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The digital natives are restless

The measurement “90 percent” seems to come up a lot in my writings. One reason is obvious: For all the sturm and drang surrounding digital, more than 90 percent of retail spend still occurs in stores.Here’s another “90 percent” yardstick. I’d say the average brand now has about 90 percent of e-commerce figured out. By that I mean they have a seamless infrastructure — a site that looks professional, offers high-level security and is user-friendly and easy to navigate. And although that’s way beyond what most brands offered during e-commerce 1.0, or even the early stages of e-commerce 2.0, it’s just the minimum requirement for being taken seriously today.That last 10 percent is the toughestBeing 90 percent of the way there isn’t nearly enough for a brand to establish itself as an innovator and e-commerce leader. The degree of difficulty increases logarithmically past that point, sort of like the increasing orders of magnitude on the Richter scale. So, the brands that are crushing it are…

Four ways to use webinar marketing for reputation management

Webinar marketing has been gaining popularity for a few years now.There are plenty of reasons for that: webinars improve social media engagement, help with brand loyalty, create linkable assets, build lead generation lists, and many more.But one effort webinars can particularly helpful for is reputation management.1. Associate your brand name with prominent niche influencersWhen done right, influencer marketing is the best way to improve your online reputation (it could be quite risky too, so approach it with much caution). Any solid reputation management campaign should heavily rely on influencer marketing for many reasons:People tend to trust people, so when they see influential personalities spread your message, they are more likely to engageA simple association with a well-recognized personal brand can go a long way: People will automatically assume your brand can be trusted by seeing familiar faces that get featured on your website or social media feedsFinally, influencers are ab…