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Facebook pulls Research app after backlash over use of teen data

Facebook has removed a controversial app, dubbed Facebook Research, from the iOS app store after coming under fire for essentially paying teenagers to let the company spy on their mobile activity. The story on Tuesday by TechCrunch found that since 2016 the company has been paying users, mostly teens, to download a VPN app that gives the company nearly unlimited access to user data and phone activity.Ultimately, Facebook’s research project could potentially be feeding Facebook with even more ad-targeting data. But marketers already concerned with the platform’s ongoing mismanagement of user data and privacy may find this news one more reason to safeguard their marketing strategy against Facebook’s ongoing PR crisis.How Facebook’s “Research” program works. According to TechCrunch’s findings, Facebook has been paying users age 13 to 35-years-old up to $20 a month to install a “Facebook Research” app on iOS and Android devices. The research app is being applied via beta testing services …

Meet Netflix, NPR, and The New York Times at MarTech

The New York Times, NPR, Adobe, JP Morgan Chase, Nordstrom, Netflix, and Zillow have all mastered the three pillars of martech success: marketing, technology, and management. And what’s more — they’re eager to share their knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned to help you overcome your own workplace challenges.Attend MarTech®, April 3-5 in San Jose. You’ll walk away with proven strategies for constructing successful playbooks, validating initiatives, unifying teams, and maximizing ROI.
Drive Impressive Results, Design Amazing Customer Experiences, And MoreHere’s a look at what you’ll learn from these leading brands:Applying Product Management to Martech at the New York Times – with Pamela Della Motta, Director of Product, Marketing Technology, and Kristian Kristensen, VP for Engineering, at The New York TimesMarketing Data Science and Your Data Strategy – with Jason Mestrits, Senior Manager Data Science & Analytics at NordstromMeasure What Matters: Data Strategy to Drive Resu…

Cross-domain analytics tracking: Why you may not need it

Over the past couple of months, I’ve seen a sharp increase in requests for setting up cross-domain tracking for a variety of different clients and websites. The process to implement cross-domain tracking can be tricky and if not done correctly can fail or cause inaccurate information to be collected in the client’s analytic tools. To those looking to implement it on their own, there are many blog posts and columns on the correct way to configure cross-domain tracking and even how to debug it (if it isn’t working as it should) on the web. There is no need to write another one, however, what these posts don’t contain is why a business should or should not implement cross-domain tracking. What are the benefits of cross-domain tracking and are there any risks associated with it? If you’ve heard about cross-domain tracking or are merely curious if your organization can benefit from it, read on.What is cross-domain tracking?According to Google Analytics, “Cross-domain tracking makes it poss…

Why SEO and front-end developers are the perfect search marketing team

If you work in digital marketing, then you will have already heard a lot about the role of SEO and front-end development in creating popular websites.SEO and web development are often considered as incompatible as iOS and Android devices.Both have similar goals, but take vastly different approaches.However, technological progress has facilitated change.These two different web specialties have now come as close as they have ever been.So close, in fact, that they could now be considered the perfect ensemble. Together, they can outsmart more conservative approaches in the search marketing industry.Here are five reasons why SEO and front-end developers make the ideal search marketing team:1. Coding knowledge is a future-proof asset for SEOsEven beyond SEO, the demand for coding skills is on the rise.According to the Evan’s Data Corporation, the number of developers globally will increase by at least a 20% in the next 5 years. If this doesn’t sound much, imagine adding more than 4 million …

Reddit launches cost-per-click ads

Reddit announced on Wednesday it is launching cost-per-click (CPC) ads, the platform’s first performance-based ad unit. The CPC ads can be bought through the Reddit ad dashboard and will “complete the suite” of Reddit’s ad offerings, along with cost-per-impression (CPM) and cost-per-view (CPV) ads.Why you should careAfter a complete redesign of its website — the first in over a decade — Reddit is building out its ad offerings to attract more brands to the site. The new CPC ad units will allow advertisers to implement direct response campaigns across desktop and mobile, and will be delivered as either a link or Promoted Posts (video included).“While cost-per-click advertising isn’t innovative, in itself, the launch marks a big moment for the Reddit Ads business. This is a point of inflection that helps get us to parity in the market and will change the way advertisers think about our capabilities,” said Reddit VP of brand partnerships Zubair Jandali in the announcement for the CPC ads.…

Creative, short-form video: The secret weapon in getting Gen Z on board with your brand

There are a lot of important things that marketers, businesses, manufacturers and anyone else with something to sell need to know about Generation Z – the cohort of the population born approximately between 1995 and 2015. But here is the most important Gen Z fact: As of 2019, they are the largest cohort by number of any generation alive and they are on track to become the largest generation worldwide (32 percent of the 7.7 billion people on Earth).That, by itself, should be keeping marketers up at night – because Gen Z’ers are different than millennials or aging baby boomers. They don’t trust a government, according to a study by the UK’s Guardian newspaper – but they trust business even less. No more than 6 percent of teens and young adults trust corporations to “do the right thing.” As these consumers are the future, companies need to develop a way to appeal to them. What do they want? What can marketers do to gain their trust? There have been numerous studies on these questions, bu…

Case study: A tale of two insights and why they are not all created equal

Understanding your target customer is essential to crafting messaging that results in impactful campaigns. The importance of uncovering the right insight is a struggle that all companies face. It’s a tale of two insights where not all are created equal. To articulate this point, let’s use a real example from a large, Fortune 500 company – we’ll call them “Corporation X.”Corporation X sought to reinvent their cat litter product, which was losing market share to their competitors. To boost sales, the company was prepared to address the basics: price, packaging and/or positioning. But which factor would have the most impact on consumer purchasing behavior? It would be up to the research team to design a study to gather the data necessary to make an objective decision.As it turned out, it wasn’t any of the traditional factors that pushed consumers to another product. It was, in fact, something completely different; something the team hadn’t even considered. Consumers found that this parti…

The Comprehensive Guide to Ace Google Featured Snippets in 2019

Want to ace Google featured snippet?Wondering what is it? 🤔This is a featured snippet:While most bloggers, SEOs, and digital marketers continue to optimize their sites with technical SEO, improve the quality of their content, and build backlinks from every nook and corner of the internet, they frequently overlook what’s staring them right in the face: the opportunity to get into Position 0 – Google’s answer box or featured snippet, as we know it.What is the featured snippet?According to GoogleWhen a user asks a question in Google Search, we might show a search result in a special featured snippet block at the top of the search results page. This featured snippet block includes a summary of the answer, extracted from a webpage, plus a link to the page, the page title and URL. It looks as shown in the screenshot above.So why are featured snippets (Google’s rich answer box)  so important, how can they bring you more traffic, and how do you get your pages to pop up in these results?Let m…

InsideSales’ new study: AI is ‘becoming a way of life’ for sales

From the InsideSales report “AI is becoming more than just mainstream,” says a new study from sales acceleration platform “It’s becoming a way of life.”Out today, “State of Artificial Intelligence for Sales & Marketing/2018 Report” (free, registration required) shows “most people in the industry understand that AI truly enhances a sales rep’s role and makes it more efficient,” VP of Marketing and report co-author Gabe Larsen told me via email.“But AI isn’t a stand-in for humans,” he noted. “People need to sell to people, and people want to buy from people they like.” Only nine percent of respondents in the company’s new survey believe that AI will replace sales reps in the next five years.90 percent: Improves sales performance. The impact of AI on sales is clearly growing. Nearly 71 percent of the 633 U.S.-based sales professionals who responded to the survey indicated they are using some form of AI at work, twice the 38 percent in InsideSales’ previous 2017 report

Marketing Day: Facebook Attribution, brand safety best practices, gender stereotypes in ads

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Two months in, Facebook Attribution gets mixed reviews
Jan 29, 2019 by Amy Gesenhues Some advertisers are gaining valuable insights from the tool since its release in November, but others aren’t as impressed.2019 Marketing Trends
Jan 29, 2019 by Digital Marketing Depot
Marketing isn’t what it used to be. There’s big data, artificial intelligence, GDPR and agile workflows. All which ladder up to the holy grail of creating an ever-better customer experience. If you want to compete in this rapid digital world, you need to make your customers happy. Constantly.Best practices for a new era of brand safety
Jan 29, 2019 by Danny Macdonald
A good brand safety initiative should not be limited to the basic standards set by technology partners but a more comprehensive discussion of the brand’s needs.Are brands behind the times when it comes to gender ster…

New survey finds cable cord-cutting is popular across the US

From the Waterstone study A new survey should make marketers reassess the future of cable TV versus over-the-top (OTT) TV like Netflix and Hulu.In a survey of 5000 U.S. users, Chicago-based consulting firm Waterstone Management Group found that 59 percent have discontinued cable TV in favor of OTT, and another 29 percent are considering doing so.“Nearing the end.” Andy Kerns, Creative Director at digital marketing agency Digital Third Coast and the study’s primary researcher, told me via email that the big takeaway is we may “be nearing the end of ‘traditional cable’ as we once knew it.”Conducted in December, the survey asked one question:“Someone who ‘cuts the cord’ gives up a traditional cable TV subscription in favor of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. WHAT BEST DESCRIBES YOU?I cut the cord 3+ years agoI cut the cord 2 years agoI cut the cord in 2018I plan to cut the cord in 2019I’m on the fenceI don’t plan to cut the cordI’ve never had cable”Kerns said the …

Two months in, Facebook Attribution gets mixed reviews

In November, Facebook moved its attribution tool out of beta, making it available to all advertisers. The tool brings marketers on the platform one step closer to capturing an overview of the full customer journey, from the first touch point to conversion. Powered by Facebook pixel, the tool gives advertisers access to reports that include cross-device conversion data, purchases resulting from paid, organic and direct sources, as well as conversion and visit metrics by source.Now with more than two months of ad insights available, we asked marketers how they were using Facebook Attribution and if it is impacting their Facebook advertising strategies.Cross-channel insights. Andrew Becks, chief consultant for automated social media platform SocialChimp, says he is getting a ton of value from Facebook’s attribution tool, both for SocialChimp’s clients as well as for the company’s own marketing efforts.“In one example, we work with real estate agents to better understand and measure the v…

2019 Marketing Trends

Marketing isn’t what it used to be. There’s big data, artificial intelligence, GDPR and agile workflows. All which ladder up to the holy grail of creating an ever-better customer experience. If you want to compete in this rapid digital world, you need to make your customers happy. Constantly.This white paper from IBM will get you started with nine of the most exciting trends developing in the world of marketing in 2019. Improve your business outlook by taking advantage of these transformations today and stay competitive by setting the conversation as the leaders of tomorrow.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “2019 Marketing Trends.”The post 2019 Marketing Trends appeared first on Marketing Land.

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