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How to increase page speed to improve SEO results

Page speed has been a part of Google’s search ranking algorithms for quite some time, but it’s been entirely focused on desktop searches until recently when Google began using page speed as a ranking factor for mobile searches as well.Have you checked your page speed scores lately?How do your speeds match up against your competition?If your pages are loading slower than competitors, there’s a chance you’re taking a hit in the SERPs. While relevance of a page carries much more weight than page speed, it’s still important to ensure your pages are loading fast for users and search engines.Here are 5 ways to increase page speed and improve SEO results.Compress imagesLarge image files can have a significant negative impact on page speed performance. Images often represent the largest portion of bytes when downloading a page. This is why optimizing images generally returns the biggest improvement in speed performance. Compressing your images using an image compression tool will reduce their…

Facebook missteps highlight what happens when you can’t trust platform metrics

Facebook has a history of miscalculating video ad metrics. In 2016, the company admitted it had been overstating the average duration of a video view time. The following year, it acknowledged over-charging advertisers for clicks on link-based mobile video carousel ads. As recently as October, Facebook video ad counts made the news again when a small group of advertisers accused the company in a class-action lawsuit of inflating video ad metrics by as much as 900 percent — and keeping the error under wraps for more than a year.While advertisers’ trust in Facebook video ad numbers is arguably tenuous at best, the scenario makes it clear that having to rely on any platform-native performance metrics comes with its own challenges — from gauging the success of a campaign to making sure ad dollars are being spent efficiently and accurately.Can advertisers still trust Facebook?“With Facebook, as with other platforms we buy ad inventory through, we’ve got a history of relying on them to be tr…

Get your sneak peek at the MarTech agenda

Senior-level marketers at the intersection of marketing, technology, and management are coming to MarTech® January 30-31, 2019 in San Jose for proven strategies from real-world experts. Here’s a sneak peek:Tracks and topics that matterThe grand vision of martech guides the creation of our agenda, with speakers and sessions like…“NextGen Marketing: How Artificial Intelligence Is Accelerating Marketing Performance” with Brian Kardon, Fuze“Maximize Efficiency and Scalability with the Right Team Structure, Data and Stack” with Kelly Horton, Brian Donaldson, and Chris Borkenhagen all representing Docker“When Stacks Collide: Rationalizing the Marketing Stack in a Merger & Acquisition Environment” with Sheryl Shultz, CabinetM, Justin Sharaf, LogMeIn, and Zack Alves, PlantronicsInspirational and entertaining keynotesI’ll share fresh content and insights in my keynote “Martech 2020: Succeeding in the Next Decade of Marketing.” Tom Fishburne, the Marketoonist, will bring his humorous and en…

Repair your reputation: Displace mugshots with your family photo album

A close friend in online marketing approached me for advice because their son had been arrested for possession of marijuana and mugshots had begun ranking for his name in search engines. When arrest photos like this appear online, they can be fixed relatively easily, as online reputation management issues go. Read on, and I’ll explain.The mugshot website problemMugshot sites are generally rather scummy. They harvest data from city, county and state policing agencies, thanks to freedom of information laws, and then they build entire websites upon the data. Arrest records and mugshots are considered public information and that used to not be all that commonly accessible. Now these mugshot websites work diligently to optimize their websites to make their pages as visible as possible.Mugshot websites generally create a page for each individual, including information about the city and state where they were arrested, their mugshot photo, the charges for which they were arrested and sometim…

Firefly adds mobile device-like targeting to ads on car rooftops

A San Francisco-based startup is launching a new platform on Thursday that marries the contextual targeting of mobile to digital-out-of-home (DOOH) signs.‘Situationally aware’ outdoor mobile signs.Firefly has installed digital signs atop hundreds of taxis and other rent-on-demand vehicles like Lyft or Uber during its months-long beta phase in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The rooftop signs receive ads via 4G and 4G LTE cellular transmission that are what founder and CEO Kaan Ganay called “situationally aware,” with targeting based on location, time, intended demographic, weather or other contextual data.While this sort of targeting has become commonplace for ads on smartphones or tablets, it’s now just emerging in digital signs. Ganay said his firm is the first to place geo-targeted displays in large numbers on car services, with a granularity that can go down to a city block.Use cases, driver revenue. As an example use case, he pointed to Brex, a startup-focused credit card that sho…

Marketing Day: Amazon holiday ad spend, Marketo certification for marketers, more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Declining engagement, conversions cast shadows on otherwise sunny Black Friday weekend
Dec 6, 2018 by Robin Kurzer
What marketers can learn from the downsides of a record-breaking holiday sales weekend.The new best practices for digital brand storytelling
Dec 6, 2018 by Julian Baring
People have been telling stories for thousands of years, and the elements of what makes a good story have changed precious little in that time. Through the stories we tell, we not only entertain and connect with others, but we also convey information about our own beliefs, tastes and aspirations.Amazon ad spend up 3.5X Thanksgiving week compared to pre-holiday ad investments
Dec 5, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues
Digital ad platform Kenshoo says clients spent 2.2 times as much on Amazon native ads during Cyber Monday compared to Prime Day.Recent Headlines From MarTech Today,…

Marketo announces new entry-level certification for marketers

Marketo’s logo Marketing automation platform Marketo, now owned by Adobe, is out with a new credential: Marketo Certified Associate.What it is. The entry-level certification is intended to show that the recipient has a basic understanding of marketing automation, general marketing concepts and basic email automation on the platform, thus providing evidence of Marketo skills to the holder’s employer or potential employer.It joins several other certification programs offered by Marketo, including Certified Expert and Specializations in more than ten areas, such as Social Marketing, Web Personalization and Analytics Attribution.How to obtain certification. To obtain this new recognition, a candidate must pass an exam of about five dozen questions that assess skills and knowledge about utilizing marketing tools on the platform, such as managing email sending and personalization, A/B testing, and creating basic forms and landing pages.Candidates can prep for the exam, Marketo said, through …