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Here’s why you should get into the ABM game

Try as I might, I failed to get my kids excited about most sports. They took more to the arts. Surprisingly, though, skiing was different. A perfect groomer, fresh powder, mogul runs, even the steeps — they love it all. Maybe it was just how we got them into it. The joy was in “just doing it.”That’s how I’m starting to feel about ABM. It’s less about succeeding out of the gate and more about just doing it — and how our every little move makes us better. So if you’re struggling with ABM, or even if you haven’t begun a program, make 2019 the year you jump in.Don’t be put off by perceptions of complexity. Don’t delay by thinking you need some miracle new piece of software. Start by taking a closer look at your existing processes and how you view your information and then make tweaks. You can easily supplement these tweaks with new sources of insight available right now. Here are two great ways to get started.1. Get your scoring model on trackBasic lead scoring, delivered via marketing a…

Opinion: Google Partners Program incentives should include actual client goals

I received an email yesterday about new challenges and rewards in the Google Partners experience, so I headed over there to see how things are going these days.Have you visited the Google Partners Rewards experience? It simplifies the steps for how “points” are obtained by agencies and shows you exactly what you can do to gain those points (and what those points buy you. Google-branded Tile anyone?).According to the page, you can earn points by these seven “challenges:”Audience challengeSearch automationDisplay automationNon-last click adoptionHost a live stream eventParticipate in a trainingTeam certifications and specializationsExpected culprits like certifications and training achievements give agencies ways to gain points for swag-winning fun, but some of those categories for swag-winning points have of a more ominous tone to them.For instance, incentivizing an agency to add Search or GDN automation into a percentage of accounts so they can get that Google ping pong table doesn’t …

YouTube Uploader – Let Others Upload Videos to your YouTube Channel

It is easy to upload videos to your own YouTube channel but there’s one limitation. Only the owner of the channel can upload videos to their YouTube account and they cannot delegate the task to someone else in the team.Google Drive has the concept of shared folders. A folder can have multiple collaborators and anyone can upload files to that folder. Wouldn’t it be useful if such a feature were available for YouTube channels as well? You maintain a single YouTube account and multiple people can upload videos to your common account without the owner having their the Google account credentials with anyone.YouTube Video Uploader for CollaborationIntroducing YouTube Uploader, a simple file upload form that lets anyone upload videos to your YouTube channel from their desktop or mobile phone. The uploader doesn’t even need a Google account and they’ll still be able to upload video files of any size to your YouTube channel.Before we get into the implementation details, open this live demo pag…

Marketing Day: SMX West, new Instagram feature, optimizing for attention

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:10 reasons you need to attend SMX West
Jan 10, 2019 by Marketing Land
For profitable and tangible SEO and SEM results, attend Search Engine Land’s SMX® West, January 30-31 in San Jose. Here are 10 reasons to join us… 1. Actionable tactics from experts. Get proven, actionable tactics from industry leaders working at companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, SurveyMonkey, and many more.Here’s how brands can leverage social returns in 2019
Jan 10, 2019 by Penny Wilson
A good first step to getting noticed in 2019 is to recognize ad money has to be combined with the equivalent investment in time, creativity and targeting savvy.Instagram lets marketers share posts across multiple accounts
Jan 9, 2019 by Amy Gesenhues
Instagram says the new feature was designed to provide a better experience for people who often post to multiple accountsOptimizing for at…