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Brightcove to buy video ad tech platform Ooyala for $15 million

Brightcove, a video cloud solution for managing, delivering and monetizing video content, announced on Wednesday it is entering an agreement to acquire video ad tech firm Ooyala for $15 million — $6.25 million in cash and the remainder in Brightcove shares. The deal is expected to close in the first half of 2019.Why you should careVideo marketers and publishers use Brightcove to manage their brand’s video inventory. With the acquisition of Ooyala, Brightcove will be able to offer clients a more comprehensive video management and technology platform while significantly growing its customer base and market reach.According to the announcement, Brightcove will acquire Ooyala’s online video technology solutions, including Backlot, Analytics and Live platforms, along with the company’s underlying IP and associated patents.“This transaction, which includes immediately growing our highly skilled and committed global workforce, accelerates our ability to deliver faster innovation and deeper su…

How Google Ads is fighting click fraud

Click fraud is one of the most talked about issues affecting advertisers on Google and other Pay Per Click (PPC) platforms.According to Click Guardian $7.2 billion was lost to click fraud between 2016 and 2018. That’s a staggering amount that millions of advertisers are losing to fraudsters and click errors.So what is click fraud? According to Google it is an illegitimate action such as an unintentional click or a click resulting from malicious software.In fact, Google chooses not to call it click fraud and calls it ‘invalid clicks’ instead. That’s understandable considering the confusion surrounding this topic and the various reasons why some clicks may be legitimate or an error.Google uses a number of methods to fight click fraud. These include manual reviewers, automated filters, deep research and a global team of scientists and engineers.In this article we will look at some common types of click fraud; examples of legitimate clicks that can be mistaken for fraud; what Google is do…

Identity management investment can pay off, here’s how

The marketing industry has been awash with articles and papers talking about marketing technology and the importance of linking identity management across an enterprise’s investments. And rightfully so. Brands should be laser focused on these topics because, simply put, they are the fundamental building blocks for establishing a meaningful, direct relationship with customers and, in turn, gaining competitive advantage.The challenge, like many past inflection points in our industry, is how to capitalize on this. What is needed, beyond the actual physical technology and people? In my experience, the “how to activate” is often the last consideration, but really, it should be the first place to start. Let’s take a deeper look at how this impacts the need for a tactical, ground-up data plan for identity management.Identity as a whole is impacted by the level of fidelity of your data and how it’s able to paint a clear picture of your customers, their brand interactions and the end-to-end cu…

5 hurdles RCS messaging has to overcome for universal adoption

Rich Communication Services messaging has been widely anticipated as a replacement to the clunky and outdated text message functionality that comes installed on mobile phones by default.When it eventually arrives, RCS will allow us to do much more than send and receive plain text without needing a third-party app like iMessage and WhatsApp. It has the potential to be a far more engaging, responsive and immersive evolution of SMS with interoperable text- and media-based messaging across all mobile devices and networks right out of the box.Many argue that it’s way overdue and we shouldn’t really be dealing only in plain text characters in 2019.Last August, Virgin Trains became an early adopter, using RCS to improve customer service by providing customers with onward journey information on selected train routes.But wider adoption of RCS still remains a pipe dream. Since the initiative was first born in 2008, the service seems as far away from being a reality as ever.There are five painfu…

Skimlinks launches automated affiliate links for AMP

London-based affiliate marketing network Skimlinks is out with what it says is the first automated affiliate link platform for AMP.AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is an open-source initiative from Google that creates stripped-down HTML pages, so they will load more quickly on mobile devices than regular mobile web pages.Previously, manual construction. A publisher’s AMP pages previously could contain money-making affiliate links, Skimlinks VP of Marketing Jean-Christophe Gombeaud said in an interview, but they had to be manually constructed in order for the publisher to earn a referral fee.In other words, a publisher’s AMP page could contain a brief review of a new camera, as well as a link to a retailer selling that camera. But, if the publisher wanted to receive a referral fee when a reader clicked that link and bought the camera — assuming the retailer participated in an affiliate program — then a tag would have to be manually inserted on the link.Automated referral fees. Now, Sk…

Adjust unveils a new standard to combat fraudulent ad clicks

Berlin-based mobile measurement firm Adjust released a new standard for combating mobile click fraud this week.Called Click Validation Through Proof of Impression, it is built around a basic principle: every mobile ad click in an app or on a mobile web page should be directly connected to the display — that is, the impression — of a specific ad.ID matched with ID. To verify that, the ad impression must happen before the click, the impression must be reported by the ad network and the click is tied to that specific ad. These elements are coordinated and tied together by a unique ID that is tagged to the ad impression, and the same ID tagged to a click by the user on that ad.Adjust says that, to its knowledge, this is the first time this approach has been undertaken by a significant number of industry players. Some ad networks use some variation of this technique, Adjust co-founder and CTO Paul Müller said in an interview, but it’s not widespread.By employing this method, attribution pr…

LinkedIn adds custom list sharing, Salesforce tie-in to Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Custom Lists. LinkedIn announced on Wednesday a number of new updates to its Sales Navigator lead prospecting tool. After completely overhauling the platform last year, LinkedIn is making it possible for users to share the Custom Lists they create between team members. The company has also added a new search exclusion filter option and more Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP) partners.Along with the updates, LinkedIn reports Salesforce’s CRM will now come with LinkedIn Sales Navigator pre-installed, making it possible configure the Sales Navigator directly within Salesforce’s Sales Cloud Setup Console.Custom List sharing At the end of last year, LinkedIn Sales Navigator made it possible for the sales reps using the platform to create lead and account list to help track prospective and existing customers. Now, users will be able to share those lists among team members, making the platform more collaborative.New search filter updates. Users will now be ab…

Cupboard aims to make Google Universal App Campaigns more effective, now out of beta

Cupboard shows granular creative details on Google Universal App Campaigns. Google’s Universal App Campaigns (UAC) are used by thousands of app marketers to drive app installs and in-app behaviors. A problem for those managing these largely automated campaigns is reporting can be cumbersome and opaque. A new reporting and analysis solution, out of beta this week, aims to fix that.What is it? Cupboard is a platform designed to give app developers running UACs more granular reporting insights into their campaigns. Developed initially as a solution for clients by mobile marketing agency Bamboo last March, paying customers have been on the platform for roughly three months.The Cupboard team, which also included some former Uber engineers, worked with Google during development.What solution does it offer app marketers? “Cupboard was born out of Bamboo’s curiosity,” said Bamboo and Cupboard Co-Founder Daniel Pearson. “As a mobile ad agency that spends millions per year on Google UAC, we have…

2019 Martech Trends You Need To Know

Join the godfather of martech, Scott Brinker, for a live, exclusive look at the three overarching trends shaping marketing technology today and in the future:The maturing of martech platform ecosystems.The blending of software and services.The rise of citizen engineers.Learn how you can harness these trends to break free of classic trade-offs and have “the best of both worlds” – standardization and specialization; cutting-edge technology and human expertise; and customized martech capabilities without reinventing the wheel.Learn more. Register today for “2019 Martech Trends You Need To Know,” sponsored by MarTech Conference and post 2019 Martech Trends You Need To Know appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Marketing Day: Agencies and brands see potential for OTT, Reddit App Install ads, more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Agencies, brands see big potential for OTT, cross-device measurement in 2019
Feb 13, 2019 by Robin Kurzer
IAS’s Digital Pulse Survey also found that though concern about ad fraud has dropped, it’s still at the forefront of marketers’ minds.Reddit App Install ads are, here along with new 3rd party attribution options, more tracking capabilities
Feb 13, 2019 by Amy Gesenhues
The site is continuing to build out its performance-driven advertising options for marketers.New-school paid social creative needs old-school teamwork to succeed
Feb 13, 2019 by Susan Wenograd
Agencies that get creative are going to continue to inch ahead of those that do not. Here’s how you can adjust your video strategy on social.Marketers can now employ Watson in any cloud or location
Feb 12, 2019 by Barry Levine
IBM announces the availability of the powerful AI service fo…

Agencies, brands see big potential for OTT, cross-device measurement in 2019

A new Integral Ad Science (IAS) survey found that marketers see great opportunity in over-the-top television (OTT) and cross-device measurement for 2019. It’s the first year that IAS Industry Pulse’s survey (free, registration required) has included OTT as an option, acknowledging a shift in how consumers use media.On the flip side, marketers are still concerned about a great many things, data privacy and ad fraud chief among them. But while ad fraud still topped their list, fewer than half of the marketers surveyed (46.2 percent) this year said it was their biggest concern, dropping from 61.8 percent last year.IAS surveyed 912 digital media professionals in a wide swath of roles including brand, publisher, advertiser and agency in November-December 2018 on the issues of trust, transparency and innovation, and asked them how those issues will impact their focus and budgets in 2019. Some answers are broken down into those provided by agencies, and those provided by brands.Agencies are …