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Do your snippets make people click? Do’s and don’ts of metadata

Every marketer or website owner knows what meta tags are, but not all of them realize the importance of these small pieces of code. Optimizing your meta title and description you improve such crucial things as click-through rate and the users’ first impression on your content quality. Although Google doesn’t use meta tags in its ranking algorithms, metadata has an indirect impact on your SERP.Read the article to find out:The correlation between your snippets and your search ranking;Common mistakes marketers make creating metadata;Tips to follow when elaborating meta tags;How to analyze your existing metadata.How meta tags influence your SERPWell, if search robots don’t pay much attention to your meta tags, why should you bother these pieces of code at all? You could quickly write some short title and description containing your main keywords to help search engines form your snippet, and that would be enough. Not at all. To make it clear, here is the chain of consequences which correct…

[Mega Thread] Black Friday 2018 Discount For Bloggers

Black Friday is usually my favorite time for shopping because it offers deals that are one time, and hard to resist. Last year, I purchased Email marketing tool for the yearly plan, Bluehost 3 year hosting package, Few plugins, and other stuff, and saved over $1000 with the special discounted price on Black Friday.As a blogger, this is the best time to shop for anything online, and usually discounted prices are live 2-3 days before Black Friday and over on the same day, or few of them continue till Cyber Monday.This year (2018), Black Friday discount is falling on Friday, November 23rd, 2018, and this is the mega thread of all the current and existing offer. I’m not going in depth about any of the product, and will list all useful blogging, WordPress, SEO products discount offer and deals on this Black Friday.Note: Be Sure to Bookmark and keep checking this page after every 2 hours to see updated discounted products.CompanyDiscountsValid untilCouponViewWeb Hosting DealsBluehost$2.65/m…

Janrain launches its new Identity Central solution

Janrain’s depiction of a client company’s calls to its cloud platform, over the OIDC (OpenID Connect 1.0) protocol. Identity management platform Janrain is out Wednesday with its new Identity Central platform, which it says is the first such end-to-end cloud-based solution.Identity Central is all-hosted. Before, CEO Jim Kaskade noted, his company offered a suite of applications running on the OpenID protocol, which provides a standard for identity authorization/authentication services.A client company would use the suite to enable social sign-ons between sites, such as employing your Facebook login across sites and managing user identity. But some of the needed components — notably, the user interface — had to be developed by the client company and hosted on the client’s own on-premises or cloud server.Now, he said, the new Identity Central is updated to the newer OpenID Connect 1.0 protocol, and provides pre-made customizable interfaces that Janrain hosts. A client company only needs …

Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals for marketers: Software, supplies and more

Your consumer side may relish the post-Thanksgiving specials, but the marketer in you might be missing out.But cheer up! Here are some selected Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials that can help brighten the holiday for marketers:Adobe is offering a Black Friday 25 percent discount on monthly subscriptions for its entire collection of 20+ creative desktop and mobile applications. There’s also a Black Friday special where students and teachers can save up to 70 percent on Creative Cloud apps. Offer ends Nov. 23.MyFonts has a truckload of discounts on its many choices for digital fonts, with sales expiration dates ranging from today through Cyber Monday, plus some stretch into December.JustCloud’s file backup service has a Cyber Monday 70 percent discount, with “never before” free inclusions.Also up in the clouds, Alibaba’s global cloud service is out with a variety of deals sporting Black Friday pricing, including 40 percent off yearly subscriptions of its Elastic Compute Service.If …

Marketing Day: Black Friday PPC checklist, Facebook Groups, YouTube ‘ad pods’

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:YouTube has started testing ‘ad pods’: 2 skippable ads delivered back-to-back
Nov 21, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues
The ad pods are launching on desktop this year, with a later roll-out to mobile and TV screens.The Black Friday Ecommerce PPC doomsday checklist of dramatically epic proportion
Nov 21, 2018 by Kirk Williams
Here’s a final Black Friday checklist to keep yourself on track but in the end, be ready to adapt to rapid changes and roll with it.Getting Started with Responsive Search Ads
Nov 21, 2018 by Digital Marketing Depot
Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) are perhaps the most innovative change coming to your search campaigns since 2016. Join our webinar to learn more about Google’s new RSA format and the best practices for running successful campaigns. We’ll cover the following topics: Setting up RSAs. Creating RSA conversion goals. Best practices…

YouTube has started testing ‘ad pods’: 2 skippable ads delivered back-to-back

How YouTube’s ad pod experience will display on a mobile device. YouTube announced on Wednesday a new “ad pod” delivery experience that will show two skippable pre-roll or mid-roll ads — one right after the other. Currently being tested on desktop only, ad pods will soon roll out on mobile and connected TVs. The units create an ad experience that’s much more like TV.Why you should careYouTube says its research has shown that fewer ad break interruptions correlate with better user metrics, including lower rates of content abandonment and higher rates of ad viewing. By combining ads into one “pod” in a video, rather than showing a pre-roll and mid-roll ad in a video. With this test, YouTube hopes to see viewers, particularly those watching longer content, will be more likely to sit through the ads and stick with the content they’re watching.We reported in June that YouTube started delivering more pre-roll and mid-roll ads. With this test, YouTube says advertisers are seeing greater reach…

The Black Friday Ecommerce PPC doomsday checklist of dramatically epic proportion

Welcome fellow eCommerce PPC laborer, to that annual moment of glory, reward, doom and failure. A weekend of highs and lows, a weekend of anticipation and excitement as the first revenue numbers begin to roll in. A weekend of last minute phone calls and fear as Amazon takes over your auction insights report.This is Black Friday / Cyber Weekend and in the immortalized words of Samuel Jackson as he faced the coming onslaught of toothy reptilian hordes: “Hold on to your butts.”After which he was soon eaten.Since ZATO (my Paid Search micro-agency) focuses on eCommerce PPC, I was asked to prep a sort of checklist… items to have front of mind during this crucial weekend. Here are my thoughts, written with both in-house and agency folks in mind!The 5 Bs Black Friday weekend final checklistBudgetsLast Minute Budget Clarifications: Should you have had all of your finalized conversations with clients far before Black Friday week and have a locked in budget scheduled and ready to roll? Yes. Does…

Getting Started with Responsive Search Ads

Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) are perhaps the most innovative change coming to your search campaigns since 2016. Join our webinar to learn more about Google’s new RSA format and the best practices for running successful campaigns. We’ll cover the following topics:Setting up RSAs.Creating RSA conversion goals.Best practices for running RSA campaigns.Optimizing RSA campaigns.Register today for “Getting Started with Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by Marin.The post Getting Started with Responsive Search Ads appeared first on Marketing Land.

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