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MoPub partners with Pixalate, DoubleVerify to fight in-app ad fraud

MoPub announced Tuesday it is partnering with Pixalate and DoubleVerify to help reduce invalid traffic (IVT) and in-app ad fraud on the Twitter-owned mobile ad exchange. Pixalate and DoubleVerify are accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) as mobile IVT-management vendors.Why you should careAs investment in mobile advertising has taken off, so have opportunities for ad fraud. In-app ad fraud was estimated to have cost the industry nearly $5 billion in 2018. MoPub’s integrations with Pixelate and DoubleVerify are aimed at vetting traffic signals and blocking invalid bid requests in real-time, pre-bid and analyzing post-bid activity to help publishers improve their traffic quality.Signals used to detect IVT will include:Viewability rates and ad implementationApp store rankings, user downloads, descriptions and market reachApp content, user experience and ad capabilitiesGeneral invalid traffic (GIVT) and sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) fraud signals, including clicks and impres…

Winning on Amazon: Here are 3 strategies that can help

Paraphrasing what Ginny Marvin wrote in this publication recently, 2018 was largely the year Amazon’s ad business matured. But changes like the unification of Amazon’s ad products and the launch of other sponsored product type units on the site also reflect how the online retailer has matured in other ways. Amazon is set to clear $258.2 billion in US retail sales in 2018, according to eMarketer – a full 5 percent of all retail sales – and a far cry from its 1 percent share just ten years ago. To grow market share overall, brand marketers need to mirror their larger Amazon strategy to reflect how the retail site itself is setting its priorities.1. Focus on share of audience, not share of wallet – and act accordinglyAmazon admittedly isn’t the number one place people buy groceries, but it’s absolutely one of the top destinations for eyeballs when those same consumers are looking at grocery products online. As Sri Rajagopalan from Johnson and Johnson explained in his recent Linkedin post

How to Monitor your Website’s Uptime with Google Sheets

Would you like to receive instant email alerts as soon as your website goes down or is inaccessible to users? Most website monitoring services follow the “freemium” model – they have free plans for basic downtime and uptime monitoring of a website but you need to pay for unlimited email or SMS alerts. You may also need to upgrade to monitor multiple websites. There’s a good alternate though.Make your own Website Uptime Monitor with Google Sheets and GmailYou can create your own website monitor that runs on Google servers and sends email alerts via Gmail when your website goes down or is back up and accessible again. The website monitor logs all events in a Google Spreadsheet or you can even choose to record store the uptime and downtime activity inside Google Analytics.How to Setup Website MonitorHere’s how you quickly configure Google Sheets to monitor the uptime /downtime of any public website. The setup has to be done just once and the Google Apps Script attached to the Google Spre…

Akamai buys identity provider Janrain

On Monday, content delivery network Akamai announced it will acquire customer identity provider Janrain.The move means that the two leading once-independent identity providers are now integrated into other platforms. In the fall of 2017, marketing/e-commerce/enterprise resource planning platform SAP bought Janrain competitor Gigya.Maintaining ‘digital trust.’ In its announcement, Akamai said the Janrain addition will let Akamai customers “establish and maintain digital trust with their users by providing a highly secure and resilient environment for collecting and storing sensitive user information, managing privacy controls, defending against identity fraud, and improving engagement and brand loyalty.”For marketers, the integration of Janrain’s Identity Cloud with Akamai’s Intelligent Edge Platform means this identity service now has built-in security, anti-bot services and an ability to handle large spikes in traffic. And Akamai, which had been passing logins through its security/ac…

Marketing Day: Spotify branded sponsorships, martech salary survey, digital assistants at CES

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Spotify opens personalized ‘Discover Weekly’ playlists to brand sponsorships
Jan 7, 2019 by Amy Gesenhues
The company has started testing an advertising opportunity that will allow brands to sponsor the curated playlists “end-to-end.”Help us anonymously benchmark marketing operations and technology salaries
Jan 7, 2019 by Scott Brinker
Please give us just 3 minutes from your day to participate in our 2019 Marketing Technology & Operations Salary Survey.How marketers can counter chatbot backlash
Jan 7, 2019 by Barry Levine
With such a wide variation in chatbot performance, users may begin to avoid the conversational interfaces unless marketers take action.As CES opens, Amazon, Google tout digital assistant stats that highlight respective market strengths
Jan 7, 2019 by Greg Sterling
Amazon claims more than 100 million Alexa devices sold; Goo…

Account-based marketing tools: What you need to know

An account-based marketing (ABM) strategy recognizes that B2B purchase decisions are often made by a group of individuals within the company. ABM tools automate many of the data and workflow processes that enable this approach.This 60-page guide from MarTech Today brings together everything you need to know about account-based marketing tools and implementing this software into your business. Topics covered include:Critical elements for ABM success.Who the leading players are in ABM.What you should look for in an ABM solution.What trends are driving the adoption of ABM software.Also included in the report are profiles of 22 account-based management vendors, capabilities comparisons and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing. Visit Digital Marketing Depot to get your copy.The post Account-based marketing tools: What you need to know appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Here’s how marketers get motivated for the new year

Welcome back! The holiday crush is over, and 2018 is behind us. You’re at your desk, the year is less than a month old, and I know what you’re thinking.“How am I gonna do this again?”I hear you. You’re exhausted from the holiday season and from knocking yourself out to meet your 2018 goals.And, if you fell short, now you’re struggling to explain what happened.Either way, motivation to gear up and get back into the fray can be hard to come by. It’s certainly hard to communicate through one column from me here in Marketing Land. But I’ve been there, and I have some tips to think about as you sit at your desk and start reorganizing and thinking about the year ahead.The key to motivation is to get excited about what’s coming down the road. It’s hard to do that when you just came down off the mountain of last year’s excitement. One place to start is to think about the technology, processes or people that helped you succeed or could move you closer to your next goal if you fell short last y…

Spotify opens personalized ‘Discover Weekly’ playlists to brand sponsorships

Spotify announced on Monday a test to allow brands to sponsor its personalized “Discover Weekly” playlists. The launch advertiser is Microsoft, which will use the sponsorship to promote its AI campaign “Empowering Us All.”Discover Weekly’s branded sponsorships. Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” is a two-hour long curated playlist sent to listeners every week, with music selections tailored specifically to individual users’ tastes. While Spotify does run ads during the playlists, the sponsorship will give brands an opportunity to customize the ad experience for the entire playlist.“Personalization has quickly gone from a nice-to-have to an expected consumer experience that delights audiences and marketers are craving opportunities to be part of it,” said Spotify’s global head of partner solutions Danielle Lee, “Our new Discover Weekly ad experience positions advertisers for success and ensures that our fans are hearing messages that embody the ethos of discovery.”The company says it had to “…