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Join your tribe at MarTech

Customer expectations are rising. Management is demanding results. And the technologies to satisfy them both are evolving faster than most organizations can implement.Sound familiar? Then we suggest you attend The MarTech® Conference, April 3-5 in San Jose. Here’s why.We feel your pain…Need to demonstrate ROI? Break down the silos? Get management buy-in? Overcome organizational inertia? The MarTech agenda features more than 40 sessions loaded with proven strategies you can bring home and implement immediately: And six insightful keynotes will leave you with fresh inspiration and ideas for the future:Evaluate 100+ martech solution providers efficiently…The Expo Hall is home to more than 100 martech companies offering everything from marketing automation software to data and privacy management. It’s never been easier to quickly and efficiently evaluate dozens of vendors to find the right fit for your company.You’ll also have the chance to learn from our exhibitors on the Solutions Track…

Google Activity Cards: Inviting users to be better connected with their past search activity

The latest tweak to Google’s search results which lets us browse, save, and delete results from similar searches we’ve made before is the next step in the company’s journey toward making the SERPs even more intuitive, tailored, and useful.Access to our respective search histories is not a new Google feature. Each of us can – if we have a Google account – simply click Settings > History, and from there browse, search for, or delete any past searches we want to.The launch of Google’s new activity cards on January 9th appears to be building on the principle of giving the user more control.So what functionality do they offer? And what are their implications for transparency, SEO and how we move around online?What are Google activity cards?For certain searches, we will begin seeing a small card marked “Your related activity” at the very top of the SERPs. We can expand this card to show results we have clicked on when making similar searches in the past.The spiel from Google is that this…

RE/MAX rolls out new DIY video capability for agents

RE/MAX rolled out Monday a new tool for agents that creates customized video content on the spot. Though the real estate company is calling it an industry-first, the tool is the latest entry in an expanding group of technologies that are making video creation at scale easier for marketers.The video feature was created in partnership with video rendering vendor Imposium.How does it work?To create a customized video to send to a client, agents visit the Remax Hustle portal and add personal details, upload a headshot and choose three pre-made clips that illustrate features or benefits, such as a 3D home tour. Then, they choose music. In less than a minute, they’ve created a :15 spot that can be immediately shared via email or uploaded directly to Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.The clips are part of an overall update to RE/MAX’s “The Sign of a RE/MAX Agent” ad campaign, which also launched on Monday.“Our agents are productive and we want to make sure they have marketing materials at their …

6 tactics for PPC marketers to save time, reduce stress and improve performance

As PPC marketers, everything we do revolves around structure and organization. Sure, there’s a huge amount of unstructured work as the result of performance trends and our analyses but, at the heart of our accounts, structure undeniably plays a huge role.However, over time, that structure – both in terms of account structure and the structure of optimizations – can become cluttered with account growth over time and with changes in strategy. Plus, with paid search efforts being nearly real-time, when a marketer becomes busy (read: holiday season), it’s not difficult to start to begin to start living in the paid-search-moment as opposed to a more structured routine – but that’s not for the best.As we kick off 2019, it’s a great time to revisit processes, workflows and structure to identify ways to become more organized, which allows for greater efficiency, less stress, and better performance. Organization is a win – win – win situation.There are a ton of ways to approach this as organiz…

How To Prevent Image Hotlinking In WordPress (3 Working Methods)

Most people know that stealing is wrong. But when it comes to stealing your web server’s resources and bandwidth, a lot of people either don’t care or simply don’t realize that their actions can have an adverse effect.Of course, I’m talking about image hotlinking, not breaking into your host’s data center.Hotlinking is where another site embeds the images hosted on your server. For example, might use images that are hosted on are a few negatives from this approach, which is why you might want to disable image hotlinking in WordPress.In this post, I will share three different methods that you can use to turn off hotlinking on your WordPress site. While these methods will help you turn it off in general, you’ll still be able to let specific sites hotlink your images if desired.Why You Should Consider Disabling Image Hotlinking In WordPressWhen other sites hotlink your images, they drain your server’s resources and might even cost you money (if you ha…

Salesforce launches Einstein Visual Search for retailer product discovery

Salesforce is announcing Monday at the National Retail Federation (NRF) trade show several enhancements to its Commerce Cloud.The company says that retailers employing its Commerce Cloud sell $16 billion dollars of wares annually through more than 3,000 websites in more than five dozen countries.Visual Search, Recommendation Engine. Einstein Visual Search is now available for stores and product catalogs built in the Cloud. Users can upload from their smartphones a newly taken photo or a found image, and the platform will find a visually similar product. The name of the famous scientist is Salesforce’s term for its AI layer.Salesforce says the feature improves search because different users commonly employ different words to search for a product. (Think Pinterest’s Lens, which launched in 2017 and can also be used to augment text-based searches.) Each search is conducted within a given retailer, and, while the default enables uploads from a mobile device, a marketer could extend the ca…

Gartner: What the post-disruptive marketing landscape will look like

Marketers are trying to find a balance in the midst of massive destabilizing forces, according to a recent study from research firm Gartner.But, says the report, titled “Predicts 2019: Marketing Seeks a New Equilibrium” [available for Gartner clients], the new balance that will emerge in a few years will leave a landscape that looks significantly different from the one that currently exists.Voice, Privacy and AutomationVoice interfaces and bite-sized videos are causing marketers to re-think how they communicate, the report notes. Privacy laws mean that consumers have to agree on data usage. Meanwhile, analytics organizations are “bloated,” and automation is disrupting creative production, the ability to understand all processes and the skillset of available staff.That’s just the top level of disrupting forces. Within three to four years, the report predicts:Profitability will replace customer experience as the CMO’s top priority.Brands will benefit from less customer churn if they add…

WordPress, Google team on new CMS and monetization for local news publishers

This morning, WordPress parent Automattic and Google announced Newspack. The new content management system (CMS) is “an advanced open-source publishing and revenue-generating platform for news organizations.” It’s targeted specifically to smaller, local news publishers that have struggled with traffic and revenue and don’t have lots of technology resources.Consortium of industry supporters. Google says that the primary objective of Newspack is to “help small publishers succeed by building best practices into the product while removing distractions that may divert scarce resources.” In addition to Google and Automattic, project funders include Lenfest, ConsenSys and the Knight Foundation.Automattic is inviting publishers to apply to be initial testers of the platform and provide feedback. The company offers a form at the end of its blog post and says applications are due by February 1. There will be no charge for use of the platform through January 2020. Thereafter it will cost between…

Protect your brand in search

98% of your competition is brand bidding.Advertisers bid on each others brand and trademarked terms to steal website traffic. This commonplace practice goes largely unchecked across major search verticals and is extremely difficult to monitor at scale.Read this report from Adthena to take the first step towards safeguarding your brand equity. Answered in this report:Does brand bidding impact your conversions?How to reduce the impact of brand bidding by 50%.How AI technology can help protect your brand in search.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download the “Brand Bidding Impact Report.”The post Protect your brand in search appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Marketing Day: Amazon’s Freedive, Catalina’s attribution tracking service, more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Freedive, Amazon’s free video-on-demand service, serves up new video advertising opportunities
Jan 14, 2019 by Amy Gesenhues
The ad-supported platform could give Amazon a stronger foothold in the video advertising landscape.Google decision to yank comments from webmaster blog highlights user-generated content challenges
Jan 14, 2019 by Amy Gesenhues
If Google can’t filter spammy content from one of its own blogs, what hope do brands have when it comes to policing user generate content?Catalina adds first attribution tracking service
Jan 11, 2019 by Barry Levine
The shopper data firm can now track the impact of digital ads on product sales and buyer behavior, down to UPC barcodes.Marketers react to Gartner finding: Martech spending now exceeds staff costs
Jan 11, 2019 by Barry Levine
A recent report by the research firm indicates that a corner m…

Freedive, Amazon’s free video-on-demand service, serves up new video advertising opportunities

IMDb, the Amazon-owned database of TV and movie titles, has launched an ad-supported video-on-demand service called Freedive. It is available in the U.S. on the IMDb website, Amazon Fire TV devices, Amazon’s Roku channel and on mobile devices via the IMDb app.Why advertisers should careAmazon is estimated to be the third largest digital ad seller in the U.S., behind Google and Facebook. With the launch of Freedive, Amazon is expanding its advertising options and growing its ad revenue opportunities against premium content — and pose a challenge to the market leaders on the fast-growing video advertising front.According to Variety’s report, Amazon IMDb has more than 250 million unique monthly users worldwide, and offers more than 130 feature movie titles and 29 TV shows available for free. IMDb CEO Col Needham said in a statement, “We will continue to enhance IMDb Freedive based on customer feedback and will soon make it available more widely, including on IMDb’s leading mobile apps.”M…