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Reddit App Install ads are, here along with new 3rd party attribution options, more tracking capabilities

Reddit announced on Wednesday its cost-per-click (CPC) ads now include an App Install campaign objective. The company has also added seven new attribution reporting providers to its list of available third-party integrations, along with updated tracking capabilities for its Conversion Pixel.Reddit’s App Install ads. After introducing CPC ads less than a month ago, the ad product will now include App Install campaign objectives for mobile-first advertisers, helping drive more App Store visits.According to Reddit, when an advertiser chooses App Install as the objective for CPC ads, Reddit will target the ads at its iOS and Android mobile app users via native mobile ads, and direct ad clicks to the app store URL. Advertisers can bid on a per-click basis, only paying for the ads that convert to an app store visit.New third-party attribution reporting options. Along with App Install CPC ads, Reddit announced it is adding seven attribution tracking platforms to its list of available third-p…

Adobe Experience Manager adds features to help marketers manage assets, optimize video

obe’s Brand Portal tool, part of the Adobe Experience Manager. Adobe announced Wednesday a number of new updates to Adobe Experience Manager aimed at helping marketers manage content assets and video marketing efforts. The enhancements were released in combination with new capabilities designed to give IT professionals and developers more flexibility around app development efforts.New asset management features for content marketing materials. For marketers charged with managing brand assets for multiple teams, Adobe has added a high-speed transfer service within its Brand Portal — a tool used for asset distribution among internal teams. The updated Brand Portal will deliver faster asset management options on a global scale, and comes with enhanced permission controls to delegate which teams or geographic locations have access to which assets.The company has also added a Visual Search tool to its Adobe Asset Link platform, making it easier to locate similar images within a brands’ libra…

Mobile search and video in 2019: How visible are you?

Here at Search Engine Watch we know that video content is a great way to achieve and maintain visibility online, as well as being a successful means for providing engaging content for followers and prospective customers.A quick look at our Twitter feed is testament to that.Last month I argued that YouTube channels could – and should – be optimized in much the same way as our videos and websites.And Ann Smarty’s 5 YouTube optimization tips to improve your video rankings is worth a look if you want to ensure your videos are really sticking out from the crowd.But in 2019 are there any other considerations for ensuring that our videos are visible?We know that Google frequently tweaks its algorithm and we should assume that YouTube does too. We also know the habits of searchers and viewers change as time passes.Today I want to turn our attention to video search visibility in the mobile context. After all, most of our search activity is mobile and most of our video viewing activity is as we…

New-school paid social creative needs old-school teamwork to succeed

There is a rather large thing in paid social that has been undergoing massive change in the past year outside of the rise in CPMs and algorithm changes: creative.It’s not hard to see why, given how the market has evolved. There’s been an evolution in the attention paid to creative throughout every platform (dynamic creative, auto-creation of ads by Google, etc.) and paid social is no exception. Much like last-click attribution, advertisers have habits ingrained in them from primarily spending money in paid search. Copy was meant for direct response, and the visuals that went with it were somewhat secondary.Initially, you could get away with this on things like Facebook’s news feed, because there wasn’t much variety there. When video started, it opened up a whole new world and advertisers rushed to get video live. There was healthy inventory on the news feed and Facebook actively sought to fill it with video – so producing video as fast as possible was the name of the game.Fast forward…

The Essential Tools for Programmers

This is a list of essential tools and services from my coding workflow that I think should be part of every web programmer’s toolkit. Whether you a building a simple “Hello World” app or a complex web application, these tools should make your coding easier and increase productivity.The Web Developer’s Toolkit1. — API documentation for all popular programming languages and frameworks. Includes instant search and works offline too.2. — create your own web apps in the browser, import GitHub repos, use any NPM package or build on any popular frameworks and directly deploy to Firebase.3. — quickly find the import cost (download size) of any package in the NPM registry. Or upload your package.json file to scan all dependencies in your project.4. — Write your code in modern JavaScript and let Babel transform your code into JavaScript that is compatible with even older browsers.5. — quickly build frontend responsive layouts wi…

Marketers can now employ Watson in any cloud or location

IBM’s Watson, a celebrity among AI systems following his champion-winning stint on the TV show Jeopardy!, is now coming to a cloud near you.On Tuesday, the company announced that Watson software will now be made available to any cloud, vendor or other business.Any environment. Previously, Watson was primarily running on IBM’s cloud services. Now the Watson services can run in any environment — any cloud, multiple clouds, on-premises or hybrid combo.The capabilities include IBM Watson Studio for building and training machine learning, Watson OpenScale platform for managing multiple instances of AI regardless of where they originated, Watson Assistant for building conversational interfaces and Watson Assistant Discovery Extension for recognizing patterns in unstructured data.Watson is made available outside of IBM’s cloud through the IBM Cloud Private for Data, an open architecture for AI that includes application-building capabilities.Business Automation Intelligence. “The flexibility …

Sharpen your SEO & SEM skills. See the SMX Advanced agenda!

For nearly 15 years, SMX® Advanced has been the event expert search marketers attend to learn performance-enhancing tactics, make game-changing connections, and further their careers. Join them in Seattle June 3-5.The agenda is live and ready for you to explore!Register now & save up to $900!All Access Pass:Book now and save $450 off on-site rates. See what you get!All Access + Workshop Combo (best value!):Book now and save $900 off on-site rates. See what you get!Networking Pass: Book now and save $300 off on-site rates. See what you get!See you in Seattle!Psst… Need approval from your boss? Take advantage of these handy resources, including talking points, pricing breakdown, and templated letter.The post Sharpen your SEO & SEM skills. See the SMX Advanced agenda! appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Marketing Day: IAB Europe to update consent framework, LiveRamp’s latest identity resolution capabilities

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Exclusive: IAB Europe to release updated consent framework later this year, Google to sign on
Feb 12, 2019 by Robin Kurzer
Google has been working with IAB Europe on the updates, which will incorporate new tech and policy features.LiveRamp gives advertisers a way to target users across all of their CTV interactions
Feb 12, 2019 by Robin Kurzer
The platform has extended its identity resolution capabilities to include OTT and digital TV users.Recent Headlines From MarTech Today, Our Sister Site Dedicated To Marketing Technology:Data location vendor worked with GDPR regulator on data consent model, yielding 70% opt-in rates
Feb 11, 2019 by Greg Sterling
Teemo says that transparency gives consumers a sense of control and they respond positively as a result.How to Prepare for a Successful Marketing Analytics Implementation
Feb 11, 2019 by Digital Ma…