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Survey: Majority of consumers will spend 75% of holiday budgets online this year

It looks like it’s going to be another great holiday for Amazon. Numerous surveys suggest that the e-commerce giant will be a primary beneficiary of increased online shopping this year. But the data also show consumer shopping is becoming less binary: online vs. offline. Particularly among Millennials.Majority intend to buy online. A new survey of 1,500 US adults from Euclid found that a large majority of consumers intend to spend most of their holiday shopping budgets online. And those that plan to shop at Amazon, will spend a significant chunk of their money there. Whether they actually do that is another matter, but the survey numbers are pretty striking:“[T]he majority of all respondents (78 percent) plan to spend as much as three quarters of their holiday budget at an online marketplace like Amazon this holiday season. Of those who plan to shop specifically at Amazon, they intend to spend more than half (56 percent) of their total holiday budget with the online retailer,” the rep…

Why Wikipedia is still visible across Google’s SERPs in 2018

Google is always evolving. But some things in the world of search never change.One such thing is the presence of Wikipedia across the Google SERPs. From queries about products and brands to celebrities and topical events, Wikipedia still features heavily across Google searches – even while our habits as search engine users change (with voice and mobile increasingly having an impact), and while Google itself works to make its results more intuitive and full of rich features.Back in May my piece No need for Google argued that wikis themselves were fantastic search engines in their own right (check out if you want search results that delve into the content on Wikipedia as well as other numerous wikis). Wikipedia’s visibility on Google is testament to the continuing value and usefulness of “the free encyclopedia anyone can edit.”So how does Wikipedia manage to maintain this visibility in 2018?Natural rankingEven in 2018, Google’s SERPs are still dominated by the organic rankings

As Facebook prioritizes Stories over Newsfeed, will advertisers follow suit?

With disappointing revenues and stagnant user growth reported for its third-quarter, last month, Facebook executives aimed to focus investor attention on the company’s better-than-expected revenue and a shift in its monetization strategy from News Feed to Stories, messaging and video. They also made clear Stories, in particular, as well as Watch and IGTV are not monetizing at the rate of News Feed, yet.What does this shift mean for advertisers? Are they rethinking their strategies across Facebook properties, including how much they’re willing to spend on testing newer, more experimental ad formats?Many we spoke with said they don’t approach buying ads through Facebook’s platform as a contest between the company’s various platforms and ad formats, but rather as an opportunity to find innovative ways to tap audiences across its portfolio.News Feed can still produce. Zvika Goldstein, chief product officer and general manager of social for campaign management platform Kenshoo hasn’t seen …

How long will the brand safety conversation continue?

Maybe there will never be an end to the talk about brand safety in the media industry – and that’s a good thing. I have spent the past ten years working on these issues, from helping to found the IAB’s Quality Assurance Guidelines which was the basis for The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) to running a Consumer & Brand Digital Safety Summit to writing on this topic many times. I have earned the right to wish for a day when I can write or speak about something other than brand safety.If we are going to talk about brand safety, we have to define it. TAG’s definition of brand safety can be found in their white paper, “Defining Brand Safety.” From my point of view on this paper, the definition can be brought back to a single word: Environments. Is my advertising in a safe environment for my brand?If the definition is so simple why is this so hard?The idea may be simple, but here is where we add complexity. Every brand will have a definition of the word environment. It may not b…

5 SEO trends that will matter most in 2019

To be atop the waves, think about your SEO strategy in advance. A shortcut to success: get to know the upcoming trends and work out an action plan for each.This year, Google’s shaken the world with its mobile- and speed-related efforts. As a result, most of next year’s SEO efforts are expected in this direction. However, some “non-Google” game-changers will also influence how we build our SEO campaigns. Let’s explore these trends and ways to embrace them.1. Mobile-first indexingIn a nutshell, mobile-first indexing means that Google uses the mobile version of your page for indexing and ranking. Since March 2018, Google’s started the process of migrating sites to mobile-first index. It might happen that Search Console has already notified you about it.Bear in mind, a mobile-first index does not mean “mobile-only.” There’s still a single index with both mobile and desktop versions. However, the whole “mobile-first” buzz means that Google will be using the mobile versions for ranking once…

AR/VR agency Vertebrae launches web-based AR platform for online retailers

Online retailers now have another weapon in their marketing arsenal: a new augmented reality (AR) Web-based platform.Called Axis, it is intended specifically for retailers and was launched on Monday by Santa Monica AR/VR ad agency and tech shop Vertebrae.How it helps drive visitors to online stores. It takes advantage of the fact that Web-based AR, with no additional apps or plugins, is now possible across all kinds of devices. Recent iOS phones and tablets can utilize front- and rear-facing cameras to the most advantage, founder and CEO Vince Cacace said, but Android phones, Macs and PCs can also enable a variety of AR capabilities via the platform.A key feature of the Axis platform is the ability to virtually try on a personal product, such as shoes, handbags or sunglasses.To do so, a retailer’s site requests access to a visitor’s device camera. Once granted, Axis captures a live shot of the user and employs either Apple’s AR Quick Look technology or Vertebrae’s own proprietary soft…

Marketing Day: Facebook Attribution, WhatsApp ads, measuring engagement

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Facebook Attribution deep dive: Democratizing attribution for digital marketers
Nov 12, 2018 by Simon Poulton
Facebook has put aside any platform bias and now there is a way to compare performance across platforms.WhatsApp ads are coming: Will advertisers start buying?
Nov 12, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues
Social media marketing agencies and platforms weigh in on Facebook’s plan to further monetize its encrypted messaging app.Last chance: Save $450 on a seat at SMX West
Nov 12, 2018 by Marketing Land
Results-obsessed marketers are attending SMX® West for actionable SEO and SEM tactics and strategies. Join them January 30-31 in San Jose for: 30+ tactic-rich sessions and inspirational keynotes Networking events where you’ll meet speakers and peers Guaranteed white-hat tactics from trusted practitioners Top-shelf amenities that make attending productive a…

Facebook Attribution deep dive: Democratizing attribution for digital marketers

Picture this – for a given period, your Google Ads campaigns record 500 conversions and for that same period, Facebook Ads campaigns show 700 conversions but the total number of conversions in Google Analytics was closer to 1000 instead of 1200? I see this every day and it’s one of the most frustrating aspects of being a digital marketer – and it makes it challenging for stakeholders to understand the true impact of your marketing initiatives.As investment in digital marketing continues to increase, we have seen significant fragmentation in the channels marketers are using to reach their target consumers. In step with the diversification of channels, buyer journeys have become more complicated to track as consumers move freely across the open web, and traditional approaches to attribution have fallen short on reporting the true value of different marketing initiatives.The promise of attributionThe promise of attribution is an exciting one – it’s something that marketers have longed fo…

WhatsApp ads are coming: Will advertisers start buying?

In August, Facebook introduced News Feed ads that launch a chat in WhatsApp, making it possible for consumers to start a chat with a business or brand in the Facebook-owned encrypted messaging app via their Facebook timelines. At the time, Facebook also launched its WhatsApp Business API and told the New York Times it would begin showing ads directly in the WhatsApp Status feature next year.All these moves to monetize WhatsApp — an app that has mostly remained independent from Facebook since its acquisition more than four years ago — are evidence Facebook is ready to open up WhatsApp as its next ad channel.With the first installment of ads coming to the platform next year, Marketing Land reached out to multiple social marketing agencies and management platforms to ask their thoughts on the coming WhatsApp ads.Few surprised ads are coming. “With users spending more time on mobile, Facebook opening up WhatsApp to advertisers is really no surprise, especially if you look at the success t…

Last chance: Save $450 on a seat at SMX West

Results-obsessed marketers are attending SMX® West for actionable SEO and SEM tactics and strategies. Join them January 30-31 in San Jose for:30+ tactic-rich sessions and inspirational keynotesNetworking events where you’ll meet speakers and peersGuaranteed white-hat tactics from trusted practitionersTop-shelf amenities that make attending productive and convenient, including hot meals, WiFi, and moreRegister now. Save $450!Don’t let any 2018 budget go unused. Register by November 17 (this Saturday!) to save $450 off on-site rates. Add a full day post-conference workshop and save $900 off on-site rates.These prices won’t be available after Saturday. Don’t miss your last chance to save BIG!Psst… Need to convince your boss? Use this handy guide to help make your case!The post Last chance: Save $450 on a seat at SMX West appeared first on Marketing Land.

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