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How did the 2018 SERP changes impact organic search?

Search industry has seen its share of updates over the years. The folks that have been in the industry long enough know Google introduces multiple changes in its search algorithm yearly.These changes range from being minor to major changes. Panda, for instance, affected the search engine result page (SERP) in substantial ways.When such changes happen, there tend to be various articles in the industry notifying the trend and changes.Usually articles are news based in nature: “Google launched this change or those changes.” But they lack an informative recommendation on how the reader should digest this information.In this article, we’ll review the major SERP changes brought to us in 2018. For each update, we’ll discuss a practical tip to respond accordingly.2018 SERP changes and recommendations 2018 was not a dull year! Google released several SERP feature updates.As Google updates its algorithm to better align with users, the SERPs have gone through a look and feel makeover.These chang…