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Instapage lures Nike and Bonobos, launches custom brand ‘shops’ on the marketplace

Heading into the holiday shopping season, has launched dedicated brand “stores” for Nike and Bonobos on its site.Why you should careThis fall, Walmart-owned launched a website update aimed at catering to the urban shoppers it says make up the bulk of its customer base. As part of this effort, the company also announced it would build branded shops on the sites for brands, including Nike. Thursday’s launch of Nike and Bonobos brand homes on the marketplace beef up its fashion offerings and appeal to its target audience with curated experiences.Jet is also playing up the trust angle.“Customers value trust more than ever and it’s important for retailers to have a clear point of view on what they stand for and who they choose to partner with. As we continue implementing our new strategy focused on the city consumer, we’re delighted to welcome Nike and Bonobos to,” said Jet President Simon Belsham in a statement.The Nike shop includes apparel, footwear and accessori…

National Cinemedia offers first in-theater AR game for a movie

Screenshot of the AR game on a smartphone. Last month, cinema ad network National Cinemedia launched a Halloween-themed short augmented reality (AR) game for moviegoers, part of a series of theater-based AR experiences it began about six months ago.On Friday, the company is releasing what it says is the first movie theater AR game for a new movie release.Sequel to ‘Wreck-It Ralph.’ The game ties in with “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” a Disney sequel to its 2012 “Wreck-It Ralph” release that rolls out to US theaters on November 21.Moviegoers watch the pre-show presentations from Cinemedia, which includes short films and commercials that are followed by an on-screen invitation to participate in an AR game experience.Then, a static screen shows Wreck-It Ralph, a character in the movie, standing at a counter in the Pancake Milkshake Café.Moviegoers, who have downloaded National Cinemedia’s free Noovie Arcade app (iOS and Android), open the app and point their smartphone at the image on the m…

The 5-step approach to driving retail growth

Most retail marketers are familiar with the concept of theretail apocalypse. Legacy retailers are increasingly losing ground to the one-click convenience, price transparency, and the endless assortment offered by Amazon and similar disruptors.But it’s not all doom and gloom. Brick-and-mortar retailers like Sephora, Zara, and Nike are bucking the trend. So are e-commerce superstars like Bonobos, Warby Parker, and Everlane. These brands obsessively prioritize customer insights, and have invested in the technology to deliver a seamless customer experience across channels.As the hottest season of the year for retail approaches, new researchfrom customer analytics firm Custora (disclosure: my employer) has uncovered some surprising insights about what’s driving retail growth. The research looked at more than 40 of our retail clients to understand which metrics are most correlated with positive year-over-year revenue growth.Customer acquisition vs average order frequencyThe findings? For ob…

It takes a village: Story creation in the digital age

Most often when we think of stories we imagine singular self-contained narratives. The latest John Grisham novel or the romantic comedy at the box office can be consumed in one go or many but exists—and can be understood—independently of any other works.Many stories are far more diffuse, spanning multiple channels of distribution and even crossing into different genres. Coca Cola’s brand story, for example, or the Marvel universe, is more like a narrative world than a linear story, even though it may add up to a few big ideas.Untangling story worldsThe billboard you pass on your commute home tells one part of a grand narrative. A different piece of this same story is told in the ad that streams on YouTube, the product packaging you see at the store, and conversations about the brand on social media.We are rarely exposed to every facet of these story worlds—someone may enjoy the Avengers movies without ever reading the comic books or discussing fan theories—so we each develop a slightl…

Marketing Day: Programmatic display ads, Instagram tests new ad format, Facebook analytics

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Why you should embrace a full-funnel strategy for programmatic display
Nov 2, 2018 by Grace Kaye
Conventional wisdom may say that the classic marketing funnel is outdated, but the funnel is still your friend. Here’s why.Instagram reportedly testing new promoted Stories ad option for business accounts
Nov 2, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues
It could open up Stories ads to smaller businesses with limited resources.Instagram’s now lets users add IGTV video ‘previews’ to Stories
Nov 2, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues
The new feature is an effort to drive more traffic to IGTV videos.Facebook begins rolling out analytics for Instagram accounts & expanded Page analytics
Nov 2, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues
Both are currently in beta, with rollouts happening over the next several months.Become a better search marketer in 2019 – the SMX West agenda is live
Nov 2, 2018 by Chris …

Why a well-crafted SEO strategy is imperative for the holidays

Whether your business is in the B2B space or consumer goods, the holiday season presents ­­some unique SEO opportunities to capitalize on, and important pitfalls to avoid.Ecommerce, brick and mortar retail stores, and even B2B businesses can experience unique opportunities by being visible in search at a time when people are actively shopping, researching, and getting caught up on work.  The holidays are a time when there is a huge uptick in SEO activity, including purchasing through ecommerce and in-person at retail stores.SEO strategy and content planning as we approach 2019Much has changed in the SEO space over the past years, but the message from search engines like Google has not changed all that much. The name of the game is still to create better content and a better experience on your website for users, based on specific user search intent.When forming your SEO strategy for the holidays you need to identify the problems your customers will be looking to solve, and how you can …

Why you should embrace a full-funnel strategy for programmatic display

Lately, I’ve seen more and more claims that the marketing funnel is dead — including from Google itself. Of course, the consumer journey has drastically changed over time as user behavior has adapted to the internet. And nobody is going to deny that the exact journey to conversion varies from one person to another. But does that really mean that the funnel should be done away with? I don’t think so.The beauty of the marketing funnel is that it can be modified to include new kinds of technology metrics and cater to different kinds of business models.Anyone can make it their own, while still sticking to the framework of awareness > interest > desire > action. Sure, it’s linear where modern marketing has become a lot more circular, but it represents the stages of customer acquisition that are based on human behavior — behavior that hasn’t changed, for the obvious reason that people still need to be aware of a product or service in order to then build the desire to purchase it.Fo…

Instagram reportedly testing new promoted Stories ad option for business accounts

Instagram is testing a “Promote” for Stories ad format that will work similar to Facebook’s Boost option, allowing business accounts to pay for their Stories to be promoted in user feeds. The ad option is being tested globally, but no specific date has been given for an official launch, according to a TechCrunch report.Why you should careInstagram Stories get a lot of play on the app. According to the company, 400 million users view Stories daily. The company also reports that 80 percent of its users follow a brand or business account on the app. It makes sense for Instagram to offer businesses that may not have significant ad budgets or management resources the option to promote organic content to a broader audience at a limited cost.No specifics were given for costs to promote an Instagram story, but a Facebook Page admin can boost a post for as little as $5 — making it an affordable option for most SMBs. Business accounts will be able to target the promoted Stories (that include a …