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Pinterest on visual search: key takeaways

We invited Michael Akkerman, Global Head of Partners Program at Pinterest, to our NY office yesterday evening to speak on visual search.He talked about discovery over search, audience engagement over audience size, less time more well-spent over more total time spent, and social communities over social networks. It was an insightful, instructive, and *obviously* visual-heavy session.Here were some of the key takeaways / highlights.Pinterest is a visual discovery engine — discovery over searchWhen people come to our platform, they’re trying to discover new pieces of information.Our Pinners are not looking to connect with friends or post at parties. They’re doing home renovations. They’re in the market for something. They want to go and actually discover something.Google is great for when I know what I want, but it’s really crappy when I don’t know how to articulate it. How do I describe a style I’ve only seen, a city I don’t know, a specific color?Like this:Or this:I know them when I s…

Unlock multi-touch attribution with CRM campaign tracking

Brands with an offline transaction point often struggle to measure the full customer journey from acquisition source through to revenue. Often times, if revenue can be attributed back to something, it’s to the marketing channel responsible for the lead. This measurement is usually implemented with either a first or last touch attribution model for channel attribution and completely leaves out the rest of the customer journey.The missing visibility and measurement is post lead acquisition. Once a lead enters our systems, how do we measure the effectiveness of our campaigns and lead treatments? Even better, how do we attribute revenue to content pieces and treatments applied to that lead in-funnel?The answer may be something we already have access to. If you’re using a CRM to house leads then you likely have the tools to track middle of funnel activity at your fingertips with Campaign Tracking.What is campaign tracking?Campaign tracking within a CRM is technically an entity or object th…

Analyst: Amazon Echo owns 75 percent of global smart speaker market

Analyst firm Canalys says that global smart speaker shipments grew 137 percent year over year in the third quarter, reaching 19.7 million units. That was up from less than half that figure (8.3 million) a year ago.Roughly 75 million devices by year-end. The firm has projected 75 million devices “for the whole of 2018.” It’s not entirely clear whether this is shipments or an estimate of the installed base of smart speaker owners. Previously, Canalys projected global smart speaker ownership would reach 100 million by the end of the year — so it’s likely a downward revision of that earlier estimate.Canalys also said that Amazon had reclaimed the top position after Google had overtaken it for the previous two quarters.“Riding on the success of its Prime Day,” the report said, “Amazon shipped 6.3 million Echo smart speakers in Q3, reclaiming the top spot after two quarters of playing second fiddle to Google. This quarter, Google shipped 5.9 million units, putting it just behind Amazon.”Ama…

Driving sales and profits with Facebook Ads

Attendees on the second day of SMX East were treated to a double-dose of incredible presentations about Facebook advertising. Veronica McGhee of Cramer-Krasselt and Michelle Morgan of Clix Marketing gave away some great strategies on how to succeed with Facebook ads in any industry.‘Facebook advertising success’ with Veronica McGheeVeronica kicked off the session with success she’s seen on Facebook in terms of driving revenue, correctly set up the tracking and then properly attribute the value of your Facebook Ads. Let’s break down the main categories of success.Pixels and custom eventsFacebook recently released a new cookie option that would allow advertisers to capture analytics data from browsers blocking third-party cookies like Safari. ASll advertisers are now opted in to the new cookie. No matter which pixel you are using, you must add it to your site to start tracking revenue or proxy metrics.In your event settings, you’re going to see all the events that are associated with yo…

How To Implement SSL Without Paying a Dime Using Cloudflare (Tested on HostGator)

Using SSL is an essential search engine ranking factor. If you still have a working website without SSL, you are making a huge mistake, especially when using SSL is free (thanks to services like Cloudflare and Lets Encrypt).Infact, a lot of web-hosting companies like Bluehost, SiteGround, Kinsta offers free SSL, which has now become a new standard in the web-hosting industry.However, there are still many companies like HostGator that don’t offer free SSL. This is one reason why we have stopped recommending HostGator as an ideal host in today’s time. However, if your situation is similar to mine where you have a couple of websites on HostGator and are looking for a way to implement free SSL, this guide is for you.In this guide, I will be using Cloudflare to implement free SSL on an HTTP site and move it to HTTPS.This is a WordPress based website and this guide should work on any other hosting companies that you may use. Sounds good? Let’s get started.Implementing SSL on HostGator using…

Marketing Day: Survey for digital agencies, new Instagram shopping features, AMP Story ads

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Help us understand how digital agencies are evolving: Take our survey
Nov 15, 2018 by Ginny Marvin If you work at a digital agency, we want to hear from you.Use predictive personalization to drive increased conversion rates
Nov 15, 2018 by Digital Marketing Depot Every day, every month, every quarter, marketers are tasked with a conundrum: create web sites and messages that resonate with target audiences. It’s not a rare request. In fact, it’s a fundamental principle of marketing. Why is it a conundrum? Because you’re being asked to make one size fit all of your visitors.Instagram unveils 3 new shopping features ahead of holidays
Nov 15, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues Users will now be able find products via a business profile or video and save to a shopping collection.Nat Geo and Verizon’s Oath programmatically place ads in VR for ‘Mars’ series
Nov 15,…

Help us understand how digital agencies are evolving: Take our survey

With the advent of automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence, shifting channel opportunities and more, we are surveying digital agencies to understand how they are evolving to meet the needs of their clients and their own businesses.What practice areas are shrinking or growing? Where do clients want to invest? What skills will be critical for agencies in the coming years? What marketing technologies are digital agencies using or employing on their clients’ behalf?We’ve put together a brief survey. It will take you about five minutes, tops.We’ll be sharing the results with readers in the coming months in various formats. As an added incentive, those who take the survey will have the opportunity to enter a drawing for a free ticket to any SMX event in the U.S.Take the survey now!The post Help us understand how digital agencies are evolving: Take our survey appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Use predictive personalization to drive increased conversion rates

Every day, every month, every quarter, marketers are tasked with a conundrum: create web sites and messages that resonate with target audiences. It’s not a rare request. In fact, it’s a fundamental principle of marketing. Why is it a conundrum? Because you’re being asked to make one size fit all of your visitors. Think about your site. Who are the different segments of visitors? What are their different needs and motivations when visiting your site?Predictive personalization systems use machine learning to automatically choose and deliver the experiences most likely to drive each site visitor to convert.This white paper from Intellimize covers:How predictive personalization works.The advantages of predictive personalization vs. A/B testing.How predictive personalization works in practice.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “An Introduction to Predictive Personalization.”The post Use predictive personalization to drive increased conversion rates appeared first on Marketing Land.

Instagram unveils 3 new shopping features ahead of holidays

Instagram launched three new shopping features on Thursday that will help retailers gain more exposure for the products they’re promoting on the platform.Instagram’s new shopping collection feature. Instagram users will now have a “shopping collection” option that they can save products to. After tapping a product tag in a Story or on a post in their feed, a user can tap the save icon in the bottom right corner of the image which will prompt a “Save to shopping collection” option.Users can access shopping collections from their profile to browse saved items at a later time.Shop via video. Instagram has inserted a shopping icon in the bottom left corner of branded videos that surfaces the products featured in the video, making it easy for users to view product prices.A new shop tab for business profiles. Instagram business profiles will now include a shop tab that lets users browse products from the business. The shop tab will include a feed of product images that can be clicked to see…