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Google and Facebook back Berners-Lee’s Case #ForTheWeb

On Monday, November 5, Tim Berners-Lee unveiled a document called “The Case for the Web” which outlines principles to protect and enhance the web’s future, as well as craft a collective contract for May 2019.He revealed these plans for a contract at the Web Summit in Lisbon, together with his organization, the Web Foundation.Signers to join the contract thus far include Facebook, Google, the French Government, Sir Richard Branson, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and more than fifty other organizations and key individuals. Amazon has reportedly not yet joined.The contract is expected to be finalized in May 2019, the year when the web celebrates its 30th birthday, and when half of the world’s population is expected to be online.When asked which particular groups he’s targeting to join, Berners-Lee pronounced, “Everybody, everybody.” The hope is that any and all companies, individuals, and governments will participate in crafting this contract. You can show your support here, and al…

CDPs are only scratching the surface of their potential

A few years ago, nobody had heard of customer data platforms (CDPs). Now we are in peak hype cycle and it seems lots of vendors want to ride the wave.The perfect storm of device fragmentation, the explosion of marketing tech tools, plus the shift to identity, and the rise of the API economy are a few of the factors that have led us to where we are today. A single customer view to drive cross-channel personalization is something almost every brand is currently chasing. As Forrester analyst Joe Stanhope writes in a new report (Forrester subscription required), “Brands need a modern data fabric to support high stakes customer engagement.”The problem that brands are facing today, according to Stanhope, is that the CDP category is now a mile wide, and many vendors, only an inch deep. Rather than solving core data challenges, the majority of companies currently billing themselves as “customer data platforms” are, instead, focused on the application of data, rather than the enablement of oth…

The Media Trust works with UK publishers and vendors to classify cookies

Marketers relish tracking data from publishers’ sites, which come from dozens of cookies dropped by the sites’ vendors, as well as from vendors’ partners. But few publishers have a good understanding of the many ways visitors are tracked or how page loading times are impacted by these services.To help get a handle on this situation, the UK-based Association for Online Publishing (AOP) announced this week a new cookie classification system with US-based digital risk management firm The Media Trust.How it works. The Media Trust will scan and catalog the names of cookies deposited into a browser of a typical visitor to a participating publisher site, and match those names against its ongoing database of domains and cookie functions.While a cookie’s content can only be read by the domain that issued it, Media Trust European GM Matt O’Neill pointed out, the name can be read by anyone. The unique ID for each user is in the cookie content, he said, while the name for the same cookie function…

Oracle Data Cloud combines Grapeshot and Moat acquisitions for a pre-bid ad filter

In April, Oracle bought Grapeshot, which scans web pages for ad-oriented brand safety. In April of last year, it bought ad verification and measurement service Moat.On Tuesday, Oracle Data Cloud announced Pre-Bid by Moat, which assesses inventory for viewability and invalid traffic before an ad is programmatically bid. The new solution will be made available as part of the existing Grapeshot pre-bid brand safety filtering, through an integration with such demand-side platforms (DSPs) as Adobe Advertising Cloud, Amobee, dataxu, MediaMath and The Trade Desk.Pre-bid on programmatic platforms. Since their acquisitions, both Grapeshot and Moat capabilities have been available through the Data Cloud. But, Head of Product Mark Kopera said, this is the first time Moat’s scanning for invalid traffic and viewability is available before the bid is made on programmatic platforms. Previously, this service was available at the time of page loading for non-programmatic environments, when it could pr…

Marketing Day: LinkedIn Campaign Manager, Google Ads tips, U.S. data privacy laws

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Stop monthly newsletters: Learn how to make the most of your email list
Nov 6, 2018 by Jessica Foster Nurture your email subscribers with a sequencing strategy, taking care to identify where customers are on the buyer’s journey, and providing great content.Limited time: Lock in exclusive savings to SMX West
Nov 6, 2018 by Marketing Land
Serious marketers are making it a priority to attend THE premiere search marketing conference in 2019: Search Engine Land’s SMX® West, January 30-31 in San Jose. Register by November 17 to lock in Super Early Bird rates, our lowest rates available. Hurry, this offer expires soon!LinkedIn reorients Campaign Manager with objective-based campaign workflow
Nov 6, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues
This latest Campaign Manager update follows the recently overhauled reporting interface LinkedIn launched in July.Why the SaaS model …

Limited time: Lock in exclusive savings to SMX West

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