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Facebook Ads Manager problems affecting many advertisers, days ahead of Black Friday

A number of advertisers were met with errors in Facebook Ads Manager on Tuesday. Now is not a good time for an ad platform to get buggy.Many Facebook and Instagram advertisers logged into their accounts on Tuesday — three days before Black Friday– to find they are unable to access their campaigns, upload creatives, download reporting or even contact customer service.What happened? Facebook Ads Manager didn’t go down entirely, but starting Tuesday morning, it became buggy for many users. It’s not clear how many advertisers have been affected, but we can confirm the outages have been seen throughout the U.S.Not a good week to get glitchy, Facebook. Attempting to upload new client videos for sale ads this weekend. Sounds like a lot of FB and IG functionality is down this morning.— Akvile DeFazio (@AkvileDeFazio) November 20, 2018 The outage has meant advertisers can’t see current performance stats or prepare for the impending, highly competitive and crucial Black Friday sales cycle.Unreach…

Are you a member of the MarTech community? Check out the Manifesto and find out

“Martech” isn’t just shorthand for “marketing technology.” It’s a community of forward-thinkers working at the intersection of marketing, technology, and management. Possibilities fire their imagination. Silos disappear. Agility increases. And customer satisfaction soars. Last year, we wrote the Martech Manifesto as a rallying cry for this community: Senior-level marketers who are passionate about exploring the daily challenges and opportunities presented by marketing technology. Are you a member of this community? Download the Manifesto or check out the video to find out. Join the MarTech Community in 2019The best opportunity for you to connect with like-minded marketers and learn from real-world experts is at MarTech. Here’s what past attendees said about their MarTech experiences:From start to finish, every session was informative and relevant to the challenges being faced in transforming organisations both technically and culturally to drive customer engagement. Great speaker line u…

Did the data-driven era miss an exit?

According to headlines, martech embodies technical sophistication, touting thousands of companies fueled by sumptuous features like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, personalization and more. Yet, a recent study found that what marketers really want is more, high-quality demographic data. I can’t help but think, did the data-driven era miss an exit?The modern marketer can use thousands of pieces of consumer information — demographics, purchases, hobbies, social activity, geolocation etc.—but many marketing efforts are still based on the same basic demographics of age, gender and income. The status quo may be considered the easier, more risk-averse route. But if we stay in autopilot, marketers will slowly lose speed, falling behind for failure to embrace new technology in the spirit of innovation.Time for an oil change of our way of thinkingFirst of all, I don’t propose we do away with demographic data, as it is incredibly powerful. But it only represents a sliver of the inform…

Expedia-owned vacation sites HomeAway, VRBO now provide unified virtual tours

As soon as spatial imagery became available, marketers envisioned using it for the travel industry. Feel yourself in that vacation spot, the thinking goes, and you’re ready to sign up.One problem for marketers is that there are many different kinds of spatial imagery formats, and different kinds of user interfaces.Now, Expedia-owned vacation rental site HomeAway and its vacation site VRBO are presenting unified Virtual Tours — 360-degree, linked spherical photos that allow a visitor to “walk through a location,” built from any kind of spherical photo assets and unified under the same interface. The spherical photos are linked so that a visitor can walk, for instance, from room to room.Single format, single interface. While other sites have presented 360-degree photos, Senior Product Manager Ben James said the HomeAway sites are the first to provide a single file format with a single user interface, even though the actual locations could be captured with any of the dozens of applicatio…

How to optimize your local business for voice search

Voice search is growing, a statement appearing time and time again throughout the web. It has fundamentally changed the way people search and it’s here to stay.With a simple command, users can conduct searches for information, products, services and local businesses.It’s such a hot topic that our Head of Search and Strategy Stuart Shaw spoke at one of the UK’s largest SEO conferences a few weeks ago to talk about the details of voice search and why it’s important for brands.While voice isn’t likely to surpass traditional search any time soon, it has spurred us to explore how local businesses can optimize, adjust their marketing strategies and understand the potential voice search could have on their bottom lines.The opportunity for local businessesTo get information about a local service near to us, we pull out our phones and we search for it:‘Plumbing services near me’‘Local pizza delivery’‘What are the opening times for…’‘Is so and so open today?’ etc.In fact, a recent study by Brig…

Marketing Day: Instagram removes fake likes, Snapchat’s Lens Creative Partners program, more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Send your team to SMX West to amplify learning and savings!
Nov 19, 2018 by Marketing Land
Thoughtful search marketing leaders are thinking even more than usual about their teams this time of year: Are their skills up-to-date? Are they motivated to do better work next year? How do I reward the high-performing members while staying within next year’s budget? Here’s how to check all of the objectives.Instagram strips out fake ‘likes’ tied to 3rd-party apps
Nov 19, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues
Unilever CMO Keith Weed, who has been a longtime advocate for more transparency in advertising on digital platforms, said he is encouraged by the steps Instagram is taking to curb abuse.Snapchat’s Lens Creative Partners program helps brands find AR filter creators
Nov 19, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues
Introduced on Monday, the program is set to have have more than 100 cert…

Send your team to SMX West to amplify learning and savings!

Thoughtful search marketing leaders are thinking even more than usual about their teams this time of year:Are their skills up-to-date?Are they motivated to do better work next year?How do I reward the high-performing members while staying within next year’s budget?Here’s how to check all of the objectives: Send your team to Search Marketing Expo – SMX® West in San Jose, January 30-31, 2019. Here are the benefits of attending as a group:You’ll all be on the same page. Successful marketing requires people with different skills and experiences to work together effectively. Common experiences and vocabulary unify teams so communication is frictionless.Productivity will soar. Developing and rewarding high-performing team members is every manager’s responsibility. Recognizing accomplishments and investing in professional development motivates your team members.Solutions are in reach. Fresh approaches are born of new experiences. Meeting others facing the challenges you face will unearth ide…