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Is there a place for CRMs in a CDP world?

In the early 1990s, database-focused marketing transformed into what we now know as customer relationship management (CRM).Over the years, the ways in which salespeople deal with customers and potential customers have changed, and the CRM has incorporated many of those changes. The rise of social media and the importance of mobile, for instance, has meant that those channels have been integrated into modern CRMs.But where does this central tool of sales go from here?Centered around email. It could be that some CRMs evolve into extensions of central communication channels, instead of incorporating those channels into the standard CRM.Email, for example. Switzerland-based Gmelius, for instance, reimagines CRM with email as its center, given that email remains the central communication tool for salespeople.In Gmelius, emails that require action become task cards. Collaboration between teams can be managed from inboxes and with Google Calendar, notes and due dates can be attached to the t…

Marketing Day: Amazon ad tools, SMBs shifting ad budgets, Twitter beats expectations

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Amazon advertisers are in the market for campaign automation tools
Oct 26, 2018 by Barry Levine
Two-thirds of Amazon advertisers are using ad campaign automation tools, or expect to do so within the next twelve months.Small businesses more likely to shift ad budgets from search, display, paid social to Amazon
Oct 26, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues
Third Door Media’s “Making Room for Amazon” report highlights marketers’ plans for Amazon ad budgets, staff and technology.Kochava launches its Traffic Index to spotlight top 20 mobile ad networks
Oct 25, 2018 by Barry Levine
The attribution and analytics firm says it is trying to encourage transparency and accuracy for the advertising universe outside Google and Facebook.Twitter beats expectations, reports profit for fourth quarter in a row despite losing MAU
Oct 25, 2018 by Robin Kurzer
The company reported …

Paid Search Tactics That Drive Quality Inbound Calls

Click-to-call ads and direct dial from voice assistants are making it easier than ever for consumers to turn their digital research into phone conversations. In fact, 70% of consumers now call directly from mobile search, and BIA/Kelsey expects mobile calls to businesses to increase year over year to $162 billion.Isn’t it time to re-imagine your paid search campaigns to leverage these changing consumer habits and emerging digital technologies?Join our paid search and call analytics experts as they provide nearly a dozen new paid search tactics that will drive more qualified calls to your business. You’ll hear best practices to breathe new life into your search campaigns.Register today for “Paid Search Tactics That Drive Quality Inbound Calls” produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by Invoca.The post Paid Search Tactics That Drive Quality Inbound Calls appeared first on Marketing Land.

via Marketing Land

10 fun facts (and a typo) from the original Google paper by Larry and Sergey

Yesterday while I was having a blast reading “The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine,” I happened across some fun facts.We got into some of the more technical goods from the paper yesterday, but figured these would also be an worthwhile — or at least more enjoyable — read. Friday and all.1. “Wow, you looked at a lot of pages from my web site. How did you like it?” – people encountering a crawler for the first timeThey note that they received almost daily emails from people either concerned about copyright issues or asking if they liked the site after looking at it. For many people with web pages, this was one of the first crawlers they had seen.“It turns out that running a crawler which connects to more than half a million servers, and generates tens of millions of log entries generates a fair amount of email and phone calls. Because of the vast number of people coming on line, there are always those who do not know what a crawler is, because this is the first one…