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Chevron storytelling uses purposeful immersive experiences to engage stakeholders

Frozen in place, alert and quietly breathing the eight-foot Perentie lizard sizes me up. The only discernible movement is an opaque eyelid gliding over a dark reptilian gaze. I don’t THINK it will eat me for breakfast. Suddenly it’s long, forked tongue darts out into the air just barely missing my nose, as the lizard loses interest and looks for his breakfast elsewhere. The Perentie is one of the largest lizards in the world and can only be found on a remote Island, off the Pilbara coast of Western Australia.However, instead of requiring the 20-hour flight from the US, I was able to experience this beautiful creature in my own backyard with the help of augmented reality.Chevron’s AR experience featured 3D, animated creatures native to Barrow Island, like the Perentie lizard.The Perentie lizard along with two other rare and wondrous creatures, the Euro or Wallaroo and the Flatback Turtle, was part of Chevron’s latest immersive augmented reality experience that launched at the 27th Worl…

Dragonfly: 500+ staff sign open letter for Google to drop new Chinese search engine

More than 500 engineers, designers, managers and other staff from across global Google offices have signed an open letter at calling on the search engine to stop their Dragonfly project and for company leaders to “commit to transparency, clear communication, and real accountability.”As we reported last month…Google’s project Dragonfly first came to light in August via The Intercept and their reports surrounding leaked documents containing details about the project. In a nutshell, the project looked to be a fresh attempt by Google to re-enter the Chinese search market since having been blocked by the state back in 2010.Dragonfly was speculated to be taking the shape of a mobile search engine. This is unsurprising, as more than 97% of internet users in China go online via mobile devices (according to CNNIC) and it is in this vertical that the industry is seeing most disruption from companies such as Shenma, Sogou and Haosou.What was surprising were the subsequent leaked detai…

LinkedIn’s new privacy setting prohibits marketers from exporting emails

LinkedIn has introduced a new privacy setting that lets users choose whether or not their email address can be exported by connections. The default for the setting is “No” — meaning connections will be unable to download a user’s email via a data export unless the user manually switches the setting to “Yes.”This new privacy setting gives users a new level of added security around their email address, but at what cost to marketers?Impact on advertisers. “This was certainly a blow to advertisers,” says AJ Wilcox, a LinkedIn ads expert and the founder of the LinkedIn ad agency B2Linked. Wilcox says this new privacy setting will definitely impact marketers who used email addresses they exported from LinkedIn connections to target ads both on and off the platform.“One of the popular use cases of exporting these email addresses was CEOs who are well-known in a market who want to show ads to people who already know and respect them, which results in a warmer touch. Advertisers could take the…

Marketing Day: Amazon’s Cyber Monday, Facebook MRC viewability audit, YouTube Stories

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Move over, Prime Day. Amazon’s Cyber Monday takes the crown.
Nov 29, 2018 by Barry Levine This year’s Cyber Monday was the online retailer’s biggest day of sales, ever.YouTube launches Stories feature for creators with 10K subscribers
Nov 29, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues
First launched by Snapchat, the popular content format has been adopted by Instagram, Facebook and now YouTube.5 predictions for B2B marketing in 2019
Nov 29, 2018 by Peter Isaacson
Connected data will be king and ABM will take over as a core platform but the tired old persona-based advertising will die in the coming year.Measuring return on content: It’s simpler (and more important) than you think
Nov 29, 2018 by Casey Wuestefeld
Here are some steps you can take to avoid the consequences of neglecting attribution in the mid-funnel.Recent Headlines From MarTech Today, Our Sister Site …

Move over, Prime Day. Amazon’s Cyber Monday takes the crown.

Amazon’s inventory of superlatives may be running low.The online retail giant had its single biggest day of sales ever on Cyber Monday, according to Adobe Analytics, based on the number of products sold globally. This beats its Prime Day in July — which had previously been Amazon’s biggest sales day.Why you should careAmazon remained king of a record breaking weekend, garnering 28 percent of all web sales over the holiday weekend, not counting its Prime Now and Fresh divisions. That is seven times its nearest online competitor, Best Buy.Overall, online stores sold $7.9 billion worth of goods on Cyber Monday, almost 20 percent higher than last year, Adobe reported. That tops Black Friday’s $6.2 billion. Saturday and Sunday set their own records as the biggest online shopping weekend, with $6.4 billion.Amazon itself said that it sold more products during the “Turkey 5” — the five days from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday — than in any previous five days in its history. Amazon didn’t r…

YouTube launches Stories feature for creators with 10K subscribers

YouTube has launched its own version of Stories, giving creators with 10,000 or more subscribers access to the new content feature. First launched by Snapchat, Stories have become a popular form of content across Facebook, Instagram. YouTube’s version will keep Stories accessible in the mobile app for up a period of seven days — lengthening exposure for content from creators, influencers and brands that have sizable followers on the platform.Why marketers should careYouTube is the latest to rip off Snapchat’s innovative format. Instead of a one-time post that falls into the ether of timeline feeds, the packaging of multiple pieces into Stories resonate with users and offer more flexibility when it comes to content creation with the ability to add text or stickers across images and videos. YouTube is giving creators the ability to broadcast Stories on channels with 10,000 or more subscribers.The feature is designed specifically for YouTube’s creator community, but it applies to brands …