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10 reasons you need to attend SMX West

For profitable and tangible SEO and SEM results, attend Search Engine Land’s SMX® West, January 30-31 in San Jose. Here are 10 reasons to join us…1. Actionable tactics from experts. Get proven, actionable tactics from industry leaders working at companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, SurveyMonkey, and many more. You’ll leave with tactics you can implement to drive traffic, generate leads, and boost sales.2. Program by Search Engine Land. SMX is hand-crafted by Search Engine Land editors, contributors, and industry experts and is designed to deliver maximum learning, value, and search marketing goodness.3. 30+ sessions, keynotes, and clinics. Solo sessions offer expert-led deep dives. Panels provide a variety of viewpoints. Roundtables ditch PowerPoints when discussion is more valuable. Clinics address your specific, case-by-case needs in a dedicated Q&A environment. See the agenda.4. Always something for you. Single-track conferences can be a snooze. If you’re not interested in wh…

Here’s how brands can leverage social returns in 2019

Looking back on my career, I’ve seen major shifts in advertising – all enabled by the digital age. From the advent of search spurring the rise of SEO/SEM, to the rise of data-driven personalization, mobile, UGC, and over the past decade, the rise in social media advertising. CMOs now identify social as the most effective and efficient advertising channel available. This direct line of communication isn’t to millions, it’s to billions. Social is how we consume media, connect with others, conduct research and ask for recommendations, seek help and get support, and increasingly, it’s the way we buy.Accordingly, marketers are aggressively increasing their social ad budgets, up 32 percent in 2018 alone, and it’s only expected to keep climbing this year. According to Hootsuite’s 2019 Social Trends report, 78 percent of respondents have either already invested in social advertising, or plan to in the coming year. Think about this: Facebook alone accounts for 23 percent of total U.S. digital …

Instagram lets marketers share posts across multiple accounts

Screenshot of Instagram’s new feature shared by Matt McGee. Instagram rolled out a new feature that gives iOS users managing multiple accounts the option to share a post across two or more of the accounts under their management. “We are rolling out this feature to provide a better experience for people who often post to multiple accounts,” says an Instagram spokesperson.Why you should careMarketers and social media managers overseeing multiple accounts owned by a single brand will now be able to post a single piece of content across multiple accounts they manage while they’re on the go, saving them both time and effort.According to a screenshot of the feature shared by Matt McGee, a real estate marketing professional (and former Marketing Land editor in chief), users will see a “Post to other accounts” option when creating a new post, and they can select the accounts they want to post to using toggle switches.Although social media managers running multiple Instagram accounts for a majo…

Optimizing for attention: Viewability gives rise to time-in-view metrics, poses challenges

Many marketers have bristled at the MRC standard of viewability requiring that at least 50 percent of its pixels be in view for at least one second (for video, 50 percent of a player must be in view for at least two seconds). The standard is a basis that an ad had the opportunity to be viewed. Increasingly, brands want to know howlong their ads were viewed. Not everyone agrees how or even if time-in-view should be a guiding metric, much less what the threshold should be.Time-based metrics aren’t a new concept. The industry knows that served ads that aren’t viewed are a massive waste of budget — as much as $7.4 billion on display ads alone in 2016, according to Forrester.But many advertisers think that’s too low.“Everyone’s kind of coalesced around the industry’s minimum [viewability] threshold. So now we’re saying, that’s not good enough,” says Scott Knoll, former CEO and strategic advisor of measurement analyst Integral Ad Science (IAS). “It’s not a one size fits all. As much as some…

The state of local SEO — get industry insights for 2019

Local search is a broad field that’s constantly growing and changing, challenging marketers to keep up. No matter what kind of company they work for, today’s marketers need both the big picture — relating to customers in the real world — as well as little details like questions submitted on a Google Knowledge Panel.And there’s more competition than ever, placing more pressure on local marketers to drive business results.A new industry report from Moz will help you understand the trends, thoughts, and biggest challenges shaping your work in local SEO. Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “The State of Local SEO Industry Report: Insights for 2019.”The post The state of local SEO — get industry insights for 2019 appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Marketing Day: Reddit’s new VP of ad products, ABM tools, evolution of inbound marketing

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Google Chrome’s filtering of ‘annoying’ ads will apply to sites worldwide starting in July
Jan 9, 2019 by Ginny Marvin
Sites that don’t adhere to the Better Ads Standards could see ads blocked.Reaching global equilibrium: The value of consent and user preference
Jan 9, 2019 by Ben Barokas
While consent is core to operating ethically, it is crucial not to forget about user experience.Reddit hires former Twitter ad team director as VP of ad products, engineering
Jan 9, 2019 by Amy Gesenhues
Shariq Rizvi will report to CEO Steve Huffman and lead Reddit’s monetization and ads product team.ABM is maturing, here are some tools to help build successful campaigns in 2019
Jan 9, 2019 by Cara Caruso
Top ABM tools have different platforms with their own focus in core competencies. Review these four areas before making your choice.HubSpot CEO Brian Halliga…

Google Chrome’s filtering of ‘annoying’ ads will apply to sites worldwide starting in July

The 12 ad formats deemed particularly annoying based on the Coalition for Better Ads survey data. Source: Coalition for Better Ads Nearly a year ago, Google’s Chrome web browser began to roll out the ability to block, or filter, ads on publisher websites in North America and Europe that don’t meet the Better Ads Standards. That capability will soon apply globally.Why you should careThe Better Ads Standards were developed by the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA), an industry group of which Google is a founding member. With the CBA’s announcement of the worldwide expansion of the Better Ads Standards, Google said Chrome’s ad filtering will apply globally, too. Beginning July 9, Chrome will filter ads from sites around the world that repeatedly display any of the 12 ad experiences identified as “annoying” under the Better Ads Standards. That includes formats such as pop-ups, prestitials and auto-play video ads among others.See our in-depth FAQ for details on how Chrome ad filtering works, wh…

PPC advertising: Eight questions your boss will ask

So, the powers that be want to know if PPC is the right solution for their business.Your boss will have many questions about Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. So, as a marketer or assistant, it’s important to understand how this channel will help to reach your company’s online goals.Google Ads is the leading PPC platform. And you should arm yourself with info about its workings and how it will benefit the business.Eight questions your boss is likely to ask you about PPC1. What will it cost?Your boss will want to know what PPC will cost. This is often a difficult question because there are many factors to the costs that you’ll be charged including:The budget amount that you’ll set for your campaignsWhich keywords you’re bidding on and the traffic volumesWhen you would like to run your adsThe level of competition and how aggressive they areIt’s always best to start with a test budget. That will differ for each business type of course, but it should be sufficient enough to get you traffic…

Reaching global equilibrium: The value of consent and user preference

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) this year started a ripple of privacy legislation across the globe, with governments evaluating whether current laws are enough to protect the personal data of users in our increasingly digital world.In the U.S., California leads the way with a privacy act that gives consumers more transparency into data collection, and national changes could be coming if Senator Ron Wyden’s proposal for similar federal law is accepted. Globally, draft bills focused on data privacy are also under review in India and Kenya.So what does this mean for digital players, and especially global publishers?At present, many aren’t sure. The mix of regional, country-level and international rules is confusing, and leaving content providers struggling to establish how to balance compliance with user experience. But the good news is that the answer can be understood from the data privacy revolution itself.The data status quoFirstly, let’s look at the…