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Step up your email personalization game

Many brands struggle to move beyond basic personalization tactics such as the use of the recipient’s first name. In fact, only 37 percent of consumers say that the personalization they receive from marketers is adequate, according to a new Yes Lifecycle Marketing study. (my employer) [registration required]On top of that, consumers see more and more emails in their inboxes every day. About 269 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2017, and experts predict that figure will grow to almost 320 billion daily emails by 2021.If the survey numbers weren’t enough, the sheer volume of emails in consumer inboxes should motivate you to step up your email personalization game. Your competitors are already out there making it happen. Now is the time to stop procrastinating on personalization and figure out how you can keep your customers excited to see (or better yet, look for) your email among a sea of needy brands.5 personalization strategies to try todayBefore we dive into personal…

What startups need to know about SEO and domain names

SEO is a huge part of a business’s overall online reputation, and every startup needs to go through it as well.If you are a startup, you cannot simply ignore the crucial factors of your business i.e. the domain name of your website and its SEO strategy.  So, what does your startup need to know about SEO and domain names? Let’s find out.Choose the right domain name that reflects your brandTo begin with, always appropriately name your startup business. It is important to consider the foundation of your startup and what it stands for, bearing in mind that this name will be your startup’s first and sometimes only impression, especially when it comes to funding.Once you have arrived at a business name for your startup, your next big challenge would be to decide on the domain name. A domain name carries a lot of value in terms of your website’s digital marketing aspect as well as the first impression of your business. So, choosing the domain name can just be as challenging as choosing the n…

Report: As Facebook portal goes on sale, smart speaker growth is slowing

Perhaps the novelty is fading. Smart speaker growth had been on a tear, but Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) now reports that growth is leveling off.Now 53 million devices. The firm’s latest survey and analysis argues there were 53 million smart speakers in US homes at the end of September. That’s up from 50 million in June. Echo devices still dominate with 70 percent market share. Google Home has 25 percent and Apple’s HomePod is in 5 percent of smart speaker households.Pervious reports had indicated that Google Home was gaining ground on Amazon Echo.Just yesterday Facebook’s smart display, Portal, went on sale. And Samsung’s Galaxy Home smart speaker is coming soon. For different reasons both of these devices are likely to struggle. Meanwhile, Google’s just released Home Hub smart display and Google Home Mini are being discounted as holiday shopping begins in earnest. Amazon is also offering meaningful discounts on many of its Echo devices.Smart Speaker Accessory Owner…

Another survey shows brand trust affects purchase decisions

If marketers think brand trust is just a nice-to-have, a new SurveyMonkey survey shows it’s a must-have.“Businesses that fail to establish trust — the foundation of any relationship — will lose to businesses who can,” said SurveyMonkey CEO Zander Lurie in a statement accompanying the survey results. The survey conducted by his company found that brand trust affects the bottom line in a variety of ways.Established brands, spinoff brands and recommendations. Trust in a brand matters “a great deal” or “a lot” for 65 percent of the survey respondents, and “some” for another 27 percent.Not surprisingly, the survey found that consumers in the US, UK and Canada would rather make a big purchase from established brands than from untested startups.For 90 percent of respondents, this was an important consideration for financial services products, as well as for medical expenses (91 percent), consumer electronics (83 percent), and even for lower-priced items, like shoes (66 percent.)And trust can…

Foursquare can now measure impact of TV ads on offline store visits

Marketers spend in excess of $70 billion on traditional or “linear” TV advertising in the US annually. But what’s is the ROI of a TV commercial? Marketers have been trying to answer that question for years.Now they can. Mobile location data enables marketers to measure the offline impact of both digital and traditional media. In the latter category, radio, direct mail and TV can be tracked to the store and even to the point-of-sale (POS).Digital media can equally be tracked to the store and POS, with Google, Facebook and other platforms now increasingly making this data available to marketers.Partnership with Inscape. There are now several companies that do TV-to-store measurement, including Placed, PlaceIQ, Simplifi and NinthDecimal. Foursquare joins them through a partnership with Inscape, which is owned by TV maker Vizio.Foursquare, which has a consumer audience of 70 million, says that the expansion of Attribution by Foursquare enables it to measure “audience affinities, to visito…

Walking the CX talk

One of the high-priority initiatives I am seeing B2B companies adopt as we look into 2019 is transforming from being product-centric to customer-centric. From my vantage point, I see this type of transformation as one of the three BIG CMO challenges.  The other two are adopting financial accountability and leading wider digital transformation.In regards to customer-centricity, I am also observing a disturbing phenomenon – the chasm between “the talk” and “the walk.”  Nowhere is this more apparent than when I look at how the marketing operations function is or is not playing a key role in this specific transformation.Four places to look for signs it’s just talkWhile there are many places in a marketing operations organization to look for signs that customer-centricity is just talk, four stand out as immediate indicators:SystemsDataKPIsBudgetSystemsHow your martech stack is configured is a highly visible indicator of your company’s true intentions about becoming a customer-centric organ…

Snapchat integrates with Comscore to measure Discover channel traffic

Snapchat is partnering with Comscore to allow the firm to measure publisher reach for their Discover channels, the companies announced Monday. The integration means advertisers will have independent measurement data on Discover channels and be able to consider Discover traffic in publishers’ overall audience size in Comscore’s Media Matrix platform.Why marketers should careThis is the first time Snapchat Discover audiences will be measured by a third-party. Discover audience data had previously only been available from Snapchat itself.By including the Discover traffic in the Media Matrix, advertisers will have a more complete view of how a publisher’s total audience.“It used to be very easy to look at your ratings for TV or your circulation for print, and you’d have that one number to focus on. This integration helps advertisers get a better understanding of how many people their media partners reach,” Snapchat’s VP of content Nick Bell told the Wall Street Journal.Last month, Snapcha…

Marketing Day: Content marketing, holiday spending, CDPs as integrated data platforms

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Breaking through with meaningful content marketing in the age of storytelling
Nov 7, 2018 by Keith Richey
A conversation on the state of story-driven content with analyst and author Brian Solis.Step up your multichannel marketing game
Nov 7, 2018 by Digital Marketing Depot
Join our experts from Epsilon as we share four critical steps to improve multichannel marketing execution. From CRMs to CDPs, we’ll explain the differences between technologies, discuss the use cases for each and offer tips for optimization. We’ll provide a must-have checklist that will help you prioritize, centralize, measure and evolve your data.Survey: Expect more holiday spending, ‘blended retail’ shopping this year
Nov 7, 2018 by Greg Sterling
Consumers on average will spend roughly $700 on holiday gifts this year.CDPs are only scratching the surface of their potential

Breaking through with meaningful content marketing in the age of storytelling

Today, it seems that everyone is a storyteller — some 550,000 marketers list storytelling in their profile on LinkedIn. But connecting with people through the power of the story requires a lot more than changing your title.The challenge is shifting from content marketing to true storytelling: understanding an audience, inspiring them, compelling them and igniting their imagination.“As marketers, we’ve bought into the aspiration and the ideal of storytelling-based marketing without going through the exercise of what it actually takes to become a storyteller,” says Brian Solis, a marketing expert and principal analyst at Altimeter Group. When Solis wrote “X: The Experience When Business Meets Design,” he immersed himself in the art and science of storytelling, working closely with Pixar artist and storyboarding expert Nick Sung.Brian Solis, analyst and author of “X: The Experience When Business Meets Design” I spoke with Brian about the gap between content marketing and storytelling, and…

Step up your multichannel marketing game

Join our experts from Epsilon as we share four critical steps to improve multichannel marketing execution. From CRMs to CDPs, we’ll explain the differences between technologies, discuss the use cases for each and offer tips for optimization. We’ll provide a must-have checklist that will help you prioritize, centralize, measure and evolve your data to move the needle further with customers.Trying to better manage and act upon first-, second-, and third-party data? Still figuring out how to build out a truly multichannel campaign?Attend this webinar and learn how to:Identify unknown visitors to uncover what you already know about them.Align your organization to eliminate data silos.Choose the right technology tools for your data needs.Register today for “Step Up Your Multichannel Marketing Game produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by Epsilon.The post Step up your multichannel marketing game appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Survey: Expect more holiday spending, ‘blended retail’ shopping this year

A new NPD Group holiday shopping report [free with registration] has three big themes for retailers and marketers: higher spending, earlier shopping and “blended shopping.” The survey sample consisted of 3,605 consumers that were representative of the US adult population.Spending about $700 on holiday shopping. The positive economy is having an impact on anticipated consumer spending. NPD found that on average consumers expect to spend between $693 and $750 on holiday shopping this year.It also appears that consumers are getting an earlier start than in the past. NPD said almost 50 percent of consumers will have done some or most of their shopping “before Thanksgiving.”‘Blended retail.’ Most consumers shop both online and in traditional stores. NPB found “more than three-quarters (77 percent) of consumers [are] planning to do at least some of their holiday shopping online over the holidays,” while about 60 percent said they would shop both online and offline.However, 28 percent of res…