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Showing posts from October 22, 2018

New research: The Era of Ecommerce

Ecommerce marketers at US brands are struggling to keep pace with where and how consumers browse and purchase online, according to new research published today.An ecommerce-focused study by Search Engine Watch and ClickZ, produced in partnership with Catalyst, part of GroupM, has found that 85% of browsing and purchasing activity occurs with non-Amazon retailers, but only 25% of US brands say they have a strategy for ecommerce retailers beyond Amazon.The Era of Ecommerce: Capitalizing on the New Customer Journey has also found that there is a 29 percentage point gap between the proportion of consumers who have visited a retailer to research and the proportion of brands who market on that retailer’s website (53% vs 24%).Details about the researchThe report is based on a survey of more than 750 North America-based consumers and more than 600 business to consumer (B2C) client-side marketers across the following nine sectors: appliances, baby care, beauty and personal care, clothing and a…

SEO agencies – Important questions to ask before choosing one

Have you ever had a negative experience using a search engine optimization agency? If so, you are by no means alone. It seems like just about every business owner has heard SEO horror stories or has one themselves.This article is not an exposé of bad agencies, nor is it to “name and shame” any particular SEO company. The goal of this article is to educate business owners to choose an SEO agency that will likely provide a positive experience.What is their real reputation?This may sound pretty straightforward – but it isn’t. Learning what an agency’s real reputation is requires more than just seeing how many positive customer reviews they have. Reviews, or testimonials, contained on an agency’s site are likely cherry-picked. Reviews contained on Google Maps and other third-party review sites can also be unreliable.How so? There are rumors of SEO agencies threatening customers with legal action if negative reviews are not removed. Others may use more sinister threats such as negative SEO…