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How to move from keyword research to intent research

Whether you’re running an organic search or PPC campaign, it all starts with keyword research. Keyword research is usually the first step you undertake when planning how to bring in customers to your website – because the terms they’re searching for will determine the kind of content you will create and the way you will optimize it.Behind every search, however, is an intent – a need or want – whether it be for a product, service, solution, or simply more information. Intent is one of the most significant variables in marketing. All customer journeys, brand engagement, and sales funnels begin with intent.Brands that use data to uncover the context and motivation behind every search that lead users to their website will be able to deliver an experience that eventually translates to revenue for them. How, then, can you go about capturing customer intent, and influence the decisions that they make and the actions that they take?Match keywords with intentAll marketers know about the custom…

Twitter’s #BrandBowl53 slated for Super Bowl LIII, gives marketers something to compete for

Twitter has announced its #BrandBowl53 plans for marketers wishing to take part in the Super Bowl LII buzz happening on the app during the Feb. 3, 2019 game. This is the second consecutive year for #BrandBowl, a Twitter competition recognizing brands that drive the most engagement during the big game.Why you should care. For advertisers, the real Super Bowl competition happens during half-time when the audiences tune-in to catch some the most highly-coveted — and most expensive — 30-second television spots of the year. With Twitter’s #BrandBowl, marketers do not have to pony up the more than $5 million for an official Super Bowl ad to take part in Super Bowl conversations happening on the app. In fact, a few awards are designed specifically for brands that are not official Super Bowl advertisers.According to a 2017 comScore Media Metrix report, Twitter experiences a 19 percent increase in unique visitors during Super Bowl games, while other social apps see a decline. At the same time,…

An Overview Of Ahrefs Site Audit Features: Things You Can Fix

A site audit is one of the fastest ways to find major SEO concerns on a website. Most of the site audit tools require you to add a domain name, and it crawls your website just like Google does to give you suggestions that you can implement to improve your site’s overall SEO.In the past, I have talked about SEMRUSH’s site audit feature. Today we will talk about Ahrefs’s site audit feature. In case if you have not used either of the two, you should definitely try it. Just by using these tools you will be able to learn more about SEO quickly.If you already have an account with either, you should take advantage of their trial and test it out yourself. I recommend you to sign up for one of the two at a time to make most out of it.Sign up for SEMRUSH (14 days trial)Sign up for Ahrefs (7 days trial)Ahrefs Site audit features and how to use it:Login to your Ahrefs account, and click on Site audit at the top to get started.Click on new projects and add the domain name you want to audit. You ca…