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Long live email: Why email’s future remains bright

Despite the fact that we live in a world where email makes headlines when it’s used as part of a large scale data breach, it’s still the world’s number one communication channel. The volume of legitimate email grows every year, reaching a fever pitch in North America around Black Friday and Cyber Monday as retailers pack the inboxes of consumers with once-a-year offers. Despite SMTP, the underlying protocol for email — being born in an age long before the iPhone, Facebook and Twitter (read more in part 1 of this series) — is evolving thanks to the ingenuity of clever designers and mailbox providers who view email as the single most pervasive digital communication medium on the planet.For those that think email is “set it and forget it,” think again. Email is alive and continues to surprise and delight. The sheer fact that for every $1 of investment there’s the potential for a $38 return should make you stop and think twice about ignoring the power of the channel. If you’re wondering w…

Why clients in-house and what agencies can (and can’t) do about it

Client in-housing has always been a factor for agencies, but the availability of ad tech and martech, the rise of automation and data management requirements have added new pressures. Half of digital agencies say clients moving marketing services in-house is a key challenge, according to our Digital Agency 2019 survey, released Wednesday.To better understand how in-housing is impacting digital agencies, we talked to chief media officer of the Drum Agency Todd Silverstein, consumer division president at the agency SCOUT Cheryl Maher and Clint Tasset, CEO of AdSwerve a Google Marketing Platform partner that works with agencies and in-house marketers. The three industry veterans shared their experiences, what they expect to see in the near future, and recommendations for agencies to maintain thriving businesses.Why in-housing happens. Maher said that while clients have discussed in-housing as a possible option, her company has been only marginally impacted by the trend during the last fi…

In a world of facts, ideas are king

“Can you please come watch this commercial? We’ll take out the trash.”This is how consumer research generally started when I was an account man at the nation’s most creative ad agency in the 1990s.My team and I were back at the agency the evening before we needed to present rough cuts to the client, debating which version would be most effective. Having reached a stalemate, we called in the consumer: the office cleaning person who, in exchange for giving up cleaning duties for an hour, offered their opinion on our creative work.I wish I could say that this only happened once, but I think the cleaning crew at 375 Hudson Street in NYC began putting “voice of the consumer” on their resumes by the time they left.This method of fact-finding is woefully insufficient in today’s hyper-everything communications world. While it is easy to look back and laugh at our eleventh-hour approach, I could argue that this sort of direct exposure interview worked just fine when the advertising business wa…

How does an omnichannel vision increase sales?

With the digitization of consumption patterns, being present on all channels is no longer enough to capture the attention of consumers. Multichannel strategy needs to be redesigned to benefit from an omnichannel strategy, which is essential today to support consumers throughout their purchasing journey. Which steps does the customers take before making their final purchase? How much time goes by before their first visit and final purchase? Did they only purchase online? These questions help improving customer journey knowledge and put an effective and coherent marketing strategy in place.Digital: The gateway to storesWith the rise of e-commerce, many predicted the end of physical stores. These two retail spaces are largely complementary and are far from being in competition. Studies have shown consumers often prepare their purchase online before realizing it in a store. Today purchase decision is made well upstream: 8 out of 10 in-store purchases are preceded by at least one online vi…

Five growth hack ideas for SEO

By definition, growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation, a continuous journey of trial and error to find the best path of growth.For a company, these experiments can be across marketing funnel, product development, sales segments, and so on.While traditional marketing is costly, growth hacking is a low cost alternative.Entrepreneur Sean Ellis coined the term “Growth Hacking” in 2010, although the approach is not something brand new. In various periods of human history, thoughtful persons used insights from psychology, social science, and other disciplines for the betterment of humanity or for their personal profit.These “Nudges” can be considered as a kind of growth hack.In any digital marketing funnel, content marketing, together with SEO, play a vital role. You can apply thoughtful, data-driven insights in keyword analysis and link building to improve your SEO rankings.Here are five useful growth hack ideas for SEO that you can do for free1. Leveraging dead competitorsGo…

Amazon’s ad business continues to soar, topped $3 billion for first time in Q4

Amazon reported $3.38 billion in advertising revenue for the fourth quarter of 2018 on Thursday, surpassing $3 billion in a quarter for the first time. With that, Amazon’s ad business topped $10 billion for the year, a 95 percent increase from 2017.Surpassing expectations. That’s far and above the $4.6 billion eMarketer had estimated in September, when it declared Amazon had become the third-biggest ad seller in the U.S. (well) behind Google and Facebook. (Facebook reported $16.6 billion in ad revenue last quarter.) Amazon had already generated $4 billion in advertising revenues in the first two quarters of the year, according to its own earnings reports.Soaring revenue, but slowing growth rate. Amazon’s impressive ad revenue growth (still reported on an “Other” line item in the company’s earnings reports) did slow with each quarter in 2018. The fourth quarter’s year over year growth of a still-lofty 97 percent ended a three quarter streak of triple digit growth.A focus on SMB sellers…

Marketing Day: Quora keyword targeting and auction insights, Google attribution, more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Quora adds search-like keyword targeting, Auction Insights for advertisers
Jan 31, 2019 by Ginny Marvin
Keyword targeting offers the intent targeting of search and can be more granular than topic targeting. Auction Insights offer competitive visibility.Agencies say search, social spend will rise, but increases target 5 platforms
Jan 31, 2019 by Ginny Marvin
Our survey finds second-tier platforms are much less likely to see spending increases in the coming year. Amazon and LinkedIn crack the top five, while the Google and Facebook duopoly still dominates.11 paid search tactics that drive quality inbound calls
Jan 31, 2019 by Digital Marketing Depot
Click-to-call and direct dialing from voice assistants is making it easier than ever for consumers to turn their digital transactions into conversations. But advances in artificial intelligence, new p…

Quora adds search-like keyword targeting, Auction Insights for advertisers

SAN JOSE — Quora continues to rapidly build out features and capabilities of its not-yet-two-year old advertising platform. The question and answer platform announced the launch of Auction Insights at SMX West in San Jose, CA Thursday. Earlier this week, Quora rolled out keyword targeting, allowing advertisers to bid on the keywords they may already be targeting in search campaigns.Auction Insights. To help advertisers better understand how they’re performing against others in the ad auctions, Quora introduced three new metrics on Thursday.Auctions Lost to Competition shows the percentage of auctions your ad set entered but did not win an ad impression in one of the ad slots available. Quora says its auction algorithm takes both creative relevancy and bid into consideration. If the Auctions Lost to Competition metric indicates your loss rate is high, for example, you might consider improving the relevancy of your creative or raising your bid to be more competitive.Impression Share is …

How did the Gillette video impact search traffic?

Over the past couple weeks there was a lot of media coverage, in both traditional and social mediums discussing the Gillette “The Best a Man Can Be” ad.The ad has a lot of layers to it.But for the search engine marketing crowd, we know one of the most important questions is, “What was the impact on search traffic?”What impact does creative like this have on a brand and that brand’s search volume?This is especially interesting as we get closer to the Super Bowl. Brands have sunk millions of dollars into the ad spot and the creation of the ad itself.Why do they make these investment choices? What is the impact to search traffic and volume?In case you haven’t watched, here is the original video from Gillette.Also worth watching,  Saturday Night Live parodied the video using Kool-Aid as the brand.Now that we’ve seen the ad, let’s look at the corresponding searches.How did the Gillette video impact search traffic?I started by looking at Google Trends for the term “Gillette.”As expected, it…

Agencies say search, social spend will rise, but increases target 5 platforms

Source: Marketing Land Digital Agency Survey 2019 SAN JOSE — Media spending on search and social platforms is expected to increase this year, but increases will be concentrated among a handful of platforms. That’s according to Marketing Land’s Digital Agency Survey 2019, which we released Wednesday at SMX West in San Jose, California.Google, YouTube, Facebook/Instagram, Amazon and LinkedIn are poised to see the biggest gains in ad spend revenues, according to the report. More than fifty percent of respondents forecast increases on each of those platforms, with the so-called duopoly of Google and Facebook leading the way.Three-quarters expect media spend on Google will increase and seven out of 10 expect to spend more on YouTube advertising in the coming year. Just 8.5 percent and 5 percent, respectively, plan to spend less on Google and YouTube.Discover how digital agencies are transforming. Download the eBook now.Note: By submitting this form, you agree to Third Door Media's terms

11 paid search tactics that drive quality inbound calls

Click-to-call and direct dialing from voice assistants is making it easier than ever for consumers to turn their digital transactions into conversations. But advances in artificial intelligence, new pay-per-click technology, and changing consumer habits mean you must re-imagine your paid search tactics.How can you stay ahead of the pack and make every dollar count? Read this ebook developed by the paid search experts at Hanapin Marketing and Invoca for the latest trends and tactics, including:Using AI for more effective campaigns.Optimizing campaigns for high-converting calls.Expanding your audience.Using call tracking & analytics to boost PPC results.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “11 Paid Search Tactics that Drive Quality Inbound Calls.”The post 11 paid search tactics that drive quality inbound calls appeared first on Marketing Land.

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