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Google Display ads have evolved: What’s next for display?

Do you remember that? It’s the infamous “punch the monkey” ad, and it’s one of the earliest examples of display advertising. Back then, the marketing industry tried anything to get messages on the web and in front of consumers — all of them.For some, display ads still retain some of that “blast your story everywhere and see what happens” reputation. But I think that view is misplaced. Though today’s internet is complex and vast in ways we never anticipated over a decade ago, we now have the insights and technology needed to be helpful in ways consumers expect.Consider this: people navigated to more than 185 million active websites in December 2018 alone. And while 88 percent of consumers favor brands that provide helpful information along the journey to purchase, only 47 percent of brands customize and show information that meets those expectations. This is where display ads can close the gap — to not only drive awareness but meaningful engagement.We’ve come a long way from that ubiqu…

YouTube Optimization: Complete Guide

When you think SEO, naturally you think Google. Some of you might even think Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, or Baidu depending on your target location.But the often-forgotten search engine when it comes to prioritizing your optimization efforts is YouTube.According to Alexa’s global traffic rankings, YouTube is the second most visited website in the world.It’s also arguably the second biggest search engine in the world that you haven’t yet properly optimized for — despite this very topic featuring at Mozcon over four years ago!Why YouTube?“YouTube viewers watch a lot of video — over 4 billion hours a month at last count. But the average household also watches several hours of video per day on their TVs. So for YouTube to become the most important media in more people’s lives, we’ve got a lot of growing to do.”Source: YouTube CreatorsUnlocking the potential within YouTube means you can access millions of viewers every day. This gives you a new channel for your promotional videos along with your …