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How to scale your social media marketing to build traffic and leads

Scaling is all about making repetitive tasks more productive to be able to focus on more creative things and experiments.I know a lot of people will cringe at the idea of scaling social media marketing because it is supposed to be all about human connections.There are also many people who don’t believe you can attract any substantial amount of clicks from social media.Well, both may be true but only if you do that wrong:That’s not possible to build good traffic from social media without at least some sort of automating / scaling.Social media audiences are fragmented: You cannot catch all of your social media followers with one single update.Social media is multi-platform (has been for quite a while) and it’s impossible to be everywhere at the same time.Social media won’t send you any traffic unless you are constantly there both engaging and broadcasting.And while truly effective engagement cannot be efficiently scaled, you can scale all other parts of the puzzle, at least to some exte…

Google decision to yank comments from webmaster blog highlights UGC challenges

On Friday, Google announced it was turning off comments on its Webmaster Central Blog, the site that provides news and updates for website owners and search marketers.“Sometimes they were extremely thoughtful, other times they made us laugh out loud, but most of the time they were off-topic or even outright spammy,” wrote Google’s webmaster trends analyst Gary Illyes about comments often received on the blog, “If you think about it, the latter is rather ironic, considering this is the Google Webmaster Blog.”Why you should careGoogle’s decision to remove comments on its Webmaster Central blog puts a spotlight on the broader challenges marketers face when trying to monitor user generated content (UGC). Google’s inability to effectively filter and block spammy or abusive comments from its own blogs drives home the time and effort needed to deliver an effective and worthwhile user generate content strategy. If Google can’t do it, does anyone else really have a chance?And blog owners aren’…