to take action on all of your valuable customer data? Are you struggling to integrate all the different marketing tools you’ve licensed along with the proprietary systems your company has built?If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any – or all – of these questions, join us to learn more about The Open Marketing Cloud, Mautic’s fully-featured marketing automation platform. Skip the introductory sales calls and join this live demo delivered by Mautic’s VP of Marketing, Katie Staveley.Who is this webinar for?​​​​​MarTech buyers and users actively evaluating marketing automation solutions.Anyone who is unhappy with their current marketing automation platform.Anyone who is using an email point solution wondering where they go from here.Or maybe “Open Marketing” has piqued your curiosity and now you’re interested to see if there are actual adva…

Facebook: Coming to a TV near you?

Facebook is rumored to be working on a connected TV device under the project name Ripley, reports The hardware, which includes a camera, is reported to work similar to Roku or Amazon’s Fire Stick, and could potentially stream video content sourced from Facebook Watch.According to the report, device will include a camera and connect to a user’s television, turning the TV into a monitor for video calls as content streaming, including content sourced from Facebook’s video hub, Watch.Why marketers should careAs Facebook gears up to launch the device — reportedly coming in Spring 2019 — marketers could soon have living room distribution for their Facebook video ad campaigns.By entering the connected TV device market, Facebook is going up against a well-established line up of competitors — Apple, Google, Roku and Amazon to name a few. But, with its current ad-targeting capabilities, Facebook could prove to be a major player in the space if its able to secure the right programmi…